Clay Tutorial – Pig Crafts

we will be making piggy’s today look at them
just sitting there these little bums tends to sit around town
eating, having little parties just having general fun
though there are a group of them that play a pretty good set of tunes over
at deep side so let’s take a look at what we need for today’s
project shall we? first we need some foam clay, water color,
a brush, some tooth picks and a bit of brown polymer clay
fire it up eleven first, get a bit of foam clay
here is a bottle cap for comparison then roll it up
make it nice and round so it doesn’t have any cracks
get a bit of foam clay and cut it up in to three equal size pieces now to forge the head
just pull it out from the body just a little bit
to make a nose you use three of your fingers, just like this
and then use a tooth pick to forge the bottom part of the nose
then poke in the nostrils and then the eye holes
just like this for the legs
use one of those three prices you’ve cut out earlier
and then forge it in to a boomerang shape one end should be a bit narrower than the
other the thick side of the leg should be touching
the pigs body if it doesn’t stick that well
you can use a bit of glue to smoothen out the part where the leg meets
the body we’re going to add a bit of water using a
brush now use the tooth pick to blend the part between
the leg and the body this should make it look much better get some water on your finger
then use it to smoothen out the piggy a bit more
use a tooth pick to split the toe but don’t make it spread too much
now, get that last remaining piece of foam clay
and cut it in half split it again to make each of the arms use the same method you used on your legs
to stick the arms on the pig add some water and smoothen it out
and of course the fingers are forged the same way split the last remaining foam clay in half
and each of these pieces will become the ear forge it in to a diamond shape like a kite
and stick it on the head I’m just going to smoothen out the top part
of the head where the ear touches now stick a tooth pick though the piggy’s
eye hole and then stick it somewhere so you can leave
it to dry it doesn’t have to dry all the way through,
just the outside one hour later
I’m going to use a blend of yellow and peach watercolor to paint the parts where the body
parts meet I’m not going to color everything because
then it doesn’t look that charming there is a reason why I’m using watercolor
on this thing stick it somewhere else so it can dry
and then we are going to move on to polymer clay
you only need to small brown pieces of polymerclay to make the eyeballs
quick baking later hopefully the pig is all dry by now
add a bit of glue on a tooth pick then apply it in to the eye holes
then put the eyeballs in the eye hole pretty simple
bring the magic bean twelve time to make this boy big
well hello need a hat
what was that? hat
well I guess I can make you a hat or something later and some friends perhaps
but that’s for next time if you liked my tutorial today
join me and share me
spread me like an air born virus until next time

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