Christmas DIY | How to Make Pine cone Decorations (Glitter pine cone Christmas crafts)

Christmas DIY | How to Make Pine cone Decorations (Glitter pine cone Christmas crafts)

Hey guys! Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying
the Christmas season as much as I am. So to continue on our Christmas series, today we
are going to be creating pine cone decorations. So I have got 2 types: the first type is covered
in glitter and beautiful and sparkly and the second one is painting using the ombre effect.
So if you would like to learn how to do this then stick around and we will do it.
So to make the glitter pinecones, you will need pinecones, glitter and spray adhesive.
Spray your pine cone, just make sure you do it in an area that is covered so that you don’t
get stickiness everywhere. Then apply lots and lots of glitter. I decided here that I
wanted a bit more glitter so I added a bit more spray adhesive and then poured more glitter
on. Then turn your pinecone upside down and shake excess glitter. Now you can reuse this
glitter just put it on a bit of paper and then funnel it back into your glitter container.
Now for our ombre pinecone, you’ll need paint I used red and white and a paint brush. So
I put the red and the white paint in a little container and then I grabbed the paint brush
and started painting red down the bottom of the pine cone. I decided to paint both the
inside and the outside. To create the second colour, I moved a little bit of white paint
to the red paint, to create a pink paint. Then I painted the inside and the outside
of the next couple of lines of the pine cone. Then for the last colour I took a little bit
of the pink to the white and made a really pale pink. for the top Then i painted the
rest of the scales with that pale pink. Well guys, did you have a favourite. Did you prefer
the glitter one or the paint one? Let me know in the comments below. If you haven’t already
subscribed. Then please hit that RED button. Alrighty guys! Bye! 🙂

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