Colouring Die Cuts With Markers

Colouring Die Cuts With Markers

Hi this is Debby and I’m sharing a video I
created for my Doodling With Debby Series for Simon Says Stamp and today I’m breaking
out my Copic markers, dusting them off and using them to colour some autumn die cuts.
I made this card the other day and then afterwards thought it would be good to share a different
colouring medium to my usual watercolours. I think the Picture Book dies from Simon Says
Stamp particularly suit the clarity and rich colours you get with markers and today I’m
going to pair the Picture Book Caramel Apple with the Leaf Branch Oval die. I’m using Neenah Solar White card in the
80lb weight as I’ve always found this the best for colouring with alcohol markers. I
die cut the Leaf Branch Oval from one piece of card and this cuts a window into the panel
with a lovely leaf branch hanging down and a strip across perfect for a sentiment. I
cut the Picture Book Caramel Apple die twice from the second piece of card and this is
so that I can layer up a couple of the elements with foam adhesive to create more dimension. Starting out with the red apple piece of the
die-cut and I have a range of Copic markers in a pinky red colourway laid out from palest
to deepest colours. To get the deepest shadow I like to add a mid-brown marker. My Copic
colouring skills are quite basic. I lay down the lightest colours first then. I work my
way to the darkest colours and back again to the lightest colours. Back and forth, back
and forth until I have a smooth blend. I try and maintain a highlight area too and I think
the play of darkest shades with lighter highlights brings the die cuts to life. Moving onto the leaves and as I start colouring
I’ve got a little of the red markers from colouring the apple on my fingers and it has
transferred to the leaves in a couple of spots. I cleaned up my fingers with one of those
little alcohol wipes you have in the first aid kit and then carried on colouring. The
little red marks won’t be visible by the time I’ve added the deeper shades.
Talking of which, for greens, I like to add a BV marker for muting down the deepest shades. For the lollipop stick to go in the top of
the apple, I coloured this is a few pale earth tones and then added depth with a Y28 marker.
I also used this marker to draw light wood grain lines on the stick. Moving onto the caramel part of the die-cut
and my markers are feeling quite neglected. Several of them need a top-up and all of them
need a good clean if I’m honest. I don’t have all the refills to the markers, but I
do have the E51 refill and so I took the opportunity for a quick top-up. Now, there are lots of
tutorials on how to fill your markers correctly. The scientist in me likes the method of weighing
the marker and adding a refill to the correct filled weight. However, for on the go refilling,
I pull one of the tips away with a pair of tweezers and add a few drops of refill to
the barrel. I err on the side of caution so the barrel isn’t overfilled and starts glooping
out as I colour. Just a little to keep me going until I have the time to give the markers
a proper overhaul. I coloured two leaves and two caramel dies
so that I can mount them together for dimension. The lower of the two dies doesn’t need to
be coloured precisely as most of it won’t be visible but I use it as an opportunity
to colour both as best I can and then choose my favourite for the top. The various elements of the caramel apple
are all individual pieces and so to create the finished piece I added Gina K glue runner
to a scrap of card left over from die cutting and added the caramel and apple pieces to
it before trimming out with a pair of scissors angled to undercut the white card so that
it won’t be visible. I added some of the leftover sticky card to the one side to give
support but I’ll be adding lots of foam adhesive to the back of the piece so it will
be held securely. I added more tape runner to the back of the
apple and adhered the lollipop stick to the top. I added foam adhesive to the back of the apple,
the extra caramel piece too and also the one leaf and layered the leaves on top of each
other before adding first the caramel piece and then the leaves to the apple. I squidged
a little Gina K Connect Glue under the leaf to make sure it was securely held in place. I added a twine bow and trimmed the ends with
the awesome Tim Holtz snips which are great for cutting just about anything. I then used
a sparkle pen to add some shimmer to the apple and leaf. I then set the toffee apple aside
while I worked on the Leaf Branch Oval die cut. The leaves are small on the branch so I only
used two colours of marker for each colourway. A little of the light colour followed by a
touch of the dark colour and a quick brush over with the lightest colour again to blend.
I chose an autumn palette of red, orange, green and yellow with a brown branch and then
when I’d finished colouring I rubbed a little Ranger Multi Medium Matte over the leaves
before dunking them in my big tub of Tim Holtz Rock Candy Distress Glitter. For the sentiment on this card, I’m using
the lovely 30 Days Of Thankful 2019 from C Z Design and the Simple Joys greeting fits
just perfectly on the strip across the die. I stamped it in Versafine Clair Pinecone ink
for a good impression first time and also I thought the deep brown went with the theme
more than the traditional black sentiment. I stamped the greeting just slightly above
the midway point so that I could add a piece of patterned paper underneath. I ran a thin
line of Gina K Connect Glue to the paper and then lined it up underneath the sentiment. I then added a bunch of foam adhesive to the
back of the panel and adhered it to a Neenah Solar White card base in the 110lb weight. I then added the caramel apple on top with
more foam adhesive making sure to add a double layer of foam tape where the apple sat over
the oval opening of the background. Now that everything is in place, I can add
the shine to the apple and caramel with Ranger Glossy Accents. You can’t beat adding shine
to give extra interest and the only thing to remember is it takes some time to dry so
not to add it until the end when you won’t be fiddling around with the card too much
more. This Leaf Branch Oval die would make a great
shaker card but I just added a few sequins here and there and held them in place with
Gina K Connect glue. I’m not going to do this now as the Glossy
Accents is still wet, but once it dries I’ll add two googly eyes to the apple to bring
it to life. So here you can see my first version of this card again complete with eyes in place.
I think colouring with markers really brings these die cuts to life and adds impact to
this clean and simple card. I’ll leave links in the YouTube description below to the products
that I’ve used today as well as a coordinating link to the blog post over at
I want to thank you for joining me today and if you’ve enjoyed this tutorial I’d be delighted
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9 thoughts on “Colouring Die Cuts With Markers

  1. Your Copic colouring is amazing. However, to be honest you colouring is always amazing whatever medium you choose to use. Always enjoy your work and this particular card is oh so sweet. Love it. Thank you for the great video and all the hints and tips.

  2. Loved the card and watching how you put it together, Debby! You do a marvelous job coloring! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  3. I love everything about this card even more after watching the video! There's nothing basic about your coloring ever! You are outstandingly talented.

  4. Fun card. Beautifully made. Not sure if you’re an inspiration or an irritant (!) because you make it look so easy. Thank you sharing as always. Love your work.

  5. When I first saw the thumbnail for this video I was sure those were real apples; nonetheless, they made my mouth water!!!! You have excellent coloring skills! This is one of those cards that just makes one happy!!! Thank you for sharing your talent for us! So pretty!!!

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