35 thoughts on “Christmas Origami Instructions: Star Sonobe (Maria Sinayskaya)

  1. And here's the second instructional origami video for November: Star Sonobe by Maria Sinayskaya. I show the full assembly, too, and with some detail, so that you should be able to follow along even if this is your first kusudama.

  2. hi there, i have a question, if i may…
    lately i have been trying to fold sanobe in deffent shapes, apart fron the tesselated octahedron and icosihedron. iv'e started to fold partially plotonian solids (aka perfect solids) like tesselated cuboctahedron. problem is, the traditional sanobe only goes up to 90 degrees,so i can only make tesselated triangles and squares and can't make things like dodecahedron, i tried changing the sanobe by making it thinner, but the sturcture wont hold up,  can you please help me find a sanobe that goes up to 108 degrees at least?

  3. This diagram is fantastic. The stability in the finishing product is amazing and it all fits perfectly when I got all the 30 pieces together. No imperfections or anything. I'll definitely make more of these. Will look great in the Christmas tree too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are such a good teacher! I completes the model without any problem. Also, your voice is really soothing, which definitely helps. ^_^ Thank you for sharing; I always enjoy your videos.

  5. I hope that I can remember all the folds she made, but I'll try. for I really like this one, I think she did a fantastic job. Very good teacher.

  6. Yay! My first kusudama/sonobe. Very satisfying result made of gold foil paper. Very fun to make but very time consuming (took me bout 2-3 hours to fold all the modules ^^ and 20 minutes to assemble them) and great model overall. Another quality tutorial from you and another happy viewer from ME! 😀

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