Ceramic artist Janet Stahelin Edmondson on createdbespoke com

Hi, I’m Janet Stahelin Edmondson and I’m a ceramicist. I did a degree in three-dimensional
design years ago at Manchester College of Art. This present work is all Limoges porcelain. For this work I impress lace; the lace is imprinted into the
porcelain, and it leads to very crisp, precise impression. You roll out porcelain a bit
like polling pastry, press the lace into it, roll that in, take the lace away. A lot are vintage samples from the twenties and thirties and have been collected from all over
the world. I encourage people to bring their own
lace, for instance brides presents for the
bridesmaids, the bride’s mother. The types of commissions I do, anything that can be made using the techniques. They can be tiny pieces like little butter dishes, to big pieces, for instance I did some small pieces for
the bridesmaids presents, vintage brooches, and instead of putting them in a box she
put them into little bowls that I made with vintage
lace. It’s lovely being able to make a personal
piece of work. There’s a lot of hanging around in ceramics,
waiting for it to dry before you can go on to the next stage. It depends on the complexity, but it’s a minimum of two to three weeks. I have a big stock of work
here so people can always find something but
if somebody brings their own lace it’s obviously a much more personal piece
for them.

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