Conspiracies Hidden in Secret on Dollar Bills

Conspiracies Hidden in Secret on Dollar Bills

– [Narrator] The U.S. dollar
is the most widely used currency in the world,
and its complex symbolism has led some to believe that it hides occult messages and prophecies. If you enjoyed our previous
video on the secret hidden symbols in U.S. dollars,
then prepare yourself for the darker side of the dollar. Here are our top 10 conspiracies
found on dollar bills. – Amazing! (synthesizer music) – [Narrator] Number 10, symbols of Satan. Many people know that the
graphics on dollar notes hide certain hidden symbols. But some people believe
those symbols are in fact messages placed there by an elite and highly secretive society
that controls the world. This group is known as the Illuminati, and their ultimate goal
is said to be creating and ruling over a
malevolent New World Order. They’ve become so
confident in their ability to create this New World Order,
that they have even taken to advertising it on U.S. currency. Robert Howard, the man
behind the conspiracy website,
believes that the stars seen on the great seal of the one-dollar bill above the eagle’s head
are not in fact stars, but pentagrams arranged
to form a hexagram, better known by conspiracy theorists as the Greater Seal of Solomon. The connections between the
Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the temple created
by Solomon in the Bible are well documented. But conspiracy theorists
make another claim of a connection with the Devil. Apparently the hexagram
is a very powerful symbol used to depict the Antichrist. The reason for this is
that a hexagram is made up of six points, six angles, and six planes, resulting in the number
666, perhaps better known as the number of the Beast. More on this later. Number nine, The Lesser
Seal and the Eye of Satan. Beside the Great Seal on the
back of the one-dollar bill is what is known as the Lesser Seal, with the iconic unfinished pyramid, topped with the all-seeing eye. This all-seeing eye has raised
many eyebrows over the years, with some people claiming
that an Egyptian image is an unfitting symbol as a representation of the United States’ ideals. Other people however,
take this even further. According to some conspiracy theorists, the all-seeing eye is not in fact the Eye of Divine Providence, overseeing the blessed union
of states, as many claim, but instead, a much more
malevolent eye of the Illuminati, overseeing its minions
doing their bidding. Used for centuries in Freemasonry,
the eye has, for some, come to signify not the
Biblical God, Jehovah, but instead the dastardly
Masonic God, Jahbulon, also known as Lucifer, who
watches over his minions from atop the ominously numbered 13 steps of his Masonic pyramid. Number eight, The 13
Illuminati Bloodlines. The one-dollar bill has many depictions of the number 13 on the back of it: 13 leaves in the olive
branch, 13 bars and stripes on the shield, and 13 arrows
in the eagle’s right talon, among others. But apparently these images
have nothing to do with the original 13 colonies that
rebelled from the British and formed the United States of America, as those pesky historians claim; their presence is much more malevolent. In Fritz Springmeier’s book,
Bloodlines of the Illuminati, he explains that the number
13 on the one-dollar bill actually represents the 13 bloodlines that make up the families
of the Illuminati. These bloodlines carry
the names of some of the wealthiest families
in the modern world, such as DuPont, Kennedy,
Onassis, and Rockefeller. Jahbulon’s unfinished
pyramid on the Lesser Seal has just 13 steps, each of
which Springmeier believes represents one of these
families that contributes to the Illuminati’s
demonic world domination. He goes on to say that the 13th bloodline, called the Merovingian,
actually contains the blood of Satan himself and will one
day produce the Anti-Christ and bring about the end of days. Who says the Internet
isn’t a cheerful place? Number seven, The
Numerological Rabbit Hole. Numerology is the study of finding meaning in seemingly innocent
numbers, and it is very easy to find yourself
overwhelmed by its claims. At the base of the pyramid
on the Lesser Seal, we can see the Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI, representing 1776, the
founding year of the U.S. According to conspiracy theorists though, it was also the founding
year of the Illuminati. It is believed that Illuminati
founder, Adam Weishaupt, chose 1776 specifically
because when those numbers are added together,
they make the number 21. When the specific date and the
first day of the fifth month are added together, they then come to 27, which is three times nine. Why is this important? Well, according to the
Freemasons and the Illuminati, certain numbers are considered sacred, the first of which is the number three. They also believe that
a number’s sacredness can be amplified when the
number itself is multiplied. So, nine equals three times three, and is therefore three times
more sacred and powerful than the original three. Multiply that multiplication
by another three, and the date of the
foundation of the Illuminati can give chills to those inclined. Conspiracy theorist Robert Howard took the Roman numeral system
conspiracy even further. He said that if you take each
of the early Roman numerals and add them up by their
value, they make for pretty damning evidence
of the system as a whole. Howard excluded the numeral
M as 1,000 because of its later use, but then
added together D as 500, C as 100, L as 50, X as
10, V as 5, and I as 1 to make the number 666. He saw this as another
sign of diabolic meddling on the one-dollar bill by the Illuminati. Number six, The 3300 Pictographs. Michael Fazio, the self-proclaimed
world’s most foremost expert on pictography,
claims to be the first to have found no less than
3,300 symbols and pictographs on the one-dollar bill. Included amongst Fazio’s 3,300
images is a much, much bigger and more brazen owl that
