Caught 117 Yellow Jacket Wasps in 30 minutes! What I use to trap wasps BugZooka now what?

Caught 117 Yellow Jacket Wasps in 30 minutes! What I use to trap wasps BugZooka now what?

so today what we’re looking at is a
little tube and this particular one has a little over 50 Yellow Jacket wasps in
it and what’s going on is out in the apiary this time of year we’re on
October 1st and the temperatures have dropped down into the 30s overnight and
what happens is these Yellowjackets can’t get out before the honeybees do
and they start their raids early in the morning so we start to think about
methods for trapping and collecting them and if you look in the background here
it says bug-zooka and the bug-zooka is just a handheld pneumatic spring-loaded
bug collection system but I decided to go out this morning with and see how
many Yellowjackets I could collect with it
and I was surprised I did two trips 10 or 15 minutes apart and I ended up with
a hundred and seventeen yellowjacket wasps now once you get them into this
little capsule and I’ll put a link in the video description to the full review
of the bug-zooka but once you’re in this capsule how do you get them out what if
you don’t want to kill them what if you just want to look at them if you’ll
notice is another jar here and that’s the recap mason jar bug jar that I’ve
also reviewed I’ll put a link on that too but how do you get him out of this
capsule into that jar so that you can see him
I had to flip this over really quick if you look back the Yellowjackets were
actually opening little swing doors at the top and getting out what I did was I
stuck him in the freezer and I put in there for nine minutes that doesn’t kill
him it just slows them all down if you notice they’re still breathing and wasps
just like honey bees breathe through their abdomen and see they’re starting
to wake up here so I put them in there for nine minutes took them out of the
freezer and the night shook them into in this case a petri dish so we could
really look at them but you can put them in any kind a container or cage that you
want to observe these wasps and and if you look at the markings on their
abdomens we have a lot of different species of wasp in here and this is a
great way if you’re trying to teach a young entomologist what the differences
are in Yellowjackets you really can’t do that while they’re out flying around so
you have to collect them so they’re waking up gradually and moving around
and we have Queens this time of year a lot of the abdomens here if you see the
markings especially the ones with the little dots on them those are Queens
that would be starting out entirely new colonies next year so by collecting them
you take them out of circulation it’s up to you what you’re gonna do with these
wasps once you have them but it’s a great way to really look at them up
close you have the option you can kill them or you can take them back out and
turn them loose again now even though they’re landing on the
landing boards of my honey bee hives and they are trying to gain entry to get the
resources from the bees they’re not very successful because the hive populations
are so high and the guard bees are more than capable of repelling them so I just
took the bug-zooka out and every time one landed on the board I just used that
pneumatic devices I come into that capsule and then I brought them in I
decided I’d share it with you so I hope you enjoy looking at them and if you
want to collect bugs yourself with something like the bug-zooka again i’ll
put the link in the video description but you can use it inside your house
again flies off your window spiders off the ceiling and of course
collect these Yellow Jacket wasps thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I
hope you get out and take a closer look at some of the insects that are in your
apiary this time of year

100 thoughts on “Caught 117 Yellow Jacket Wasps in 30 minutes! What I use to trap wasps BugZooka now what?

  1. well I know what I would do with them all.. good for nothing but trouble. and honey bees have a hard enough time without more of them wasps intruding.
    But was a good look at them

  2. I mean I might sound cruel but I really hate wasps. My grandpa had many bee hives that got completely terminated by wasps because our neighbour had wasp infestations and didn't listen to our complains. They killed enough hives for me to want to capture them and do the same for them as they did for our poor honey bees. 🙁

  3. Feed the wasps to your fish. Pull them out of the ice box first then feed them to the fish if you have any or give them to some one who does…

  4. Thanks for this awesome video, I'm really loving your channel. I stumbled upon it when I started learning about the FlowHive by HoneyFlow.

  5. can u do a video or tell me how it works did u go out there and chase them or did u set this up and walk away please tell how u did it thanks

  6. You peaked my interest, what did you do with them? My guess from getting to know you in your videos is that you relocated them but maybe not.

  7. Wasp are considered natural pest control but yes they are a threat to honey bees but there are more uses for wasp than just killing them.

  8. I'm not a bee keeper, so I like wasps in my yard. They are good little meat eaters and take care of other bugs so I don't have to.

  9. how do you know for sure if the wasps are taking care of the garden? I left them last year and unfortunately the wasps did more stinging of me, than eating of aphids.

  10. Why in the world would you keep them alive. They aren’t good for anything at all!!! Ruin bee colonies and just sting whatever they want. Silly to keep them alive

  11. Why would you turn 'em loose? The ONLY benefit to this world that I'VE seen for them is the entertainment value as my neighbor's little dog EATS the stupid things. She'll catch 'em in mid-air and chow 'em down until her mouth is all swelled up,then she drinks some water and lies down for an hour or so,the swelling goes down,and she's on the hunt again. Never seen anything like it before…..

