Cleen Rock One Finally Wins $100,000 | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

Cleen Rock One Finally Wins $100,000 | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

– Alright, it’s time to double . – Yes, it is.
Cleen and Christian. This is it. One of you will walk away with $100,000. It’s time to critique
your master canvases. – [indistinct] mother[bleep]. – Christian,
you are up first, buddy. [cheers and applause] All right, Chris,
let’s get into this. – You did a lot of work.Every bit of this tattoo
is smooth.
– I love how
you really captured
that horror, comic,
graphic feel. – The rats, the shining point
of this tattoo. When you look at these rats
– That’s our favorite part. – really close, even down to
the spider on top of the skullat the bottom,
the detail is perfect.
You nailed the composition.
You nailed the layout. You nailed the fit of the body. This is
an amazing illustration. It’s a sneaky play, dude. – Thank you.
Appreciate it. [cheers and applause] – This is gonna be tough.
All right, Cleen, you’re up.[dramatic music playing]♪ ♪– It is solid
from top to bottom. You do have a lot
of breathability.You do have a lot
of open skin.
– The anatomy of the snake
is perfect.
Every little scale has
that little break in it.
– This thing’s massive. This is the biggest thing
we’ve seen on “Ink Master.” – I was like, “You know what,
we’re going balls to wall.” – Really nice work, buddy.
Thank you. [cheers and applause] Christian, come on up, buddy.♪ ♪All right, guys,
we gotta end this war. Let’s talk. One thing that I will say is Christian’s tattoo,
for me, needs black. – That–for me, the thing
that Christian’s tattoo hasabove all is
a great illustration
and a perfect composition
and layout for the leg.
I love every inch of it.
– It’s such a tough decision because when you look
at Cleen’s and there is justso much line work
in that thing.
It’s massive. It’s detailed.I mean, it’s just
all beautifully done. It’s… it’s hard to pick.
– Oliver. I need a final decision
from you. [audience shouting] – I love both of these tattoos, but right now,
right this minute, my vote’s for Christian. [cheers and applause] – Man, I love both
of these tattoos too. Just if I’m looking
at weight of tattoos I gotta go with Cleen Rock One. [cheers and applause] – Wow.
– Oh, my God. – My heart! – Chris, that means… it is all on you, my friend. – Man, I’m so torn. [audience shouting] – Like, for me, it’s always
been the same thing and it’s been the tattoo
that looks heavy, and it’s just the application
and what I think, for me, really holds. And as tough as this is… I’m gonna go with Cleen. [cheers and applause] – That means the winner
of the grudge match and $100,000 Cleen Rock One![rock music playing]Wow!♪ ♪

100 thoughts on “Cleen Rock One Finally Wins $100,000 | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

  1. It’s sad to see $100k is the prize…

    Only cause they scoured through soooo many artists, picked them, and then ran them through a ton of bullshit.

    Ppl win 100K on game shows all the time.
    The prize for a waaaaayyy more elite competition should be larger.
    Especially when you take into consideration the money the show generates. There’s not much writing involved… people watch to see the good or the bad and the drama or serenity that transpires between artist and client.

  2. does this make cleen an ink master? he's been ink master caliber since the season he debuted on but a win is a win right?

  3. Christian needs to cover that gay ass tribal on his face fucking 1990 face tats. Thats prob why he lost that gay ass shit on his fucking ugly mug

  4. Cleen deserved to win the first season he entered instead, this season it was clear from the start who would win.

  5. Christian is the only guy though that could have these face tattoos and not look like a complete as*hole

  6. The fucking second they say Cleen, Cristian is there to give the man a hand, NOW THAT'S A FUCKING MAN. These boys are the best rivalry I've ever seen.

  7. Yes it’s pretty exciting even though they know they were going to win six weeks in advance And the government takes over 50% so he’s left with around $47,000 If I’m correct but either way it’s a Lotta cash

  8. I love Cleen ! He’s so dope to me ! I’d love a tattoo from him ❤️❤️❤️❤️ he’s really fun ! Cocky but definitely backing up all the shit his talks

  9. Damn 100k is nothing after fucking taxes. Hes gonna get fucked including that with his regular income. Lose about 20 percent and then owe comes tax filing

  10. I think Christian should have won. Cleens tattoo is just trying to much, too many colors. It's like Ed Hardy, not a good look.

  11. Christian should have won imho. From cleen, we have seen many tatts like that before. He just made it bigger

    Christian went all all out. It's very detailed as well as unique. And it was well put together

    I honestly liked Christian's more……his had really nice shading and beautiful detailing…idk Cleen's was just so…basic? I guess you could call it…I just didn't like the concept of it.

  13. Christian. Went all out his element goin color and that tattoo smoked cleans 20 yr tattoo vet my self cleen is good but he’s a 2nd place artist on this like it or not Christian comp was perfect and out of his element cleen did what you’d expect of clean skull snake typical cleen roc tattoo Christian was robbed mi opionin

  14. Cleen may deserved this win but man christian toootally deserved the win in season 7 that guy gets such a bad rap and he was only voted out bc none of the eliminated artists liked him

  15. It's a shame because I think Christian should have won this. Cleen should have already won this and got screwed in earlier finales. This time I think Christian got screwed. He had the better tattoo IMO.

  16. Means he gets probably 60k, taxes in this country are bullcrap. U got people paying almost nothing into the system and taking 20k out because they got a bunch of kids. Everyone should contribute and need to stop rewarding unresponible people

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