Coke Rocket, Taekwondo Kicks, Biggest Great White Shark, And More! | TodayILearned #40

this is what happens when you mix coke
with butane gas Taekwondo at its finest welcome back to gun and shot TV and
today was going to talk about yet another exciting collector item and what
I’m talking about is sweetheart grips so as you can see the grips are made of
clear plastic I’m gonna try and make it so it’s not glaring and reflecting, and
where these came about is during World War 2
much like trench art during World War 1 evolving into an art form these were
made by soldiers who would get pieces of Plexiglas now what you’ll see with a lot
of these is you’ll actually see a picture a lot of times and the reason
it’s called the sweetheart grip is they would put a picture of their girlfriend
or their wife or whoever back home so they could look at it and these aren’t
specifically limited to 1911’s occasionally you’ll see a revolver you
know a 1917 revolver or an M&P revolver that has clear plexi grips with a picture under it these garnet crystals glow red when they’re in sunlight Ocean Ramsey and her team encountered
this 20-foot great white shark near the island of Oahu, Hawaii. They say it’s the
biggest great white shark ever recorded a bobcat can jump over a river with a
single leap this is an eagle ray the incredibly rare megamouth shark this juvenile red-tailed hawk is smart
enough to recognize its own reflection in rare conditions snow will fall in the
desert and then the wind will blow a layer of sand back over it these are honduran white bats millipedes are smart enough to travel
and herds this is a basilosaurus, which means “king
lizard” and the first intact fossil of it was discovered in Egypt

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