cocomelon clay art 코코멜론 클레이로 만들기

cocomelon clay art 코코멜론 클레이로 만들기

Start making cocomelon characters~! Make it green by mixing yellow and blue:) And then make the shape of the cocomelon. I’d like to have a darker green color, please. Then, the striped color of the watermelon is complete:) Make the clay long like a string Please paste it like a watermelon stripe 🙂 It looks like a watermelon already, doesn’t it? Then you’re successful! LOL Please press the part where Cocomelon’s face will enter. I want you to shape it with a white collar. Please trim it well:) ♪ Tiny ♪ ♪ Please press the part where your face is going to appear. Mix red and white to make light pink:) I’d like a little bit of yellow, please. Make the shape of the face of Cocomelon. ♪ Tiny ♪ ♪ with one’s face on one’s face Please trim it well:) Now I’m gonna make you some snow. Press eye position Make the shape of your eyes. Close your eyes. My eyes look like watermelon seeds. LOL Make a nose for me a nose. And make a mouth. I can see the face of Cocomelon! I want you to make Cocomelon’s mouth. Faces:) Combine the red clay in the pink clays. Ball-touch completion! Now I’m going to make you an antenna for Cocomelon. It makes the color of the antenna of the cocomelon in advance. It makes dark red, purple, and sky blue. after putting on color Click Subscribe:) I’d like to have a dark red color, please. a purple antenna A circle in the sky? antenna completion Thank you for your subscription:) Cocomelon’s friend, ladybug! in red and black Making It was too small to make. Make a pattern of ladybugs. I put him in a black circle. They’re building ladybug legs. Make an antennae for ladybugs. The ladybug is complete! Put the ladybug on the cocomelon. Completion~LOL

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