Charlie Charlie Pencil Game Gone Wrong – CREEPY Charlie Charlie CHALLENGE Caught on Tape

Charlie Charlie Pencil Game Gone Wrong – CREEPY Charlie Charlie CHALLENGE Caught on Tape

the Brotherhood what’s up everyone tonight we are going to be doing the Charlie Charlie challenge and as you can see we are all set up to try it out tonight I’ve never done this before but I don’t know I’ve got a crazy amount of requests to do this over the past couple days so I thought well why not we’ll go to try and see what happens here so as you can see the setup is pretty simple we have a cross with the pencils on the cross and we have a yes and a no no in the yes that is supposedly how it is supposed to go so we’re going to give it a shot here you get some people in the chat room some shout outs before we go ahead and start here so get some shout outs to twist our Nicholas dope Alfred Ravan brat Chuck serene Janet og sneaks just a pug bro zippy Ryan Ryan Jason sylia Sora everyone what is going on yeah this is a Late Show I know all of you guys are like probably like what the but player what’s up Calvi GG John Farley professi on yeah I’m you yeah we’re going to see what happens tonight I’ve never tried this so we’re going to give it a shot here so now that we’re all set up here basically it’s pretty simple we’re supposed to chant two things here and what I’m going to do here is under bring this other camera a little bit closer here and I’m not even to have it on me so much because I want to see if you guys can see this pencil move at all here I’m really really curious to see if this thing actually works or not like everyone else so we got to put it on here like that you guys switch to the other camera here and any movement we should be able to capture on camera here I don’t know this this is kind of like a Ouija board a little bit if I thought you know why the hell not we’re gonna give this a shot here and see see what happens here we have our lovely curved doll set up tonight so basically what we’re supposed to say here is we are supposed to say a chant here we’re supposed to repeat it twice and maybe we will get some action here maybe we will get some action I’m not guaranteeing anything this is something completely new but we’re going to go and give it a shot and you know me I’m going to probably try to provoke Charlie and see what the hell is going on here I just heard it tap in here for those that don’t know that might be just watching this for the first time we’ve had a lot of activity in this place since we’ve been knowing that the Ouija board says that stuff so let’s go to give it shot here let me go ahead I’m going to actually just run an audio session here this is Tim and if Charlie wants to communicate tonight I invite Charlie to come and take the challenge and talk to me tonight Charlie if you’re out there speak to us by moving these pencils that’s all we want you to do this move the pencils okay good shot here okay we’re also here okay so it’s going to give us a shot here I have the audio recorder on the planchette we’ll see if we can get the pencil it all to move here okay here we go and a-one and a-two and a-three we’re going to go ahead and give this a shot here here’s the chant I’m supposed to say Charlie Charlie can we play Charlie Charlie can we play Charlie will you make the pencil move to either yes or no Charlie if you are here with us I demand you to move the pencil – yes move the pencil – yes I was just the tapping here I’m not sure if you guys heard that move the pencil you coward move it either – yes or no can you speak into the audio recorder if you don’t want to move the pencil move the pencil to yes or no move the pencil Charlie I’m starting to think that you are just a figment of everyone’s imagination you are nothing but a coward if you exist and you can’t even move the pencil move the pencil move the pencil Charlie everyone in chat wants you to move the pencil Charlie it was just the tap Charlie are you too lazy to move the pencil I’m starting to think you are there’s another tap move the pencil okay we’re gonna see if you got anything on audio here Charlie do you want to can you you have a voice are you getting tired of moving pencils if you are can you please say yes or no are you getting tired of moving the pencil maybe Charlie has moved too many pencils in the last day maybe he wants to throw a pencil Charlie do you want to throw a pencil Charlie are you here move the pencil alright let’s see we gotta all right Charlie maybe you have a voice this is the voice well we get some EVPs there I thought I did here yes I will try one more time here Charlie do you like tacos one of our people in the chat room wants to know if Charlie likes to eat tacos charlie if you do move the pencil – yes if there isn’t another entity here that can move the pencil or wants to say hello can you please say hello into the recorder if that other entity responded can you please tell me if charlie is real or fake is Charlie a little bitch is Charlie a demon does Charlie like cake well there’s a tap one here there’s another tab who is the entity coming forward right now Charlie do you like women what did the Crowley Ouija board tomorrow night is there anything in this room right now that can move these pencils all right I don’t know I haven’t seen any movement on the pencils so I’m starting to think that this here we are respond with the pig yeah well that’s pretty cool maybe Charlie is a demon yeah Charlie maybe is demon like it wants to use the curly Ouija board all right so I don’t know I’ve not seen this pencil move at all since you’ve been here well maybe say the Charlie Charlie thing again all right we’ll try it again here which I chanting again Charlie Charlie