Christmas Tree Decor with Edibles! 10 Candy Decorations and More DIY Christmas Ideas

Christmas Tree Decor with Edibles! 10 Candy Decorations and More DIY Christmas Ideas

Whilst munching on those candy canes Emily realizes that she’s forgotten about the dinner with her friends. There’s even
a reminder in your calendar! I hope you still got enough candy canes ready for
tonight’s dinner! Because we’re about to turn them into something sweet and merry! Start aligning them around a can one by one. Now tie it all up with a fancy red
ribbon. But what’s important is in the inside. So throw a flower vase in there. Alright now we’ve got some Christmas table decorations ready for tonight’s dinner! Feel free to customize the formation of the canes. What a jolly
looking dinner table! But it gets even merrier with all the girls sitting
together by it and enjoying their Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! Sprinkles falling! All around me! Only a small amount of those colorful goodies
actually landed where they’re supposed to be. While the remaining ones are no
more… …at least not for culinary use… Is there a way to use them elsewhere? It seems Emily would love to play a bit more with these magic snowflakes. Grab an empty plastic ball and split it
open. Cover the inside with a layer of edible lacquer spray. This is where the
shower of sprinkles show up. The lacquer is sticky enough. Use that by moving the
sprinkles around. Soon you’ll see a colorful layer covering the surface of
the plastic ball. Repeat the same with the other half and make it whole again. All we need now is the tip of the ornament so you can hang it on your Christmas tree. Play around with different colors and sprinkles. You’d want your Christmas to be as colorful and merry as possible, right? Mmm… Yum! Halloween is long gone and you still got your spooky pumpkin wreath hanging on the door, Jess? We will have to work on our upcoming season decorations a bit. Santa Claus is coming to town after all! Let’s see what we’ve got here. Those neighborhood kids have taken all the sweet treats from it! There’s a whole bag of candies ready for this craft that we’re about to witness. Firstly let’s get rid of all the spooky props off this wreath. Just a naked old
hanger left on it. Not for long! Tie a ribbon on the candy and fasten it onto
the hanger. Repeated a lot of times. Use up all the candies if you want to fully
cover your wreath. For an extra merry touch, add a huge ribbon on the top. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Everywhere we go! Pasta is the best emergency solution for a festive dinner that you’re supposed to prepare. Not the case when you struggle to open the jar though… Oh no… no… no!!! Well now you’re
doomed… How are you gonna surprise your family now, Emma? These adorable wagon
wheels might turn into something magical! Try connecting them using drops of hot
glue. Start playing around with all the different shapes of noodles to form miraculous patterns! We’re giving you ideas but in the end it’s all up to your
imagination, folks. Just don’t forget to cover them in shiny
shades like silver spray paint. Stick a red ribbon on the peak of it and we’re ready to hang these shiny pasta stars onto your Christmas tree. Wow you even
managed to make a garland out of bowtie noodles! With such glitter effects you would never suspect these we’re supposed to be your dinner! From a mini Christmas tree to a wreath – anything is possible with a variety of simple noodles! Jessica is fully in the Christmas mood. The tree just needs some shiny accents and we’re
done! Sadly it seems that red is a bit too much for this composition… Is there any way to use something else for a shiny touch? Christmas candies seem to
always have bright wrappers. And this shade is just what Jessica needs. Collect the sweets. Don’t rush into eating them just yet. Cut off the unnecessary labels. Add a drop of hot glue on the bottom of it. This is where you begin arranging them on the tree ornament. Make it look spiked
and sparkling with the shades Jess needs. Don’t forget a ribbon if there wasn’t
one before already. And now we’re ready to hang it onto our Christmas tree. The sweet and unique tree ornament is perfect for Jessica’s final composition. Just the Christmas spirit we needed! Madison is also researching Christmas
decoration ideas while munching on a candy cane. It seems she may have just found the perfect plan in case you have an overload of candy canes. Let’s get crafting! Add drops of glue on
both ends of a candy cane. We’ll begin connecting them forming a
heart shape. Do it until you finish a circle. Add some candy coins on the
center and on the sides as well. Tie a big red ribbon on the top of it. You’ll want to use that for hanging as well. Now hang your sweet festivity on the door. I hope the sweet tooth neighborhood kids won’t try to munch on your wreath though! *chuckle* Summers long due so let’s get something merrier out of this pool noodle. Make a ring out of it by connecting the ends with some tape. Run to the forest and start collecting pinecones because you will need a bunch of them. Add some ash
berries for a brighter accent. Lastly use snow spray for a proper winter vibe. We’re done! Santa will notice this door for sure! Hey Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re
enjoying this video as much as Jacob is! Let us know just how much by smashing
that like button! Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already! And most importantly don’t forget to leave a comment down below! We read them all! Did your hangar break down? Great! Form a circle and start beading the ornament
balls onto the wire. The more, the merrier! Attach a big bright ribbon on top and
we’re done! Remember, Santa, room 32 is ready for your visit! We’ve got an idea
on how to use an old hula hoop. Grab a long garland and begin wrapping until
the loop is full. Use white tinsel to make it even merrier! White colored
ash berries should work perfectly for a shiny touch. You can hang it above your
Christmas Eve dinner table along with some extra ornament balls. There’s always
a billion excess straws hiding somewhere, right? For starters, let’s crop a ring out
of paper. Using your good old hot glue gun stick the straws just like to form a sun. A second layer will add something magical in there. You’ll need some decorative pearls to make the center of the circle shiny. Voila! I wish this pool noodle is a candy. Sure thing! Circle a layer of white paper tape around it just like that. I think we need
some green shades there as well! A line of double-sided tape will be perfect to
make a rolled lollipop candy. Using scissors or anything sharp and thick
enough pierce a hole so you can insert something like a broomstick in there. Now take a plastic wrapping big enough to cover the whole candy and tie a ribbon to fix it. We’ve got a garden decoration ready! Be careful though – it’s not edible! *chuckle* Where shall we put these plastic bubbles? Add a variety of acrylic paint inside
and stir them up a bit. Close the bubble and shake it! Create your own colorful
Christmas tree ornaments instead of buying them! Let’s turn those plastic
straws into something pretty! Start binding them up using a zip tie. Arrange those sticks in order to form a sun. Now give it a shiny paint job and we’re done! You can always make the size you need for your Christmas tree! If you wish to
decorate your tree with something sweet and crunchy start applying butter on the
inside part of a shape cutter. Fill them up with sweet peppermints. Then put them
in the oven to melt them. Using short thick straws pierce some holes inside
the sweet mixture. See? Have a Merry Christmas with these sweet and jolly
peppermint decorations! Try using a toilet paper roll by cutting it into
smaller strips. Now start sticking the pieces together and let your imagination take over! Whether it’s a flower shape or a star – anything works! Just don’t forget
the shiny spray paint and tiny ribbon. Do you feel the Christmas
vibe already? We can use almost anything as Christmas decorations! Give those bottle caps a second life by arranging them any way you want. Just be sure to apply a dash of glue and a short string. It was a pile of junk
just a second ago! How many people does it take to make something pretty out of those old light bulbs? Just paint them and sprinkle some fake snow on top
before drying it. Have a Merry Christmas, Crafty Pandas! Happy Holidays, Pandas! I hope you enjoy these Christmas hacks! Let us know which of them you’re gonna use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn
more feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and
bring that bell to stay tuned for more!

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