Como hacer Caja Origami BASICA  y FACIL

Como hacer Caja Origami BASICA y FACIL

Hello in this tutorial I show you how to
make an origami basic box material 2 letter-size sheets of 1 color or a different colors, ruler, and scissors We’ll start with the cover take the letter-size sheet and align the upper side with the left side mark the fold when it´s ready, cut the excess you´ll have have something like this take the upper right corner to the lower left corner mark the fold just when it is aligned When you open the figure, you should have
this, two diagonal folds forming an “X” take the lower right corner and take it to the center when it´s aligned, mark the fold follow this procedure for each corner The result will be this take the right side to the center mark the fold flip the figure like this and do the same you will have 4 vertical sections flip horizontally and do the same take the right side to the center mark the fold flip and do the same You will have a grid take the triangles on the edges and open them take the top and bottom edges inward fold the left corner like this I’ll explain slowly look at the folds, the third is where
we will align the bottom edge up Make the fold and do the same in the third fold but down do the same on the left side the third fold up and then down open the figure and hold like this flip to see the figure vertically take these verticals to put them together in the center when you have them ready, fold the top remaining inward and mark the fold we have already the half of the box we must do the same on the other side move the diagonals until the center like this Push the remaining inward mark the fold and accommodate the box ready, the cover is finished now lets do the base repeat the initial steps to form a square repeat the initial steps to form a square after finishing fold in half Accommodate like this, we will work with the top part trace marks on the top on both sides at half centimeter help yourself with a ruler and pencil join with a straight line cut this area Open the figure and you´ll have this a smaller square than the previous to assemble the base, follow the same steps of the previous procedure once you finish, you will finish the base take the cover and check, it should fits perfectly Do as many as you want in different sizes and colors,
use them to save a gift or any other object we’re done I hope you enjoyed this tutorial remember to subscribe and share this video with your friends craftingeek more at

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  1. Que es tamaño carta? porque google esta muy confundido al respecto , me da tamaños diferentes.
    Edit: Ahora veo que eso no importa porque debe ser un cuadrado xD

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