can we play Charlie Charlie can we play I am saying it I said it twice at the beginning you dumb pay attention Charlie Charlie are you here Charlie Charlie are you here move the pencil awesome the pencil did not move I’ve not seen the pencil move yet Charlie Charlie moved the pencil Charlie Charlie moved the pencil move the pencil demon charlie Charlie I don’t think if you are just you are weaker than Zozo if you really do exist you have the spotlight on e right now I’m starting to think that you are nothing but a coward and you if you do exist that you are absolutely weak so weak that you can’t even move a pencil anymore I can blow on the canvas of the pencils and make them move if you are real prove to me that you exist can you prove to me Charlie that you exist by moving the pencil to either yes or no this is just a Charlie Charlie pencil game episode this is not a beachy night I think this is a urban legend you guys see it’s all I have to do is blow on it I blew on it that time that’s how sensitive this is I blew on it that time watch how difficult this is is that we the slightest if there was anything in here the slightest thing could move this that’s how hard it was for me to set up it stood that way forever all right Charlie you know I’m not going to close this session because I think that you are weak we’ll try this one more time Charlie Charlie can you play Charlie Charlie can we play I command you to move the pencil move the pencil if you are here give me a sign of your presence and move the pencil zou zou zou zou zou zou zou zou if you are here and you want us to play with you I am opening up myself and giving you my energy I want you to move the pencil can you move the pencil if you do I will play Ouija with you tonight those is like I don’t move pencils you idiot there’s anything here but all its my attention because I’m getting bored at talking to pencils move the pencil I’m trying my best alright let’s just see if we got here I don’t know this is I think this thing is just a urban legend yes this is weird we didn’t get jack are you guys I’m gonna stop playing with pencils uh tomorrow night we’re gonna be doing a show like a real show not on pencils I try this and try this and try this but we are not getting jack so I’m not gonna be a pencil pusher and try this anymore under my camera is crooked um but we’re gonna try doing this doing some zowicki stuff uh tomorrow I think this thing is nothing but a joke yes Hey Wow you yeah all right there’s a lot of E’s in the chat tonight awesome yeah I think that this thing is so I no I don’t really think there’s anything like this sit here for an hour and continue with this but I am going to leave this session open these pencils were so hard to get to to balance so the slightest move or anything that’s why I demonstrated that before would have moved the pencil a little bit so I mean there was just nothing tonight and maybe I don’t know people out there are having pencils moot or maybe they’re just not balanced correctly but I think this thing is just a complete joke so um yeah I don’t I don’t think there’s anything to it so anyways you guys I probably do a show tomorrow night on some we’re going to pull out the Crowley the Crowley Ouija board and we’re going to do some sessions with that uh I don’t know if you guys have do you get anything with this I would be really curious to see what you guys get but I mean I don’t know I had my I think we get more Bloody Mary than what we do with this so I think the pencil game is fake yeah so where you can easily do if you wanted to you could probably have one person blow on one side to actually get these things to move but I mean it’s just so sensitive and if you like literally blow on one side it will move do you guys want me to do it right now show you guys we’ll mess around here and see if we can fake it because I do think that people are it’s up here let’s see if you’d actually get to look like Charlie’s communicating with us for fun in the pocket this is just me flaking around here gonna blow hello hello the pencils alright guess so we’re going to try blowing on it a little bit here that’s all you have to do just a little bit of a blow and it’ll go a little bit editing and stuff like that you can make it look like it’s moving that watch is Charlie here with us tonight we’re gonna try to debunk this here we go Charlie are you here No all right charlie is not here this year we’re gonna blow on again as I’m blowing on it I’m not we’re trying to debunk this here see if you haven’t set up right you can actually do this here let’s really really see it’s really hard to get those things up quickly here Charlie stop with the pencil idiot over time use a good pencil a little I do you think this thing’s kind of although it’s kind of interesting all right charlie Charlie Charlie do you want to all right we have a question for Charlie and Jack Charlotte Charlotte can you move the pencil yes all routes all I mean it just takes a little bit of blowing on the pencils and these things will move so yeah I’m not really I mean maybe maybe if you’re in like some type of haunted location you might be able to get some movement on the pencils and it might be something that we try at another investigation but we have using this in the past these things called ESP boards for telepathy boards that actually have a needle on them and that move and really it’s no different than this and I probably much rather use one of those then Lim this here so alright you guys everyone everyone I will see you guys tomorrow night I’ll post up the show the live show link for tomorrow and I will talk to you guys later all right you guys everyone have a good night and I will see you guys later goodnight

