Corny Bean Bell Pepper Boats

Corny Bean Bell Pepper Boats

[♪ upbeat music ♪] Stuffed peppers
start out pretty healthy, but fill them with lots of full fat cheese
and 80/20 ground beef, and you’ll end up
with over 500 calories in a serving. For my makeover,
I lowered the fat and calories by turning to a hearty,
healthy vegetarian filling instead. Let’s go ahead and get started. We’re going to begin
with four medium-sized bell peppers. You can use any color bell pepper you like—
I happen to like red— and then slice them in half lengthwise,
empty out the seeds and the ribs, but maintain that cute stem, okay? And then place those peppers
in a 9 by 13 inch baking dish. Now our filling.
The filling is so easy. You just begin
with two cups of rice. You can use white rice,
brown rice, you can use wild rice. I’m using white rice here,
because we’re going to get a lot of great fiber
from one can of baked beans. This is a 15-ounce can
of vegetarian baked beans. You don’t need to drain them, but that’s going to give us
that nice heartiness, because remember, we don’t have any beef
or turkey in this recipe. Okay, we’ve got a cup
of corn kernels. Now, these are frozen corn kernels.
I thawed them out. You can use fresh corn,
certainly, when it’s in season. And then we have salsa—
half a cup of salsa. Mild salsa, spicy salsa,
whatever you like. Totally up to you. And then we have some herbs.
We’ve got fresh cilantro. This is half a cup of cilantro.
I’ve just chopped it up. If you don’t love cilantro,
then you can use parsley instead. So, there’s lots of flexibility
with this recipe. Lots of that fresh cilantro in there.
A lot of big flavors going on. And then just stir it up. So many gorgeous colors,
so much good nutrition from the beans. This recipe literally just takes minutes
to prepare. It is so great
on a busy weeknight. All right, so our filling’s combined,
and now we want to fill our peppers. So, you’re going to need
about half a cup of filling per pepper half. So, right in there
our filling goes. See that? So easy. And then another half-cup. It’s really fun to do—
if you have little kids at home, this is a great job for them. Once your peppers are filled,
just cover the pan with foil— aluminum foil—pop it
in a 400 degree oven, and let it bake for 40 to 45 minutes,
until the peppers are tender. [dinging sound]
The peppers are almost done. I’m just going to remove this foil,
and the last step is to top each pepper
with reduced-fat cheese. This is reduced-fat cheddar cheese—
just half a cup. And I’ll just sprinkle this evenly
on top. I’ll place the peppers
back in the oven, and we’ll let that cheese melt
for about five minutes. By using beans instead of beef
and just half a cup of low-fat cheese, I cut 200 calories
from classic stuffed bell peppers and doubled the fiber. This stuffed pepper recipe
is vegetarian and gluten free, and if you leave out the cheese,
it’s also vegan. Mmm. I love those baked beans. For Meal Makeovers,
I’m Liz Weiss. [♪ upbeat music ♪]

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  1. Really nice and explained videošŸ˜Thank you,i have a question does the rice have to be cooked before you use it???

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