Collage Materials & Tools : Collage Tools: Ruler, Pencils, Erasers, Ebony

Okay so another supply that you’ll need is
to have yourself a couple of pencils, eraser, a sharpener; things like that. Basically what
you’re going to need is just any type of standard pencil. A B pencil is usually the best, but
whichever works best for you. You’ll also going to need to get yourself an ebony pencil.
If you’re interested in tracing an all ready image, and transferring it onto a board to
work from. Here, we have a nice Dalia flower, a Lotus flower and this is the tracing paper
image that you’re going to be sort of creating in order to transfer from your image onto
your final piece board. So, that’s only if you wish to do such a thing. Otherwise, you
may just need a pencil and eraser to draw directly onto the board, and then also have
yourself a nice sturdy ruler. It doesn’t have to be a long meter ruler such as this one,
but I tend to get the metal rulers because they’re more stable. They’re useful for not
only drawing and measuring lines but also for putting against an edge and tearing up
paper. So, it gives you a nice clean edge but also gives a nice ripped edged look as

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