Cómo hacer un MINI ALBUM SCRAPBOOK con encuadernado espina FACIL | Luisa PaperCrafts

Cómo hacer un MINI ALBUM SCRAPBOOK con encuadernado espina FACIL | Luisa PaperCrafts

Hello! Welcome to my channel Today we have a special video, because my friend Galia is celebrating the sixth year of her fan page “Yoltzin Handmade” She invited me and other friends to make projects to inspire you She makes so beautiful projects. I invite you to visit her at her blog and facebook page You can find all the links in the description box below She also has a give away in her fan page to celebrate this event. Let’s start with the project but don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done yet now, let’s go to work a few days ago, I share a pic on instagram asking if I could make a mini album using this collection of Simple Stories This collection is not complete because I used some of the cards last year in other mini album (I’m going to leave you the link of that video if you haven’t seen it.) and I wanted to use the leftovers The measures will be appearing on screen I’m scoring these 6 pieces that are going to be the pages at the beginning I didn’t give you the measures of the spine, just of the front and back cover because I always make the spine at the end after measuring the binding depending of the binding measure, I add a quarter of an inch more In this case the binding measures 1 1/2″ plus 1/4″ that I add The spine will be 1 3/4″ by 5″ Now we have the three pieces ready to cover but now I’m going to continue with the pages I scored the three cards at 1/2″ on one size I’m going to stick them on the page as a waterfall These three cards measure 4″ by 4″ also I’m going to stick four 2″ by 2″ cards on the blank space and I have the first page In the second one, I cut rectangles of cardstock of 1″ by 2″ folded in half at 1/2″ to stick four little cards to the 4″ by 4″ card I stick one half behind the 4 by 4 card to be hidden I apply adhesive to the other half of the cardstock to stick the 2 by 2 card These small cards will be like doors or windows for the biggest card I’ll stick this card in the middle of the page I’ll put some clips to keep it closed I’m using paper clips of the collection Life In Color from Simple Stories In the third page I joined the three cards with washi tape I put it just on one side I apply the adhesive to stick it on the page I show you some of the pages, just the front side You will see the back of the pages at the end In this page I applied glue just on three sides of the card to make a pocket to keep a card with a paper clip I joined these cards with washi tape too I also put a paper clip to keep it closed For the last page I’m going to join these three cards and fold them in zig zag I’m using washi tape on both sides With washi tape on both sides is a little more difficult to keep it closed for the thickness I apply adhesive on three sides and another paper clip to keep it closed I already have my cover ready I skip this step because is something that I make in all my mini album videos I’m going to leave you a link of a video where I explain how I make the covers I’m going to stick each page as a waterfall In the same way that I glued the cards of the first page I apply adhesive to the flaps I make sure it is well glued before moving on to the next page For the front cover I’m just going to stick another 6″ by 4″ card In the inside, I’m going to add a pocket. I cut the two upper corners with the corner chomper apply adhesive just on three sides I’m going to use the Crop A Dile to make holes for closing the album. I used the biggest hole I add the eyelets If you don’t know how to use the Crop A Dile, I leave you a link to the video where I explain how to use it I’m going to close the album with twine I make a double knot in the eyelet and close the album with a bow as you can see, we have more space to add more 3D decoration on each page Here we have the finished album, I added a little more of decoration to the front cover I added some cards to the pockets, beads, stickers, metallic leaves, There’s not much decoration inside because I need to add photos I’m going to share on Instagram when I add the photos If you make a project like this, don’t forget to tag me Thank you so much for having stayed until the end I hope you like this project and got inspire and if you did don’t forget to give me a thumb up and share this video Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos and also I leave you a video that maybe you will be interested to watch Thanks so much for watching. Until the next time.

28 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un MINI ALBUM SCRAPBOOK con encuadernado espina FACIL | Luisa PaperCrafts

  1. Luisa que alegria encontrar otro nuevo tutorial!!😘 voy a ver si puedo hacer uno y participar , gracias amiga 🌹😘😘

  2. tengo un paquete de tarjetas parecido y no sabia q hacer porque ya se me acabaron los papeles! gracias por la idea!!!!!

  3. Que lindo tu álbum y lo explicas que lo haces ver tan fácil, Luisa yo no tengo instagram y no puedo verlo con las fotos,que penita,besossssss

  4. que hermosura Luisa , me encanto esta colección .
    una pregunta que estructura seria mas conveniente para un mini album , de 10 paginas ?

  5. Quedo muy linda Luisa….a ver si el tiempo entre mis proyectos me da chance y hago una version d este mini…. jiji. Recuerda q tenemos pendiente cuando puedas y un pequeño swap. Fue hace tanto la propuesta que ya ni te acuerdas seguro jiji. besos

  6. Me encanto amiga. .. muy buena idea el utilizar así las tarjetas. .Lo pondré en práctica ya lo verás. .. gracias por compartir. .. me encantan esos papeles amo las colecciones de simple story son hermosos. .. yo tengo algunas incluida esta Qué estás utilizando. . Te mando un abrazo

  7. te quedó muy bonito,yo estoy haciendo un álbum,pero no sabía que encuadernado hacer y ya me diste una idea,gracias por compartir tus hermosos trabajos.

  8. Woooow que padre ver el proceso del proyecto que te quedo hermoso!!! Siempre te veo te mando un fuerte abrazo gracias por tus enseñanzas.

  9. Hola Luisa, muy bonito se ve fácil pero ala hora de hacer es más laborioso verdad, oye como haces los clips, don de papel!

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