100 thoughts on “Charlie Charlie Pencil Game Gone Wrong – CREEPY Charlie Charlie CHALLENGE Caught on Tape

  1. A girl at school is doing this and my friends daughter was paralysed for 2 days and now is seeing the slender man.. This game is dangerous.

  2. Why was the short candle blinking so fucking much, that was very weird to me. Did anyone else notice it? I thought it might have been a vent, but all the other candles were perfectly still!

  3. Cuz you're like really stupid and you're scaring me kid that's bad that was my cousin who said you're scaring him he is going to kill you for real we are so we think about God is the most powerful in the world and he's powerful than the devil yeah so don't do this anymore but you might get yourself in trouble or you might like. I like you don't want that please don't do it. Don't be so scary you're so scary me please you were still other people too and you don't like crying you're going to be crying for real I'm not I'm not kidding I'm not playing with you kid please don't do it don't do it cuz if not and don't say bad words to try to tell you if not you're going to be really really dead to the ground you like

  4. Charlie is not lazy you are freaking scaring your YouTube channels I told you to not say bad words if you say bad words Charlie Charlie will kill you for real and ever ever ever we will not see you in your YouTube channel you're going to be grounded for real I'm not kidding I tell you to not say bad words kidand we are like hugging each other so so we are so we are not scared so please kid I told you are you kidding me are you impossible to talk to kids Aaron Lewis. You're the one and don't say that it's our fault because it's actually your fault yeah because you the one who want to play with stupid game so you can like die for your YouTube channel and I think some of your YouTube channels don't want you to die yeah actually don't want that cuz like your family loves you like my cousin loves me and Him to muTherF

  5. There Are So Called Rules To This Game And One Of The Rules Are Do Not Piss Him Off Idgaf Who You Are Idgaf What Type Of Demon It Is I Wouldn’t Piss It Off If You Payed Me I Have Had Spiritual Encounters And I Have Pissed It Off And Lets Just Say I’ll Never Do It Again

  6. " move the fucking pencil " " you coward " " Charlie are you too lazy too move the fucking pencil " 😂😂😂😂 ohmygoodness..

  7. Was the video literally the beginning of Introduction by Painic!At The Disco? or is that sound from somewhere else? 😂

  8. Thanks for another scary video, be safe and take care. Have a nice day and have fun. 🍀🍀🍀🌹👍😋😊😽

  9. i must say you are so incredible stupid that ever exist, are you swearing even if ypur calling on spirits, I absolutely hope you got what is coming to you, Because I am a medium and already now i see bad things happens to you, trust me, may God be with you you are gonna need him

  10. Why must you use that vulgar word? It makes you sound like a moronic 10-12 year old… Scariest thing there was that screeching voice on the box.. and that doll.

  11. Um, why am I even watching this? I'm at the 7:30 mark since I'm reading the comments too and if I were Charlie I would be possessing you or flinging an object at you and showing YOU who the true coward is while you're busy freaking out about stuff being violently tossed around the room or at you due to being scared. 😑 I mean, don't you have ANY respect for spirits? Doesn't seem like it to me. I bet if one of your parents were to die and you did a spirit box session in a similar way to this, even THEY wouldn't want to talk to you! 😒

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