Challenging a POLICE OFFICER to Basketball Trick Shot HORSE!

Challenging a POLICE OFFICER to Basketball Trick Shot HORSE!

oh my gosh another first try you must
not know I’m the trickshot cop what is up everybody welcome back to channel
thank you so much for 200,000 subscribers gonna awesome behave you
guys today thanks sir sir you can’t film here what are you talking about
yeah fill me right now I film here all the time it’s open now you can’t do it
today alright I’m gonna give you a ticket what
are you talking about no one get a ticket sir officer III pride
I’ve been here before no one’s ever give me problems
not today what if I play you in horse you will play me a horse yeah if I if I
lose then you can give me ticket let’s go okay officer you’re up first
and behind the backboard oh my gosh first try so if you haven’t watched our
tricked-out horse games before with basketball you get three attempts unless
you make it earlier so I have to make this on my first try
Yeah right there well H not a good start
okay what you got oh okay miss one you two more Oh third attempt oh gosh right
who are you you don’t want that ticket oh alright
third tenth let’s get it okay what are you doing now gosh Oh yikes oh all right
now it’s my turn I’m so worried about this what you doing what I hope you miss
it we’re tryin no I’ll tell you later look she got under the leg oh my gosh
another first try hey Joe all right you wait you what do you have
I have nothing Oh Oh guys leave a comment right now who
do you thinks gonna win Josh or cops a comment Josh or cop I’m little nervous
make sure you watch the end because we’re gonna do a giveaway from my
brand-new Josh Horton juggling balls make sure you watch the end for that
giveaway Oh Oh back to me Oh all right money
Oh pops are you nervous nervous the swag level was high on that third of Tim
maybe your first letter baby oh that is H eh oh I don’t know you have like the
upper body for this one I probably don’t please there we go okay good luck all right oh okay yeah you got you guy can see got
the strength okay he only needed two attempts what is that if you make that I’m gonna go home
no ticket nothing just going home Wow back to you whoo came from behind the
hoop backwards oh well you got to be good like me whoops sorry
hey you’re nervous okay maybe handle that Oh third attempt
okay back to me officer do you in time it is let’s come back time alright here
we go with the headshot just gotta get any first try no pressure
oh okay what is that HOH oh I better not show disowned sure okay
the grannies from deep Oh all right what you got a good name I’m a
little nervous Kel I let’s good try though
thanks guys back to you have cording to look oh okay kind of kind of on to my
shop but if you insist okay you better not give me two or three
attempts Oh all right here we go whoa missed a shot
letting everyone down if seen me make this shot million times
pressures on a lot of pressure on this I do not want to stick it whoa whoa the
hor s yep if you make this next shot and I miss it
I get a ticket got something for you Oh what are you doing oh and he took his
belt off I guess he’s getting serious for the
last shot Oh No okay all right everybody this is the end of
the video as you may have guessed we’re friends this is this officer
George aka trick’ aka the trickshot cop follows me on
instagram at trickshot cop and leave a comment saying Josh sent me for your
chance to win my brand-new Josh short and drilling balls that’s all for today
everybody we do in scrim shots every single video here they are we got videos
every Monday every Wednesday every Saturdays – make sure you subscribe you
have yet we’ll see you soon let’s go to the beach birds oh you missed I don’t have you saw
it’s perfect oh yeah

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  1. UPDATE: watch part 2! Yes… he is 100% a REAL cop with the LAPD. THANK YOU ALL FOR 200,000 subscribers! 300k here we come! Click that subscribe button if you haven't yet. I give away a set of juggling balls every single vide to someone who likes and comments in the first 10 mins of every upload (MON – WED – SAT) so make sure you subscribe and click that bell!

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