Cómo hacer una Cajita para Mini Album | Tutorial Scrapbook | Scrapbooking Luisa PaperCrafts

Cómo hacer una Cajita para Mini Album | Tutorial Scrapbook | Scrapbooking Luisa PaperCrafts

Hello! How are you? Today we will make the box for the mini album that we made in the previous video. We will need chipboard of the following measurements. We need 2 pieces: one for the front and one for the back. Two side pieces, A base and the last two are: one for the lid and another for the flap. Take the base and one of the sides, Put adhesive to join them. I will cut pieces of cardstock 2.5 cm wide by the length of the pieces that I will reinforce. Fold them in half Cut corners diagonally and I’m going to stick it here. Do the same thing to join the second side. Now I will place the front. I put adhesive on the edge, cut cardstock to the same length as my pieces to reinforce and glue them, If they are longer, only cut the excess. I do the same with the back piece, but I did not reinforce the base. I will cut strips of cardstock as hinges To attach the lid and flap to the box. I’ll glue it from the inside. Left the fold line slightly higher from the edge of the chipboard to have mobility. Glue the lid leaving free the fold line. Paste the next hinge and flap Remember not to glue over the fold line so it can be opened and closed easily. The box is ready you can place magnets before covering the box or after as I will. I’m going to cut a bigger rectangle to cover it I am using Mod Podge I make diagonal cuts in the corners. And for the back I’m going to cut as a letter T Measure the length of my lid. Leave a margin on the decorated paper about 1 cm See where the part of the lid and flap begins and measure one centimeter more…. cut for marked lines Here at the top I left very little room, If you are going to cover it like me, I recommend you to leave the top part longer to do not have difficulty when folding the paper to cover. When you glue the part of the cover and flap… press carefully on the slits formed in the hinges, this is to prevent paper from tearing I’m inking all edges I will also put some corners on the lid I have no tweezers I will use the handle of the scissors to close them. I will also place magnets, If you do not have magnets you can use velcro or make holes to put a ribbon and close with a bow. I have my box finished and decorated. If you liked this video please giving me a like and sharing it with your friends. I also invite you to subscribe to my channel Remember to activate the bell so YouTube notifies you every time I upload a new video. Thank you very much for joining me today. Until next time.

23 thoughts on “Cómo hacer una Cajita para Mini Album | Tutorial Scrapbook | Scrapbooking Luisa PaperCrafts

  1. Hola [email protected]! Esta es la cajita que hice para guardar el mini álbum que hicimos en el video anterior. Utilicé papel decorado para forrar pero pueden usar tela tambien. Aquí les dejo las medidas de las piezas de cartón prensado:
    * 2 piezas: (parte frontal y trasera) 3 5/8" x 4 3/4" — 9.1cm x 12
    * 2 piezas: Laterales 1" x 4 3/4" — 2.5cm x 12cm
    * 1 pieza: Base 1" x 3 1/2" — 2.5cm x 8.8cm
    * 2 piezas (tapa y solapa) 1" x 3 5/8" — 2.5cm x 9.1cm

    Espero que les guste =)

  2. Que bonita te quedo. Ese papel esta super bonito. .. oye que buen tip el de la cartulina para reforzar. … gracias por compartir .. te mando un abrazo

  3. Hola wpetona, que cajita mas bonita, ¡¡¡me encantó!!! menuda paciencia tienes 🙂 no sé si la podré hacer porque yo no tengo tanta, pero me la guardo para intentarlo. Voy corriendo a ver el "mini" que se me ha escapado jaajaja….
    Besazos corazón,

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