Coronation Catastrophe – Kings of Atlantis (Ep. 1)

Coronation Catastrophe – Kings of Atlantis (Ep. 1)

♪ Brothers in adventure ♪ A chicken and a penguin ♪ Together we’ll be heroes,
save the people from evil ♪ ‘Cause we’re the
Kings of Atlantis ♪ We’ll defend our destiny ♪ We were born to
be Kings of Atlantis ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ Kings of Atlantis – Boys, are you ready? – I’m not sure, father. – I am, we’re super ready. Mega Ready. – Have you memorized
the census ledgers Joe? What about the kelp acreage? – Hmm, that sounds
super boring, so no. That’s a Cody job. – Dad! – My sons, come with me. (boys gasp) Soon, all of Atlantis will
look to you for guidance. For wisdom. I am convinced you
can be amazing. But unless you start
working together, I’m don’t think you’ll
convince anyone else. – Maybe I’m not mega ready. (crowd cheering) – That’s funny. I would have sworn today
was the royal coronation, but that would require princes. – And I only see clownfish. (girls laughing) – When I’m king, I’ll show you who’s a
clownfish, you girlfish. – Lady Seabloom, my
stinky brother means to say that after we’re kings, we’d love to entertain you. But for now, we do have
a bit of an appointment. – Remember my
princes, no pop, dad, your dadness or Aquadadderino. – If I wanted a lesson, I’d
read it in a book, Professor. – Well I think you’re pretty
much allergic to books, so I thought I’d remind you. (Joe sighs) – My King. – Please, brother. To you, I am Atlas. – What I’ll call you is lunatic. This is a break from
tradition the likes of which Atlantis
has never seen. If you are so set to place down the burden of rule,
pass the crown to me. The princes will be ready in
time, and I shall pass it down. – The boys are ready now. As long as they have each other. – Do not do this Atlas. We do not know if
the Nexus will even allow the crown to be split. – This power is too great
for only one to wield. The people of Atlantis
deserve better. – As you wish. – Hi pop. – Hello dad. – I don’t think you’re
supposed to call me that. My people! Atlanteans, the day has come! I, King Atlas, your King, am
here to pass on my Kingship. Long ago, when Atlantis
first sank beneath the waves, our great King saved us
with the power of the Nexus. Channeled through
our Kingly Crown, that mystic force
has been protected and wielded by the One
True King of Atlantis. After this day, it will be
protected and wielded by two. (triumphant music) I hereby abdicate the
throne of Atlantis. Joethius and Codieon, Joe, Cody. You are brave. You are loyal. It might just be
the proud Dad in me, but I think you’re
basically the best. From this day forward, you shall not be
Atlantis’ two Princes. You shall be it’s two (loud boom)
(crowd screaming) – Father, what was that? – I, I do not know. (crowd screaming) – Stay calm, citizens! – Unless we’re about
to be blown up. – No one would dare! Atlantis has known peace
for a thousand years. (lightning zapping) (glass shattering) – The Gods are angry! They’re gonna destroy Atlantis! – Oh, come on,
it’s just a storm, I’m sure everything
will be fine. (lightning zapping)
(dramatic music) – Dad, we have to
stop the storm! – What we’ve gotta do
is get out of here! – No, Cody is right. The King cannot run. Where’s Phaeton? – [Atlantean] Look at that
storm, what’s happening? – I’ll tell you
what’s happening! I’m taking what’s mine! – Brother, what is
the meaning of this? – First you step down
early like a coward, and then you break the crown! I will not stand for it! I have the blood of
kings in me too, Atlas. And I have mastered a power greater than the Nexus, science! Now the tides are
mine to command! And you think to install, these
adopted impostors, over me? – You want our crowns, Uncle? You’ll have to go through us. – Cody! – You’ll never win
this fight Phaeton. – Oh Atlas, I already have. Fire. (laser zapping) – Dad!
– Dad! – Behold the power
of the Aqua-Sleep. A slumber from which my
brother will never awaken, powered by science your
magic could never escape! It’s amazing what
you can build when the army obeys your ever whim. (chuckles) Nighty Night, Brother. (crowns clinking) – Pop? AquaDadderino? – Father, you have to wake up. (dramatic music) – All hail King Phaeton. – Actually, how about not. – Those crowns
don’t belong to you. – I was hoping you’d submit,
but if my first kingly act is to destroy you
twerps, then so be it! – Hey boys, catch! – Whoa, what are
these things, Pikalus? – [Pikalus] Your
coronation presents! They’re imbued with Nexus
energy crystals, try them! – Joe, hold him off, I’m
going to counter strike. – Wait, Cody, I don’t
know how this thing works! (sword zapping) (Phaeton groans) – Shocking! – Dude, leaving me like
that was very not cool. But that sword is awesome. – His power is
lighting, yours is ice. Whatever can be
imagined can be done once you’ve mastered their use, and I built them,
how smart am I? – Uh, guys. – Destroy them all! – Follow me! – You couldn’t have brought us a couple jet
packs, professor? – Don’t worry Cody. Your way cooler brother
has wicked got this. Spinning, secret, super, strike! (sword zapping)
(soldiers groan) Hah, I’m so icing cool! – And that’s just the
beginning, let’s go. – Come on Joe! (zapping) – Ahh! – [Cody] Joe, that’s
a priceless window. – [Joe] Not for long. (glass shattering)
(Cody and Joe shouting) – Be right back boys. – Joe, if we don’t make it,
I just want you to know. – Shh Cody, I know, I
wear your underwear too. – Wait, I’m sorry, what? (shouting) Use the spear, use the
spear, use the spear. (zapping) – [Joe] I used the spear. How amazing was that? Do you think I can
make an ice sculpture? – Joe, we’ve got to
take back the palace. There’s no time for games. – You’re the one that
wanted me to use the spear. – Well, we wouldn’t even be here if you didn’t jump out a window. – You didn’t have to follow me. – Princes, come out to play! – Look Joe, I don’t
know what happens next. Dad said we were pretty much
the best, but we’re not Kings. I’m not even sure we’re princes. So, you’re right, no
one put me in charge. – There! Prepare the Mollusk Missile. – Instead of giving orders,
how about we try like dad said? Let’s work together. And maybe not blow up. – Is that your cool guy voice? – It was. I’ve been working on it. – It’s really good. (missiles firing) (swords zapping) (explosion booms) (dramatic music) – [Princes] Woo hoo, yeah! (triumphant music) – Welcome, boys, to my
mobile science super base. I call her The CephalodPod! – Whoa, dude, you’re
geekier than I thought. – What, it’s a play on words. – No, I get it, it’s
just that it’s terrible. – Fine brats, live another
day but Atlantis is mine. Yes, run away from King Phaeton. Cody and Joe, you are banished! – Welcome to your
new home, boys. I know it’s no palace, but
it’s safe from your uncle. It’ll do as a hiding spot. – [Cody] Who’s hiding? – We are, we are most
certainly hiding. Your uncle has your crowns, which means he has
control of the Nexus. – Who cares about crowns? Uncle Lame Face has our father. – And our city. “Kings don’t run,”
that’s what he said. Well, we might not be kings. – But this is still our kingdom and father expects more from us. He would want us
to save our city. Wake him up and yeah,
take back our crowns. – And we’ll do it together. – Together. – Together. (triumphant music)

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