Clip amigurumi – Cómo tejer unos amigos kawaii para decorar tus documentos

Hi, dear crocheters! How are you?My name is Fernando wellcome back to GanchiGurumi. In today’s vid I’m showing you how to decorate a paperclip to get it funnier. We’re doing so with an amigurumi. So let’s begin! If you also wish a personalized MyGurumi, go to my Etsy shop and order yours! Materials You’ll need: cotton yarn for a 3 mm hook, 2.5 mm hook, a bit of polyfill, scissors, a needle and a bit of embroidery thread. Let’s begin. AMIGURUMI PAPERCLIP Ok, we’re decorating a paperclip so it won’t be so simple. We’re making an amigurumi head like this one. Remember that in GanchiGurumi we won’t learn how to make copyright characters. We’re not making this Pikachu, but a pretty bunny. You can make the animal or character of your choice. I’ve prepared here the beginning circle with the following pattern: R1: Magic ring with 6 sc R2: *INC* x6 (12) R3: *1 sc, INC* x6 (18) R4: *2 sc, INC* x6 (24) R5: *3 sc, INC* x6 (30) Then, we’re making 5 rounds without increases, so R6-R10: 30 sc **Let’s make a ball!** More or less like this! You can make more or less rounds without increases. **Following this pattern, you’ll get a perfect ball** Next, it’s time to close the ball, but we’re making details before. Place the paperclip here. Before continuing, you can fix the paperclip to avoid the wobble. In the inside, apply some glue, mod podge, silicone or whichever you prefer. And now we can continue closing. Follow this pattern: R11: *3 sc, DEC* x6 (24) R12: *2 sc, DEC* x6 (18) R13: *1 sc, DEC* x6 (12) Before closing completely, we’re making the pretty face. It’s easier to embroider with no polyfil in the inside. **You can embroider the face as you want** Once the face is embroidered, just stuff with polyfill and the close the ball. We’re making now the ears. Just make 2 circles with the same pattern of the head, but until R4 (with 24 stitches). That is, R1: MR (6) R2: *INC* x6 (12) R3: *1 sc, INC* x6 (18) R4: *2 sc, INC* x6 (24) **Don’t forget to make 2!** Now, fold the ear and sew a bit in the little tip to fix it. Now it’s time to sew the ear to the head. You can sew them upwards like me or downwards. You choose! Well, this was all. Now you have funny and cute paperclips. Remember this is just an exemple; you can make the animal or character of your choice. I forgot to mention with the materials, but you’ll also need a paperclip. Otherwise, this tutorial is useless! As always, I’d thank you if you Like this video and share it in your social media. Don’t forget to follow me in mine. Subscribe to my channel and set notifications on. Thanks for watching and see you in the next vid! Bye! Subscribe Latest video — You may also like

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