Christmas Decorations from Wasted Plastic Bottle:  DIY Christmas Bell Decoration Craft Ideas!

Christmas Decorations from Wasted Plastic Bottle: DIY Christmas Bell Decoration Craft Ideas!

How to Make a Beautiful Christmas Bell using empty Plastic Bottles This is a best out of waste Christmas decoration idea Things You Need… Scissors, Cutter, Craft Wire, Golden Metallic Colors, Ribbons, Glitter, Plastic Bottle Christmas Bells, Baubles, Stars, Thermocol Balls, Green Tape,Adhesive, Brushes, Pencil, Scale, Color Sheets Take a plastic bottle and cut it as shown. Paint the bottle with golden metallic color. Let it dry completely. Now paste a ribbon at the base as shown here. Take a craft wire and add Christmas baubles, bells and stars in it. Pass this wire through the bottle and tie the craft wire as shown. Take a white lace and fold it in your hand. Now tie the lace at the center and separate the folding like this. We will get a flower like shape from the satin ribbon. Now fix the white satin flower on the red one as shown here. Take a red color sheet and fold it in the shape of a triangle. Draw a leaf like pattern and cut it. Now take another color sheet and fold it couple of times. Cut out a square piece from it. Now fold the cut out square piece from the sides using a pencil. We need two such leafy patterns of different sizes. Paste the yellow pattern on the leaf using glue. Now paste the ribbon flower arrangement on the bell as shown. Similarly, paste the leaves on the bell as shown here. Paste the baubles on the bell to decorate it. Similarly, use a star between the leaves to decorate. Now decorate the bell with thermocol balls as shown here. Color the leaves for a beautiful look. Now use silver and golden glitter for decoration. This is how the bell will look like post completion. Wow!! Your beautiful Christmas bell is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

48 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations from Wasted Plastic Bottle: DIY Christmas Bell Decoration Craft Ideas!

  1. I love the initiative that you have taken towards celebrating a Greener and an eco friendly Christmas by using the Recycled bottle. You guys score an Ace in Creativity!Celebrate Clean Christmas!

  2. I can't understand that how you make them !! Really I am spiceless mam !! Sorry for the bad grammar!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š pls make more

  3. Amazing…. It's very good to recycle especially to make decorative things…. And yaa nice video…Subscribed…

  4. Just looking at the shape you could make Angels the same way. The only difference would be identical leaves so to speak. For the wings. Great video. Thank you.

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  6. Wow I love this another cool way to use up plastic bottles and stop it going to landfill !! You're creativity is absolutely amazing, you are so clever thank you for sharing

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