Como Cuidar de Bonsai de Supermercado – 35

Como Cuidar de Bonsai de Supermercado – 35

I have a question for you. Do you think this here is a Bonsai? Be honest with me For you it was unsure Watch this video How to care for bonsai supermarket Hello friends and lovers of bonsai art
Here whon speak with you is the Mac Donald Fernandes of the “Abc do Bonsai” channel And today we’ll talk of supermarket bonsai this little plant here you can see that they put ” Bonsai ,” Art in the vase They put a lot of stones to be able to win consumers Except I ‘m going to show you that this is not Bonsai, people. you can not be fooled My intention with this channel is … show quality. And not so here . So here is mere fruit of our capitalism , people who want to earn money to any and all costs You already bought this type of plant When everyone starts . Let’s say that 95 % of people get it here I bought this plant ” Jabuticaba ” supermarket they put the Bonsai name to show you what in fact it really is It is nothing more than a small plant . a baby Mac , what do I do with this baby I have here at home? You need to set a goal and know what you want for this plant If you really want to turn it into a quality bonsai or if you want a little plant home to call bonsai The first thing you should know is the difference between Bonsai , Bonsai pre and plants I will explain now to you Plant is that here people This here is a small plant jabuticaba , planted in a pot I’m not saying it has a poor quality , because … You often find cool plants that because she already had so born in a small vase . the roots grow longer side So. You often find plants with nice nebari . A nebari that is already well advanced pre Bonsai this here I can say Pre Bonsai it still lacks styling it is still much refinement but you can see that he already has a nice size and height already has a nebari that is already in the works then he been to a training pot So here I say pre bonsai Now real bonsai I have to show you here in my nursery Because of all my plants , I do not consider any further Bonsai They are plants that are in training and pre bonsai and I’ll show you what a real bonsai Take a look at this picture here You see this plant she is already in a nice pot it already has the correct size Already perfectly refined So. This plant we can call Bonsai I do not call any plant my bonsai , still As I said to you I’m a novice beginner to mere aspirant who wants to start doing bonsai Bonsai takes decade to get ready So. The only thing I do here is share my knowledge with you . What little I know What I know is that it is also very difficult to find information on the internet I suffered a lot with that. So that’s why I help you ok? But Mac . What will I do with my little plant that ‘s here at home I do not know what to do! The first step You will start these white pebbles that comes on top of the substrate Because it may seem that no guys, but this here … hinders the aeration of the substrate this plant here for example, came in Pure Land Is that jabuticabeira like enough clay soil and enough moisture , because if it were another plant soon she would die Because Bonsai need a draining substrate The second step is to choose the substrate his ” Bonsai ” Because usually it comes in pure soil as this one So what you will do: You will ask what substrate to use … Because the substrate is not equal for all plants Who wants to read a nice article on the substrate. I’ll post a link here in the video description substrate page for Bonsai There you will have the credits of all, it will take all of your questions The jabuticaba for example. she likes most of organic material and inorganic less So what I do. Put vegetable substrate 70% and 30 % inorganic material, which may even be that these stones have on the plant or coarse river sand, or ” caqueira ” or akadama So. It is most soil and plant substratum and less inorganic material Already the pines can not really do the same thing , it has to be unlike Because this species prefer more inorganic than organic materials for greater aeration of the substrate other point I want to make clear The plastic pots are not good for Bonsai You see a number of my plants in the basins but because the bowl is a great environment for the plant then no problem. Now one little pot here that it’s too small and with the heat and being black, will greatly heat the substrate and will cause it to dry very fast I aconcelho is you use a ceramic pot there are several sites where you can buy and producers of pots So. What I point out is . If you want to have this plant at this time My advice is . Change the substrate and the pot I will not deceive you. I will not do it But Mac , just do to show to us. No use people This here for me is a little plant . So. What I will do is plant it in the ground Because jabuticaba even planted in the basin , it takes many years to grow If the ground its growth is already slow , imagine in a bowl or in a little pot that here. To give you an idea. To stay the thickness of a little finger It will take about 3-4 years manicured , well-watered and fertilized well Another huge mistake that people make by buying an equal plant this Bonsai is put inside, the dining table for visitors deem your beautiful bonsai People. Even as a Bonsai and even being in a pot This plant is nonetheless a tree However small Have you ever seen a tree in the house? There is no tree that grows in the shade the plant needs sun and need to do photosynthesis So. No use you find that inside you’ll get a Bonsai you take the bonsai into the house . Comes the visitor. congratulates you She says: Oh how beautiful your bonsai When the visitor leaves, you take the Bonsai out of the house Many people ask me . Mac . I can leave my Bonsai open to taking rain, wind, cold? Of course you can! Except in some conditions. You have to know the climate of your city . An example. In São Joaquim / SC , if you leave a plant that does not tolerate frost and in winter do -3 , -5 degrees the plant will die. So. You have to know the climate of regição you live If your plan does not accept frost, you have to stay tuned. When you realize that the temperature goes down a lot, leave the plant in sheltered from the cold place But . The plant should sunbathe, take rain. It is a very common question . It looks like a mess, but a lot of people ask me that I believe I get an email with this question about 3 times a week So here is my tip for you This plant here I intend to have it for many years And I will turn this here in a Bonsai I said I would plant it in the ground, but I had a better idea. I’ll teach you to turn this here in a Bonsai So for you who wants to see how it goes this plant , watch the next video , how to work the nebari a Bonsai in this case here , a small plant I will not call it here Bonsai ok people This was an explanatory video More to remedy doubt people asking me a lot about it You willing to help channel for me to produce more video for you , please add this video to your favorites down here but I do not know how to add to favorites . Just follow this video here So you help in the dissemination of this canal Because people of your channel will also see this video And this will help me to do more videos for you Who liked give a like , did not like take a deslike And who wants to share this video to facebooke feel free . Helps a lot !! Next video. Working the nebari of a plant A big hug and even the next video Result of fake bonsai transplant

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  1. A abordagem nesse vídeo não é tão convicente, você diz que tem pouco conhecimento em bonsai, então você tá gravando vídeo falando de um tema que você não domina? Domina ou não domina? Essa música não é irritante, mas tá muito alta pro vídeo, e você fala muita coisa retórica, seja mais objetivo, e quando você disser que essa árvore pequena não é bonsai, mas não tem o bonsai verdadeiro para mostrar, fica dificil entender aonde você quer chegar, mostra então um bonsai de verdade, não uma foto congelada, isso perde a qualidade daquilo que você tá querendo exemplificar como equivocado.

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    Tudo bem que os supermercados deveriam vender não como bonsai e sim como muda para bonsai, mas me desculpa, dai a dizer que nunca será um bonsai já é radicalismo.
    Parabéns por ter voltado atras é acolhido a planta.

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  33. uma de talhe eu belo arbusto Descrição e característica da planta

    A romãzeira é um arbusto de 3 a 4 metros de altura, originária de clima quente, mas produz bem em temperatura amena. Em condições de alta temperatura, os frutos são de melhor qualidade. As folhas são inteiras, alongadas, lisas, brilhantes, coriáceas e de cor verde-clara. As flores podem ser hermafroditas (têm os dois sexos na mesma flor) (mais desejável), apresentar somente órgãos masculinos ou intermediários.

    A planta se adapta em qualquer tipo de solo, mas se desenvolve e produz melhor em solos com boa drenagem, férteis e ricos em matéria orgânica.

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  37. Bonsai, a arte de judiar das plantas. Não tem nada haver com amor pela natureza é o mesmo que pegar um pássaro e colocar na gaiola ou um peixe no aquário.

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