Comparison of Pelton, Francis & Kaplan Turbine

Comparison of Pelton, Francis & Kaplan Turbine

Pelton Francis and Kaplan are the most commonly used hydraulic turbines in this video we will compare these three turbines and see when to use which turbine when we move from Pelton to Kaplan the force producing mechanism changes from impulse to reaction in Pelton pure impulse force of water jet is responsible for rotation of impeller water stored at high altitude can produce high impulse force due to its high velocity so Pelton turbine are suitable for operation when water energy is available at high head and low flow rate whereas Kaplan turbine is suitable for the reverse case a high water flow will guarantee efficient production of reaction force so when water is available at high flow rate and low head Kaplan turbine is the best choice Francis turbine comes in between four medium head to medium flow rate applications Francis turbine is not a pure reaction turbine a portion of force comes from impulse action also this graph gives a clear idea about when to use which turbine depending upon available water head and flow rate it is obvious for that Francis turbine covers a wide range of operating conditions or they can work efficiently in wide range of operating conditions this is why Francis turbine is the most preferred hydraulic turbine if you use a turbine out of its recommended operating range it will work but less efficiently it is also interesting to note the direction of fluid flow with respect to axis of rotation in each case you

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  1. I'm glad I found this. Now, thirty five years after installing Francis type turbines in a dam, I know why they used them.

  2. Interesting , I assume that this is also applicable to gases as well . So most fans are axial as are wind turbines (horizontal axis) and fans that develop higher pressure are listed as mixed flow (like a pump) .

  3. we can produce endless amount of energy and clean water by electrolysis of sea water then take the hydrogen alone to high altitude where we combine it with atmospheric oxygen and drop the water on hydraulic generator from this high altitude as in dams

  4. great educational video,thanks,.
    we manufacture electronic load controller of small pelton turbines(1-5kw)

  5. zeer goeie turbine, werkt goed in de pol in gaanderen, ik heb hem op gekocht, lever genoeg stroom op voor mijn goudvissenkom

  6. I honestly don't see where is the reaction force and the airfoil in the kaplan turbine, it looks pretty much like simple tangential force to me …

  7. flow rate = Power/efficiency*water density*specific gravity*head
    *if the problem is to choose what type of turbine to use
    *but efficiency is not given, does it mean efficiency is neglected and cancel out?
    *to determine what type of turbine you need H= head and M = flow rate to graph/plot

  8. hi, pls do an working system of mechanical engines,,, and how that engines power can run the wheel explain in full detail. thank you.

  9. Could we connect this 3 turbines first turbine generates electricity the kinetic energy is lower and then a better one

  10. Excellent and very informative video presentation. Thanks a ton! Please also mention the range of head and flow rate along with the graphs as those graphs represent the efficiency profile of these turbines at varying conditions..

  11. When there is less water head available how can it discharge more water? If we need more water for example for Kaplan turbine

  12. le turbine Francis, Kaplan, Pelton sono le più utilizzate.

    La Pelton è ad azione, il fluido viene direzionato su delle pale a forma di cucchiaio, che può essere singolo o doppio. È utilizzata ad alte altezze e basse portate. Ha un flusso tangenziale

    La Kaplan ha la caratteristica geometrica, assomiglia all' elica del motoscafo, con pale svergolate esse lavorano a reazione,a basse altezze e elevate portate. Ha un flusso assiale

    La Francis ha medie portate e altrettante medie altezze, la girante ha delle pale dove il fluido l'investe e genera muovimento. Ha un flusso misto

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  14. For Classification of Hydro Power Plants, you can watch:

  15. Tangential flow also called radial flow which means water flow perpendicular with the axis of turbine rotation

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