Cheap + Easy Pattern Weights from Home Depot | SEWING REPORT

Cheap + Easy Pattern Weights from Home Depot | SEWING REPORT

hey guys Jennifer here with the Sewing
Report I just wanted to share a quick tip on how to get pattern weights on the
cheap I’ve been searching for pattern whites for quite some time and I noticed
how expensive they really can be now there are some really cute ones out
there and I will link below there is a lady Oh Sew Quaint she sells awesome
pattern weights and other stuff that look like doughnuts or like cakes or
other stuff super cute but they are a little bit out of my budget so I decided
instead when we were at the hardware store the other day to get a bunch of
very large washers so I got 12 of these they were 40 cents each although when I
got home I checked Amazon and I noticed they were very cheap there too
so if you don’t want to go to the hardware store you can also get them
from Amazon and I thought the price was pretty good too so I will link that as
well but I got 12 of these now these are for a 3/4 inch screw so the inside
diameter is 3/4 3/4 of an inch so just make sure to get those rather than the
outside diameter being 3/4 of an inch because those will be a lot smaller and
they won’t be quite as heavy but I got a bunch of these and I think they’re super
awesome so let me kind of demonstrate how to use them
alright so you got your pattern you don’t want to use pins so here’s what
you got to do to take your fabric and lay it out and again I’m just doing this
for demonstration purposes so just to show you how these work lay your fabric
out as flat as you can get it take your pattern piece and lay it down like this
and then instead of using pins just put pattern weights all around the perimeter
and you can also put some in the middle as well so just put a bunch of these
guys everywhere and I’ll put a few of these here just
for extra good measure you don’t want your pattern going anywhere and you can
actually keep these in place well you are not only cutting out your pattern
but also making your markings too you don’t have to use this many but I’m just
going a little overboard just to show you what you can accomplish now that
you’ve got your pattern weights in place all you have to do is take scissors or
your rotary cutter and literally just cut around it and your pattern will stay
intact and in place without using pins and you can even cut out your pattern
markings as well and everything should stay put I was so excited about these I
just had to share this with you that’s my little tip for getting inexpensive
pattern weights and I’m Jennifer Moore with the Sewing Report I help you
discover your love of sewing so if that’s something that interests you feel
free to subscribe to this channel and I will see you next time for another

15 thoughts on “Cheap + Easy Pattern Weights from Home Depot | SEWING REPORT

  1. I have pattern weights and washers and must be the only person that does not like either. I dont like how they move when I am cutting the pattern. I will stick (hey, a pun) with the pins.

  2. I bought 25 of those and glued them together in 2 stacks and one 3 stack and wrapped fabric around them to make them prettier and less likely to move while I'm cutting.

  3. Hello, On your other channel, you talked about nail varnish. You can decorate the washers with the varnish if you wanted something more decorative. Here's the link where I got the info from –

  4. I used these a kid sewing with my mom. She made covers of felt for them. This was especially nice when using them with slippery fabrics. We would place them on large yardages of fabrics to keep the fabric from sliding around while placing pattern pieces when making formal dresses. I had forgotten about his idea. Thank you for sharing. For me I use canned goods (canned tuna) for my pattern weights. However you may have convinced me to try washers once again.

  5. Thanks so much for your vids. It gives me a sense of normalcy after a literal hurricane. Your vids, among others, help me deal with catastrophe whenever I have cellphone signal. Keep 'me coming!!! 😊🇵🇷

  6. I use cans of peas or tomatoes ! They do not move while I am cutting however very slippery fabric requires pins I believe.

  7. Love this!! I've been using cans of corn and beans, which works great, but they're quite bulky and can get in the way when you're cutting… I'm definitely going to try this out!

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