Clay Cafe   My Halifax   Weekly Vlogs

Clay Cafe My Halifax Weekly Vlogs

Hi, Guys, My name is Adam Cooper, and for
this weeks MY HALIFAX we’ve come to the clay Cafe So the nice thing here is the range of different
people that are here, there are people here with kids, there are couples here this would
be a nice place for valentines day if it looks like I’ve paint this a very little blue that’s
because actually when it goes in the kiln and they put the varnish on it – it will actually
go a lot darker so if your gonna come here – just remember to go light on your colours
or just bare that in mind, that they probably wont look the way you want them to before
they come out the kiln my pro tip for anyone painting a cup is to do your handle first then you’ll have something to hold and er don’t get paint on your hands This would actually be a very good place for a staff party or somewhere that you could do team building exercises or hen nights or stag nights or just anywhere you can get a good group of
people together and have fun so I’ve finished painting my cup its looks ok – I’m sure the blue is going to be fine but I kinda messed up some of the lettering but I’m not really
an artist that’s why I make videos but I’m excited to see it come out of the kiln it won’t come out till Wednesday but I’ll put a picture up on social media so you can all
see it but hopefully its gonna go in the kiln and its gonna come out looking super sweet
and ill see you soon. that’s the end of this weeks MY HALIFAX we
had a great time in the clay cafe – I recommend you come and take a look at it – even its
for one day one time its so much fun erm I messed up my lettering with the my halifax
mug but I’m pretty sure the blue is going to make up for it. So that’s it for this week if there’s anywhere
you think we should come and make a video please let us know in the comments below we
would love to feature your location, your business or your event thank you for watching
don’t forget to like – comment – and subscribe to our channel and we’ll see you next week. I’m just rambling right now – its’ s just
and endless ramble

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