Coconut planter  – Gardening ideas Malayalam

Coconut planter – Gardening ideas Malayalam

Hi, I am Nimmi In this video, as you see here, we will see how to make a planter from a used tender coconut. This one, I had made last week We drink tender coconut often and normally throw it away. So let’s see how can we use it and make a planter out of it. Things we require are: Soil, Cocopeat, Bit of compost. Mix cocopeat and soil equally. Then, the main item – used tender coconut πŸ˜‰ A plant, that can grow easily. Plants that don’t require much attention The plant that I have used here is variegated oyster plant oyster plant and wandering jute purple heart plant These plants grow just like that and don’t require much attention. We also need a kitchen knife and a screwdriver to add drain holes. First, we will increase the opening of the tender coconut with the help of a knife. So that’s done πŸ˜€ If it’s big coconut, we can actually dump those waste inside the coconut itself. This is pretty small coconut, so let’s throw it out :/ So the first step is done. Now let’s add a drain hole. Actually, it’s OK even if we don’t add a drain hole. But to be on a safer side, let’s add 2 drain holes with the help of screw driver. One drain hole here Try to use tender coconut only. If it’s full coconut, to add holes, it will be a tough task Let’s add one hole here too I have added 2 holes for this cococnut Now. let’s fill soil and cocopeat mixture Both half-half and a bit of compost too. We have added enough soil mixture now. These plants, since it grows easily, you just need to keep it on the top portion. When you cut the plant make sure that you cut at the node Then only the roots will grow properly. If you cut at the wrong place the plant might get spoiled easily Let’s keep this one too So that’s done So our tender coconut planter is ready. πŸ™‚ It’s really easy. If we have used tender coconut, soil and plant We can do it in minutes. then… these plants are good for beginners It grows superfast. It won’t go off easily and disappoint you This is the other one which I had done last week No issues as of now. We can either use a base or we can cut the below portion, so that it sits its own or we can also make it into a hanging plant. I will show it in some other video. This plant, we can keep it anywhere it won’t go off. It will grow fast too. Please try this I hope you all liked. Byeeeee

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