Cloud’s Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII) – MAN AT ARMS

Cloud’s Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII) – MAN AT ARMS

I’ve been a blacksmith armour for over thirty years. I’ve created weapons for over two
hundred feature films. This is Man at Arms. The Buster Sword is absolutely ridonkulous. The blade is six feet long, twelve inches wide. I’m doing a cutting edge of a steel blade with 1075 spring steel. That’ll be inserted into the blade and riveted down. This is a plate of 6061 aluminum that will be plated milled out to shape here. This will all be wrapped in a band of bronze. I’ll do a technique called chasing repousse. Hammering out these little squiggly lines. Just a simple little sword. I got a piece of three eighths of an inch thick 7075 aircraft aluminum. I have six feet by twelve inches. Chopped off one end of it to give a triangular tip. I brought Bill in. We call him ‘William the Elder.’ He’s a retired foundry man machinist. I had Bill machine a slot an eighth of an inch wide by over an inch and a half deep into the side of the plate. We have a bolster or a hilt that’s made out of one-inch thick aluminum. We milled a three-eighths slot three inches deep into it. Because this sword is so ridiculous it just
needs a longer handle. We have eighteen-inch long handle on this made out delrin plastic. Took a rough ingot of bronze and forged it out to the pommel and ferrule. Bronze is a little tricky. You’re not supposed to forge cast ingots, but we didn’t have the time to cast the pommel with lost wax casting so I’m going to take a big chunk of bronze and forge it into a ball for the pommel. And I’m going to take a smaller chunk of the ingot and forge it into the tube for the collar. That’ll be used for the front of the handle. I had my assistant Brian turning the bronze ferrule and pommel on the lathe. Then I took the rough trimmed pieces to the belt grinder, trimmed them up, then used a scotch bright belt to refine them. I took the vice off the vertical milling machine and clamped the sheet of aluminum up there and used a ball endmill to mill in decorative lines on the blade. We have to heat treat a six foot length
of eighth inch thick by three inch wide 1075 steel. Grind it out a razor sharp edge. Then set that into the milled slot on the edge of the blade and rivet it down. Due to the size of the Buster Sword, I couldn’t bring it over to the mill or the drill press when it was fully assembled. So we had to use a portable drill. We burned up three drills trying to hand drill through that solid block of aluminum. After we had the whole Buster Sword assembled, we hit it with the chemical to darken the aluminum to patina it to give it a dark steel appearance. I’m a pretty strong guy but just
carrying the Buster Sword out of my workshop pretty much wrecked my back and arm. The thing probably weighed seventy-five, eighty pounds. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous, huge, sword blades I’ve ever made. I’m pretty pleased how it came out. I don’t think i want to do another one. I can mark this in my baby book that yeah, this one’s done. Thanks for watching Man at Arms. Be sure
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100 thoughts on “Cloud’s Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII) – MAN AT ARMS

  1. I would realy like to see a 2.0 version of this sword where you make it look the same but reduce the overall weight down to less than 20lb yet still have a very sturdy steel blade and a full tang. My best thoughts are to make it initially shaped like a very large and skiny modified version of a kopesh for the steel handle and blade 6590 high carbon steel then fill in the back of it with a hard wood so that it functions more like a bladed mallet than a solid metal sword. if it is sharp enough it should still be able to cut and the wood would give it the rest of the shape it needs with out adding to much weight. Thank you for an Awesome video.

  2. Looks nothing like the sword in the game. I think they cut corners just to get it finished because they had enough of trying to make it.

  3. Ok am I crazy? The PS FF7 never had those weird lines in the actual sword did it? The only actual line was the edge from the hilt to the point. I’ve seen three YT vids of different blacksmiths building the buster sword and so far the only one that looks most like I remember in FF7 was Michaelcthulu’s vid

  4. Let’s talk about how the Blade and Handel is TOO long! The Blade isn’t that long and the Handel is waaaay longer than the remake or original buster sword. Did you guys even look at the Art or even concepts? Cloud is 5’9 and the sword alone is like 5’1 or 5’2.

  5. Buster sword is awesome, i really want to get one.After a lot of research, i found cloud strife sword here. and it feels awesome.

  6. Cloud must have had super strength or something to do what he does with the sword in the game. Geez 75-80 pounds

  7. Esa espada es la más inefectiva de los videojuegos que han hecho. Hay otras más letales. Con esa espada es muerte segura a menos que midas 3 metros……

  8. Is there a way to make it lighter without making a smaller? Different materials or make it hollow? Or would it just fall apart then?

  9. Only a demon would have the strength to hold a sword like that not some skinny dude like cloud or buster? Doesn't matter he still a buster to me

  10. Clouds actual sword is 6 swords combined into 1 to create the entire blade you made.
    It would have to come apart for his ultimate move the omnislash to which he throws them all apart surrounding his enemy and jumping to each one slashing each time increasing the mass of the sword each time.
    Just saying.
    Atleast you went OP though, but to be exact, you gonna have to start again.

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