Fuck your goddamn Claymore. I landed in the trash can where I belong He’ll never not be scared by claymores fucking Watch me to the wall. I just started like twitching Holy shit that clears laundry to a different planet. Oh My god wait You’re in the car with the clay Marc What the fuck Hey, I don’t know how I insta-kill don’t do but that double Claymore though boom Fucking whoop Fucking two boys Whose to double the fuck you That good shit. Fuck you claim our Fucking job beast Nick you had glitcher. I’m gonna try to bait this dude into walking into his own Claymore Holy shit, I think I almost launched out of the building back way more boy. Hi

100 thoughts on “CLAYMORES

  1. Welcome to your Claymore Airlines flight where we will be taking you to your grave in style. Thank you for flying Claymore Airlines

  2. Merk really running out of ideas :/
    “Lemme just upload this claymore montage for my subscribers”….I guess? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. There needs to be a game mode where the explosive launch is up like 1,000% so imagine the corpse launch 10 times as powerful

  4. Hey merk. As a long time fan since 2014 and guitar player. I’d love to see you cover “Bad Horsie” by Steve vai.

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