appears when the bill if folded, bringing together the
two sides of the Great and Lesser Seals to make its eyes. When the same folded bills
is flipped on its head, Fazio shows the world a malevolent bat, a skull with teeth, he emphasizes, and even the fertile pods that
gave birth to the universe. Pods, he poetically
refers to as God’s gonads. Keep that tinfoil hat on,
because there’s more to come. Number five, The Bohemian Grove. If you watched our previous video, Secret Hidden Symbols on U.S. Dollars, you’ll be aware of the
tiny owl that certain keen-eyed people claim to be able to see on the front of the one-dollar bill. Rather than explaining
it as a trick of the eye, however, some conspiracy
theorists color the owl with a pretty fantastic story. Used as a symbol of wisdom
since ancient times, and incorporated as such in Freemasonry, the owl also had a more dastardly meaning as the symbol of the
dreaded Biblical Lilith. This queen of the demons
seemed a fitting symbol for the founding members
of the ultra-secretive club known as the Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove is a
members-only organization for the world’s elite,
and has boasted such high-profile members as
George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, and Teddy Roosevelt. It is said that at their social events, members perform Satanic
rituals beneath a 40-foot concrete effigy of Lilith’s
owl, who is known by the terrifying name of Moloch, the Canaanite God of Child Sacrifice. The Bohemian Grove is also thought to be one of the main congregations
of the infamous Illuminati, and by arranging the appearance of Moloch on the one-dollar bill, they
are flaunting their power in front of everyone. Number four, Feathers and Freemasonry. Writing in Masonry in Texas,
James D. Carter pointed out that the eagle on the Great
Seal has a different number of feathers on each wing. According to Carter, this
seemingly innocuous fact is actually a blatant illusion to the role the Freemasons played in the foundation and continued influence
of the United States on the rest of the world. Carter points to 32 feathers on the right, or Dexter wing, and the
33 feathers on the left, or Sinister wing. These apparently refer to
the two highest levels, called degrees, of
Freemasonry, awarded to only the most influential and
powerful people in the world. Carter himself was a
32nd degree Freemason, and some conspiracy
theorists believe that people such as J. Edgar Hoover,
Reverend Billy Graham, and Walt Disney were awarded
the 33rd degree status for outstanding Masonic service. In his book, Carter also
points to the eagle’s nine feathers on the one-dollar bill, which he claims denote the
number of chapters in the York, or American branch, of Freemasonry. He says that this is also
a numerological symbol that unites American and
French Freemasons and their dastardly ideals of equality,
fraternity, and liberty. Naughty French. Number three, The One-Dollar Bill and FDR. Originally, the Greater
and Lesser Seals made up a small disc that was
attached to the bottom of important documents. It was Secretary of
Agriculture Henry A. Wallace who showed the then President Roosevelt the Lesser Seal and
suggested a coin be made to make use of that side too. Impressed by the motto
Novus ordo seclorum, or New Order of the
Age, being presided over by the all-seeing eye, the
32nd degree Freemason Roosevelt told Wallace to include
it on the dollar bill next to the Great Seal. Afterwards, he made
these handwritten changes to the design so that the
Masonic eagle’s 32nd degree pointed to that New World
Order and the all-seeing eye, and signed it off with
his famous initials, FDR. Number two, $100 Bill Nuke and Tidal Wave. Thanks to the perennial
nature of the Internet, the horrors of pareidolia don’t
stop with finding prophecies after the fact. According to Discover
and YouTube Evangelist, Jonathan Kleck, the government
is continuing their practice of foreshadowing catastrophes
on the newest version of the $100 bill. When folded, the new
$100 bill appears to show an exploding intercontinental
ballistic missile on New York City. Kleck also claims that when
the quality of the resolution is fiddled with a little,
we can the onslaught of an unstoppable tidal wave
caused by either that blast or another one that will
destroy the metropolis, a tidal wave that just so
happens to resemble that of the 2004 movie, The Day
After Tomorrow, in fact. Furthermore, the blue band
with a hologram on the bill represents the devastating water. And the holographic image
of the Liberty Bell, which appears to ring
when you move the note, is ringing a warning note
for the end of times … According to Jonathan Kleck, that is. Number one, Foreshadowing Folds. Sometime in 2002, the shadow
of the tragic events of 9/11 still hung over many people’s lives, and they looked to many places for solace. It was at this time that
the Internet started to ring with the calls of
conspiracies and false flags, which were reputedly found
in the form of damning and prophetic images on folded
$5, $10, $20, and $50 bills. According to some Internet users, when folded in a certain way, the $5 bill shows the Pentagon and Twin Towers before the attacks on 9/11. The folded $10 bill is believed
to depict that iconic image of the first tower burning,
and the $20 bill reveals the Pentagon and both Twin Towers on fire after they were hit by the planes. Finally, this show of grim
origami presents the moment when the Twin Towers finally collapsed, taking thousands of
innocent lives with them. According to those doing
the folding, these images are proof of the government’s
hand in these tragic events, and they don’t look like they’re
going away any time soon. And these are our top
10 conspiracy theories on dollar bills that have
set fingers trembling on wallets and on keyboards
since the dawn of the Internet. (eerie synthesizer music)

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