Christmas Origami Instructions: Braided Corona Star (Maria Sinayskaya)

Christmas Origami Instructions: Braided Corona Star (Maria Sinayskaya)

In this video, I’m going to show you how to fold the modular origami Braided Corona Star designed by Maria Sinayskaya. Do check out Maria’s website, and her Flickr stream at for more of her fantastic work. This Braided Corona Star requires 8 sheets of square paper and to achieve the braided look you will need paper that has a different color on the front and the back Now if you’re going for this look which has just 2 colors you’re going to use 8 sheets that have all the same color and 4 modules you fold with the color side up and 4 here with the white side up For the 3 color effect you’re going to use actually 2 different colors Here I’ve got a light purple and white and then a darker purple and white So white is the color of that star inside and then you have these alternating colors and the braid in the colors of the front In this case, you fold all modules with the white side up Now this star here I folded from squares with a side length of 7.5 cm or 3 in and then the diameter of the star — that’s this distance — is a bit over 10 cm or 4 in. So, let’s get started In the video I’m going to be displaying this 3-colored look So we’re going to start with the white side up and bring point to point to crease the diagonal Unfold Rotate and crease the other diagonal Unfold Now bring in the lower left edge to the central crease line Rotate and again bring in the lower left edge On one side we’re going to take this edge and fold it to the center too Then take this small edge right here and fold it to the outside Then unfold again Open up and then refold that section kinda while opening this up a little. Like that So that you have this corner emerging. Now we’re going to flip the paper over and fold in that lower edge And this time, we’re going to make a small squash fold So for this I’m going to slightly open this pocket and then press on that crease opening the pocket and pressing on the crease and then lining up that crease with this folded edge And once I’ve lined it up I’m going to flatten the paper, creating 2 new creases Now we’re going to want to make a crease through the intersection of these two So for this I just slightly bend the paper and make a pinch just through that intersection and once I’ve got that pinch I’m then going to align the paper so that this edge folds on top of itself so that the angle is right and then completely fold Then flip it over take this corner and bring it to that corner like here And then make a strong crease And then your first module is done Then continue with the next one Now once you’ve folded all your modules, take 2 that have different colors and always ensure that the dual-colored tip is at the front There’s a pocket here and there’s a flap here We’re always going to insert the flap into that pocket and align this single-colored tip with this dual-colored tip. And then you’ve got a corner right here and a pocket and you’re going to insert that flap into the pocket And then you’re going to continue with the next color the color that’s different from this one and insert, align, and again insert And continue Once you’ve inserted all of them, we’re going to look to the back and you can see this light purple module I’m going to take it and bring it to the front like that And then we want to insert that pocket into that flap too and I’m just going to very carefully take that and insert it. And align And these just unfolded themselves a bit — that can happen sometimes — and you can just re-insert those small corners into the pockets if it does happen. Then we’re going to flip this over and then again we have these corners and these pockets and we can insert the corners into the pockets This just gives a different look If you prefer the corners up on top, you could leave it like that too When once we’ve finish the braided look the model is definitely stable enough and locked enough that it doesn’t make a difference. Then flip over again and now for the braided look we already prepared creases and we’re just going to fold them counterclockwise And ensuring that it gets symmetrical like that and then we’re going to take these tips and insert them into those pockets right there Just always inserting them like that And once you’ve gone around once your Braided Corona Star by Maria Sinayskaya is all done. For more of her fantastic work, do check her website, and her Flickr stream, I hope you enjoyed this video and happy folding!

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  1. My fourth and final video on @Maria Sinayskaya 's fantastic work is now online. Thanks, Maria for your creativity and generosity in sharing your designs with us.
    This video features another braided star, just like in my first video (Christmas Origami Instructions: Braided Star (Maria Sinayskaya)), but this one adds one extra layer of braids. Plus, in the video I show how to get a nice three-color effect. Hope you enjoy it! 

  2. Hi Sara. I just want to say how much I appreciate your amazing origami tutorials. Thank you for the time and effort you have put in to making them. You are wonderful!

  3. This is so beautiful. I made several of these with gold flashings last year for Christmas presents and people just love them. I am currently hand drawing the diagrams with Yoshizawa symbols. Keep folding!

  4. I got cocky and tried this with non-duotoned paper on my first try. Bad idea. I folded the wrong point down half the time and ended up not able to make the final fold-down because I didn't have pockets. I sprang for the tiny kami and that made all the difference. Not only was it harder to screw up, but the colors were better and the final result was beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. #remakeplease
    This video isn't that old but I remember a few folds close to the end that I could not see what you did but I was determined to finish. I ended up buying several colors of velvet paper and made a star for the front of my Christmas cards. By the end I could fold them with my eyes closed. Going back now I don't see what was giving me a problem (hindsight?). I had to choose something for the day 3 giveaway, it's almost 2 in the morning and everytime I glance at the comments or browse through your playlists I start watching or worse- folding. So there's my # and good night! Happy folding can resume tomorrow.

  6. #myfirst I love modular origami models and this was the first video that i watched on your channel. I feel in love with your tutorials and have been around ever since. Thanks for your awesome videos!

  7. #myfirst Hey, Sara! Following video 2 instructions I decided to tag this video even though it was not the first one I watched (actually I can't remember which one was it 😭) but this one is definitely one of my favorites and the one I think I might have watched the most times. I tend to forget models once I've folded them so I resort to your videos for refreshing. Cheers!

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