Hey guys and welcome to this episode! I will deconstruct and rebuild famous memes with clay and cardboard. What does it feel like to do a surgery on a grape to take the scalpel and to cut it open? Well, first of all we start with some yellow clay to get the filling, the inside of the grape and when you look carefully at this meme you see that there are very tiny thin white stripes on the inside of the grape as on any normal flesh from grape. So we tried to simulate this as well and this is quite exciting. We take this red purple and we coat our grape until we get this nice grape and now we choose the right blade for our scalpel and the next working step… The big moment has arrived! We will cut open the grape to see what’s underneath. Well, we know because we just created it, but just for the pleasure of this meme I want to recreate the same event to see… Ah, it doesn’t really work with clay. I think this was a stupid idea. What did they even think about? What were they doing when they did surgery on a grape? Probably yeah, there’s something missing. They even managed to close the grape again. We should probably try this by… Don’t get me wrong I love Chain Chomp, but I don’t really get it why he became so popular as a meme. Well, it’s just a cute little dog, isn’t it? 53 million likes on just one image of a regular egg. This is crazy for most people. Well, not for me because I am one of these people who liked this image. A hand plus. It’s symbolic. An egg contains every kind of life, every kind of idea, every kind of everything which has ever been there and this is just all in this image or they just thought it would be funny to be Kylie Jenner with 18 million image with just an image of an egg. But no regular egg, no, it’s the world’s record egg. This one is a classical meme. When I posted the image on Instagram and also on YouTube I got many messages which said: dude that meme’s dead. It’s too old. Well, probably you are right, but this is such a classical meme. Leaving it out would have felt wrong. So I wanted to pay respect to this meme. It was developed by Carlos Ramirez Ramirez I think it’s pronounced this way and he first designed it as the cool face and he didn’t intend to post it, but then accidentally did and the next day he was so surprised that it took off and brought him this fame and he didn’t even tell his parents that he was the creator of the trollface. Only his sister knew and when his parents found out they were quite proud and his mother started to spray it on the wall of the house We met bro? It’s time for another very old meme, but still quite famous. It’s the Wow Guy and you are probably wondering who is this guy? Well, it’s a Belgian singer Eddy Wally and… Oh, no!!! Wow! What I really love about memes, besides they all have a message and you can communicate with them, sometimes even better than using words, memes are chosen to be memes. No one can create just a meme to be a meme. The independent internet picks them. We choose them, but until now. This meme was created on purpose and I am sure not much people have noticed it. This meme was desperately created on purpose that it is used many times by the Internet and that the Internet would love this video where it originally came from. And which video? Do we all know which desperately needs likes? Well, it’s the 2018 YouTube Rewind. The most hated and most disliked video on YouTube and on the on the whole Internet, but you are now probably wondering how to make a famous meme. Pick a person everyone loves. A celebrity, a cartoon character or just an actor. Let’s say we take Will Smith. Although he’s part of Scientology still everyone loves him. Give this person a remarkable line something like: Wow, that’s amazing! No. Wow, that’s hot! Even better would be, but also quite stupid That’s hot! That’s hot! The stupid element. Every famous meme has a really stupid element. For Will it could be let’s say three fingers pointed to the sky and nobody understands why. Make the meme visually attractive, make it easy for everyone to copy and to edit it. Let’s give our meme binoculars mask effect. I guess that’s it, freshly baked meme! While creating Will Smith I noticed that his face isn’t moving at all. Maybe the mouth but no facial expressions like using his eyebrows. You really have to pay attention to the next movie you’re watching with Will Smith. It’s quite funny. So, now we attached a very thin layer for his hair and we used the scalpel for some texture that it looks a bit furry and we are ready to go… Well, we need some more textures, some more hair, but now we are ready to go into the oven! Oh, that’s hot! This was Will Smith and this is the size comparison I try to attach the head to the same body because I don’t want to create another Will Smith. That would have been too much work, but I also think that Will and I have almost the same skin color now some more texture. Placing it onto the body! Oh, that’s hot! That’s hot! WTF? Spoiler alert Nyan Cat is just a four frame animation So, why don’t we just print it out, glue it onto some cardboard, cut it out and then… All the colors, the face, the fur. Look at that! Nyan Cat is so beautiful. Look at the tail I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. It’s slightly different than my normal tutorials. Please, let me know which memes are missing. Write them down in the comments. Maybe we can do a part two if you like. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! That’s hot!

100 thoughts on “CLASSIC MEMES made with CLAY & CARDBOARD

  1. oh gosh cringe grows with every month
    i hate it too cause this guy took so much work to make it i feel kinda bad oof

  2. Make you a character in fortnite with a backpack and a pickaxe and emote what about making the emote with building clay

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