Charizard Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Charizard Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create Charizard! Finally, because I got so many requests. For a figure of this size, we need aluminum wire for the body structure. And I really noticed that some of you really have problems to create with aluminum wire, so just use your hand and wrap it around the way I’m doing it and it’s quite easy. You get the triangle and you can start filling it with light material for example toilet paper and wrap around some aluminum foil and you get a very light weight skeleton where you can put around the clay. For Charizard, of course, we need a lot of orange and I try to get this layer as thin as possible and I start wrapping it around and thanks to the light filling this figure will stay very light and it won’t suffer from its own weight, of the wings for example or the tail, yeah. These are the feet I’m currently creating. This is the part, the neck. The head will be just in a minute and I start to prepare that as well. Fore the head, you saw that I just started with the ball and I try to get this shape of Charizard’s head and I start cutting open the mouth, this huge fire spitting mouth. This is where the eyes will be, so just cut out. It’s also a triangle. Yeah. And for the filling we need some white clay, so just place it inside. I’m using my pointed/eye making tool. And for the iris I’m using mixture so this is just blue and green and also you have to cut triangles, two triangles, just place them right onto the white part of the eye. Place the black tiny dots inside and what is missing, well you know that from my other tutorials. This shiny detail in the eyes which makes the figure alive. This will be the inner part of the mouth. So this is just purple and blue, to get a really dark purple and try to get thin layers of that. Place it inside and I decided that it has to be a bit more of orange clay. Place the thin layers of purple inside and yeah, what’s missing, the tongue of course. This is just a lot of white and just tiny pieces of purple and you get this colour and you just have to try it out until you find a colour which matches that. I did some researches on the figure. Unfortunately I don’t have Charizard in Pokemon Go but I found a lot of pictures on Google and most of the Charizards I found have this colour, this colour of the tongue. Some of them even had an orange tongue but I just decided to go with this colour. Meanwhile I added the teeth and also you notice that this thin aluminum wire I stick right into the mouth. This will be very important later when we finish the whole figure and the clay is hardening in the oven and after that we can start adding the fire effect. These are the ears or the antennas. What is that? Well I think I asked the same question on the Mewtwo tutorial. All these Pokemons have this strange antennas on their head. But I love them anyway. This is just some ochre, orange and yellow. You get this colour and it’s used for the stomach and also for the bottom part of the tail. Just place it on top of the orange clay and try to get it as thin as possible. Now you may have ideas what that will be. The tiny T-Rex shaved arms of Charizard. This is pretty easy. Just wrap around orange clay. Charizard has three fingers and these are the nails. I use the same colour for the nails as this stomach bright clay part is. So, just place them right there and we can zoom in and pay some extra attention to the feet to get them in shape and I’m also adding the nails the toenails of Charizard. That would be great job, being nail cutter for Charizards. These will be the thin layers of clay for the wings. So, we just need orange and this blue-green mixture. And also for the wings we need some aluminum wire to get them really durable, so that they don’t break that easily. As Charizard has two wings, just create this piece twice, but be careful when you start filling around the clay. One has to be for the left side and one has to be for the right side. Maybe you’re saying: “Ah, of course, nobody would be that stupid”. Yeah, I did it wrong first time. I created two right wings I think. OK. Back to our view we had before, I’m placing Charizard right on the table, on the plate. And I’m using some toilet paper for the area under the arms, so that they don’t stick too much to the body. And the wings are ready to go into the oven and Charizard is ready to go into the oven and.. here we go! Freshly baked Charizard. And that makes sense, freshly baked wings actually. Now you can glue the wings right to the body. You see these holes, well I tried it before baking, I tried if they would fit. Yeah. Also for this figure we need some wool. I’m using white, yellow and red wool, and I think this is just.. I don’t think it’s really cheap wool, I’m using there. And we try to drill them together, and to create these nice flames. And suddenly it makes sense that we had some aluminum wire coming out of the tail and the aluminum wire coming out of the mouth will be for the big flame Charizard is throwing. Does that make sense? To throw a flame? Let’s say, to throw flames, at his enemies for example Mewtwo. We are almost there. You can make it as detailed as you would like it to be. Just take some yellow colour. This is just acrylic colour, to hide this shiny wire. Stick the wool on top and I guess finally.. That’s it! Just click on the I in case you missed the tutorial of Mewtwo. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It was so much fun creating Charizard and I will now play Charizard vs. Mewtwo and I’m curious who is winning. Thanks for watching. I hope you will subscribe to my channel if you haven’t and I hope to see you next time. Bye!

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  2. my new life goal is to make this. Iv only been using clay for 5 days, so im many hours of practice away yet. This is epic.

  3. What the heck
    This guy looks extremely different than he is now
    There is also one mor change

    His sculpting skill has changed from master chief to super legend

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