CGI 3D Animated Shorts : “LAST DAY OF WAR” – by Dima Fedotov | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Shorts : “LAST DAY OF WAR” – by Dima Fedotov | TheCGBros

Control System: active Personnel: lost Combat Units: lost>Crackling Computer VoiceLoud mechanical soundsRattling SoundWarning “Bleeping”Strong wind, Sounds of a thunderstormStuttering of EnginesBuzzing and Mechanical SoundsScreams of GeeseCrackling computer voiceHappy and hopeful musicHappy and hopeful music

100 thoughts on “CGI 3D Animated Shorts : “LAST DAY OF WAR” – by Dima Fedotov | TheCGBros

  1. 死ぬまで戦うでなく死んでも戦うという戦闘マシーンの空しさが伝わってくるような作品

  2. this is so beautiful….i'm speechless…..and amazed.
    keep in mind…THIS IS 2016 ANIMATION..and it has the best particle animation i have seen in MY LIFE! this…this is…why did people dislike this…it is way past it's time….

  3. Deep, but true. Well done. War doesn't decide who's right. Only whos left. In this situation 20 years after the war… nobody's left.

  4. Приветствую! Дружище, тебе надо Ваху 40к экранизировать. Продашь потом ГВоркшопу, было бы круто.

  5. Beauty always comes from extreme tragedy and destruction…very meaningful piece of film this is….too bad humanity will more or less suffer this fate.

  6. This is why it is necessary that nations that are not advanced should do their best to resist taking sides when the big players are having issues. Let them – through the mechanisms of their own inventions – destroy themselves, and then what would be left still standing strong would be the former little guys.
    This is to all the Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, French, North Koreans etc; when you guys will start your WWIII, the smaller guys like us will sit it out and watch you all bomb yourselves back into Stone Age, and we will be the ones calling the shots in the new world that would be left behind.

  7. Now I know what America will look like after its war Trump is pushing for against Russia looks like, I must looks good!!
    Go Russia slaughter America 2020… It's in the Bible apparently we normal people are forbidden to question it's authority on angels and demons and spirits of giants or anything cause we are labeled the Antichrist mundane of that breed of fleshys such thing as hu man it's a myth..

  8. Рисунок бабы на бомбе на литаке это стёб над американцами – Энола Гей?

  9. Пока существует США, будет велика вероятность такого конца…
    As long as the US exists, there will be a high probability of such an end…

  10. Why do people assume that if there was another World War there would be no living humans left on the planet? That is what I call bs.

  11. Сами себя и уничтожили.а ради чего…ради власти и господства дебилы.

  12. enoo teelO eeks see nnoob Oa aO nn uv BB iniini iniini ss onatg ee ee ss ss cc cc onano onano PP eemee eemee ee nn nnotto otto Ob bO B B EE EE otto otto TT Oa aO onano onano Ow wO onano onano r r r r D D

  13. Una tierra destruida por la guerra.
    Y un recordatorio para la humanidad de cual será su final destruida por su propia mano.

  14. 2:24 The word up above indicators is "Core" in Russian.
    2:28 On columns it says "Module" and "Loading" beneath it in Russian
    4:51 First three buttons say as follows "Enter"; "Cancel"; "Step"(in Russian as well), other top buttons are just some common Russian military acronyms.

  15. The thumbnail would make a cool t-shirt….hope someone w/the know how & the proper permissions sees this, & will respond here. 9/1/19

  16. a sad indictment of humanity.todays world is trully shown in this absolutely brillant CGI .how these russians have captured how insanely clever and yet how utterly stupid humans are

  17. A bleak, yet timely reminder of where the world is headed if the populace continue to be ruled by those who who have no regard for the populace.

  18. Jack the Gestapo hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times…… it’s a cycle. Until we alter the very DNA that makes us who we are and remove the barbaric ways using CRISPR or another, better, refined machine. The more things you make humans immune to, the more features are removed of the body. My theory is if those “grays” aliens are real, or some sort of them. And why they’re so advanced is because they’ve remade their imperfect bodies and nature to create something better. No judgment in the world because they all look the same. Of course Chinese vs white people will look different as a finished product and will probably end up fighting massive wars in space, leading to the eventual dismantle of conventional weapons. Bringing back older style weapons but incorporating modern technology into them to make it more humane and clean. There’s a lot of things to benefit off of in the universe. It just depends on the route we choose to go. Kill ourselves for money and greed of power? Or force ourselves into evolution. We’re at the point when human industrialization is flatlining because of pleasure. Social media. All of the new things aren’t going to change until they get old. Until 16-21 year olds are sitting in Congress old as fuck looking at the shit show to know what has to change. Wars will rage, someone will come out victorious, and a new part of evolution will take over. Whether it is foreword, or backwards will be determined by the victor. Greedy and wanting genocide of people, or forgiving of a government they deemed terrible. Until we reach a point where our civilization is dead and shrunk drastically to only a few thousand highly advanced creatures. Until we get so bored that we get in pods and deconstruct ourselves only to go through the entire evolutionary phase again to achieve newer things we missed while growing as a main species. To the point where we create life and seed universes because we have nothing better to do. At this point of thinking you question whether we are alive and here for a reason that we can’t fathom, or we’re in a simulation. Who fucking knows my dudes. Don’t work for anybody, work for yourself and chase what you want. Always do good by people.

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