Children’s Craft Paper Dragonfly : Paper Dragonfly Craft: Rolling Paper for Head

Now that we have all the rolls for our body
we’re ready to roll the paper for the head. As you can see in this piece here, we have
a wider piece and we’re also changing the direction of the roll so that it gives it
more of the longer head for the body against the perpendicular more narrow shape of the
body. So here we go we’re going to cut about four inches wide. Cutting a strip out of the
same paper that we cut the body out of and we probably don’t need it this long. We can
give it a try, wrapping it up. That’s a pretty big head, I’m going to cut it down just a
little bit. If the head ends up going off the surface of the poster board, that’s okay.
It’s still going to be able to attach it just fine. So once we have the right size and shape
we’ll give it a try. That looks good. We’re going to need a long piece of masking tape
as we go over the entire overlapping section of the head. And line that up, you want to
make sure that’s it’s on both sides so that it holds it in place. We’re going to trim
that off the edge. And that will give us our head.

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