Celebrities with Weird/Hidden Talents

Do you have a hidden talent yeah, I can make bird noises prove it Amateurs aren’t at all amazing Analytically I assault animate things broken barriers bound in by the bomb beat buildings are broken basically I’m bombarding my leverage my mind makes marvelous boots masses roll and many many marks What a master nap know when I’m nice naturally knack never nap make noise nationally Not fumble work tip Xerox make radiation old desperate x-height literistics telephones don’t yell about yak mouth young ones yours yes like songs Oh cells all yours zig zag zombie silver to the zenith steering jets also a cellar from Ceylon Okay, I’m well aware that this is not a talent, but this is like the only thing that I can do I have double-jointed elbows so oh Man, oh, yeah, they’re weird they’re little yes ready You have to make my mouth look pretty, I’m single Twist it all the way that oh My God look instead is coming Tayler being the crafty walking Pinterest board that she is makes snow globes just for fun swifty is a big fan of the arts and crafts and just look at how pretty those bad boys are She revealed that she can quote Smell when someone has a cavity she said it’s a very specific smell not a bad breath smell But something that is really strong Iggy Azalea isn’t just a rapper that goes off via social media. She also knows how to ride a horse Horseback riding is kind of her thing and zeliha even has two named defender and strictly business You

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