  12. An entomologist friend lectures that there are only two insects that he can find no place for on the planet, bed bugs and yellow jacket wasps. They are nasty creatures indeed, good video, thanks.

  13. Collect a load of them, transfer them to a breakable jar, shake them up and toss them into someone's house.

  14. Could you make your voice just a little more boring for a longer time…. I didn't quite get the complete nap I wanted

  15. once you get them in this little capsule what do you do? YOU DROP A THERMO-NUCLEAR BOMB ON THEM BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY WERE INVENTED FOR!

  16. Why would yiu even suggest letting them go?? Sounds like you care about an insect that will literally sting you to death and go back to the hive to get drunk off the pollen they stole

  17. I can appreciate the aesthetics of nature, and I do respect other living things…
    Wasps/Hornets/Yellow Jackets?
    If they intrude on/into MY home/vehicle/bldgs., then they've signed their death warrants. I have zero mercy or compassion for these insects when they become a threat to me/mine.

  18. One of the slowest and best ways to kill these little bastards is to coat them with a thin oil so they spend a long time suffocating.

  19. Your voice & voiceover audio has a very calm & relaxing effect. Next time I have insomnia, I'm going to watch this video. Then, no doubt, I'll doze right off. And … probably have nightmares about being overrun by yellowjackets. D'oh!!

  20. This year, I'm working with Paper Wasps, click this link to learn more

  21. First time visitor to your channel and I really did enjoy this video; however, I hope you don’t take this question negatively, but it sounds like you are whispering or intentionally trying to keep your voice down, sort of like if your wife was sleeping in the next room and didn’t want to wake her or something? Is there a reason for the hushed voice or am I a dummy for not understanding that it’s simply the way you normally speak all the time?

    Thanks in advance for your reply, and I would like to enjoy more future videos from you. Request: excuse my ignorance if you already do this or have recently addressed this, but I would very much like to see some yellow jacket pest control videos. I would love to see a nest removal and kill. Most people are ok with that since they make no honey, attack honeybee nests, usually have an excessive population and are well known for having a particularly unpleasant disposition quite often resulting in getting stung simply because you walked past a garbage can and stirred up a small swarm of them during feeding.

    I recently saw this yellow jacket pest control video where they used a non-toxic (to humans) called DRIONE. The stuff is amazing! It sticks to the hornets and is a ultra fine dust you simply blow into their nest entrance as deep as possible. Within 24 hours they should all be dead. Because DRIONE is safe for the environment it’s quite literally much better than spray chemicals and poison right?

    DRIONE is actually a kind of dessicant. How it works is like this: it sticks to the outer carapace of the pest where it gets into the joints and nooks and crannies commonly found on outer insect carapaces. From there it begins to suck the moisture out of the insect. This causes the insect to become dehydrated very quickly and ultimately die. I find it’s much less safer to use around the house since dangerous bug spray chemicals won’t be leaking into the water table. I always worry about inhaling trace particles of bug spray chemicals so I guess it would be the same for this, except DRIONE isn’t poison ☠️.

    Almost immediately it begins to work, but really they say to wait 24 hours for the insects to naturally spread the dust particles around the insides of their own nests to expose the entire colony. So back to my original request!

    Can you make a yellow jacket nest removal and extermination video? If the answer is YES, would you consider trying to do the job using DRIONE instead of whatever method and chemicals you are using now? Even if you don’t use chemicals with your current extermination method, would you consider trying DRIONE out for this one special video, sort of like a test run to evaluate the product and it’s usefulness? No I don’t work for whoever makes DRIONE, I just saw it being used in another video and thought that it was an amazing product that was particularly effective.

    Thanks in advance for your reply and for considering my request!

  22. The French and neighbors have an asian hornet invasion from China. They are finding and removing more of their nests as years go by. It's a horrible sci-fi invasion decimating their bees.

  23. Kind of interesting to observe something that scares me so much in a safe way thanks! I'm to cowardly to get close enough to any bee or wasp to really get a good look.

  24. Yellow jackets attacked my grandson through his shirt within 2-3 minutes stinging him numerous times. Very painful and left big stings (holes) on his back. This was in my wooded back yard and if I could, I would have killed them all!

  25. Kill them fuckers. They cant do serious damage to the hive, even in combat at the entrance, ive watched 1 yellow jacket take out 3 of my honey bees with ease

  26. I'd leave them in the freezer overnight. Or, maybe a few minutes in the microwave! Or, hold them underwater for a bit. Or, hold a torch at the screen end. Or, shoot Defcon 4 all over them.

  27. Hows your bee population doing? Have heard alot of bees in decline hope alls good and honey… Mmmmm my favorite, have you seen the new the new man made combs that you can make the honey run out of bottom and pull a lever and it goes back to where it should be? Ingenious I thought. Keep doing wonders !

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