Cómo hacer rosas con una tira de papel (tipo quilling)

Cómo hacer rosas con una tira de papel (tipo quilling)

How to make a rose with a strip of paper: Today we are going to learn how to make a rose with a strip of paper for mother’s day. If you like do not forget to subscribe, like and comment. MATERIALS We will need: – A strip of thick paper or cardboard, 65 x 2 cm (if you do not have such a long paper you can also paste 3 strips of paper of 25 x 2 cm each other, to have a longer one) We will also need: – Glue or hot silicone. – A wooden stick for the stem. How to fold the paper strip to make a rose: Hold the paper strip and fold one of the corners towards you with a slope of about 30º, double again using the previous fold as reference Now it is going to bend again, but this time backwards, so that it bends a little from the previous corner. Turn over the center until it is almost completely rolled. And now repeat the previous step back and rolling. Keep repeating the same step until the paper strip runs out. If the flower is unrolled, do not worry, just hold the end of the center at the back and turn to roll and re-tighten the rose. Glue the two remains of strip with glue so that it will not be and hold with a clamp until it is dry. If you want to have stem, use hot silicone or a glue that is strong to stick the wooden stick. How to make a bouquet of roses: You can make flowers of different colors and tie them with a bow. Also try magazine paper provided it is not too thin. I hope you liked it! Remember that in www.papelisimo.es there are many more crafts with paper Thank you very much for liking and commenting! And if you liked it, do not forget to subscribe to the channel to see the new videos.

100 thoughts on “Cómo hacer rosas con una tira de papel (tipo quilling)

  1. Gracias por el tutorial, llevo haciendo esas flores desde hace casi tres años porque las vi en este video
    Yo uso papel crepé y quedan… <3
    Gracias! Son muy fáciles de hacer :3

  2. Hola, estoy mirando el video y haciendo flores, las hago de papel kraf, la primera costó un poco, las siguientes me quedaron muy lindas y mis manos ya se soltaron y me resultó muy fácil, hice varias con 2 tamaños diferentes. Estoy demasiado agradecida, pues es la primera vez que las hago, muy contenta, voy a realizar muchas, me entusiasmé, las voy a ir ocupando para decorar después. Felicitaciones por tu excelente ayuda. Recibe muchos saludos y cariños desde Puerto Montt, Chile.

  3. You make other flowed 🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾

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