Catwoman Wine Bottle Art Fail | A learning Experience

Catwoman Wine Bottle Art Fail | A learning Experience

Hi everybody, today’s video is going to be
a little different. I attempted to make a Catwoman themed, wine
bottle, art piece and although it didn’t come out horrible, to me, for my vision, I
wasn’t happy with the end result. This, to me, was a fail. So In this video, I’ll walk you through
everything anyways so you can see where I was going with it and you can still learn
from it… but before I get into the video I want to give a huge shout out to, my girl,
Taina… who was the only person to guess what I was making. Not only did she guess it right but for being
one of my biggest supporters. She always interacts, shares, comments and
has even recreated some of my Diy’s. So big thank you to you Taina. I also want to thank all of you who participated
and are always showing me so much love and support. I’m truly appreciative of it. So if you haven’t already, go follow me
on any of my social media accounts where it makes it easier for me to interact with everyone
and also lets me keep you updated on anything that has to do with this channel. All the links are in the description box of
every video. So without further ado, let’s get into the
video. Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Here she is, my all-time favorite character,
Catwoman! I had been thinking of an idea for a very
long time but I couldn’t quite figure out how to execute it. What a lot of people don’t realize is that
having an idea is half the battle. The other half is having an execution plan
which is equally as important. I thought I had figured it out but I wasn’t
quite ready in my opinion. Catwoman Wine Bottle Art Fail | A Learning
Experience Let’s get started and learn together. Using air-dry modeling clay, I sculpted her
suit onto the bottle the best I could. Concentrating on the breast and corset as
that is the main details that stick out from her custom. I did the corset with a separate piece of
clay. After I rolled out a piece of clay big enough
to fit the rest of the bottle, using a ruler (not for measuring but for straight lines)
and an x-acto knife I cut a long rectangular piece out. Using the x-acto knife I made the cuts under
the breast to form the corset piece. I continued to mold and add clay until I was
happy. Now I’m well aware that not everyone can
sculpt. Heck, it’s new to me. I’m enjoying using clay and so I try and use
it as much as I can so I can get better at it. Trust me when I tell you if a pro saw this,
they would cringe at my quote on quote “technic” or lack thereof lol! Never the less, I enjoy it and want to get
better at it. If you want to create this without using clay
just skip this step and paint the whole bottle black. After it’s all dry, I sanded it down using
80 grit sandpaper. Make sure to cover yourself from inhaling
the dust. I used the dust from the clay, mixed with
water to make a paste, to fill in any cracks. This was an on the spot thing I thought of
and it worked. Let that dry and continued to sand until it
was completely smooth. I also bagged up the rest of the dust because
I’m wondering… if I could use it to fill the cracks… can I also use it as molding
paste? Well, I’ll let you know when I try it. At this point, I was so happy and thought
it’s easy peasy from here on out right? The hard part was done… well, this is why
I told you that execution is just as important as your idea. Using black acrylic paint and a pouncer brush..
you can use any brush you want on this… I’m just used to using the pouncer brushes…
paint the whole bottle and let it fully dry. Next using white paint and a thin brush I
painted lines where I was going to add string too. I was adding the string so that it would have
a slight rise in those sections as it would look if you had stitched something together
in those spots. This is where my execution plan was not fully
formulated and thing’s start going wrong. Using Mod Podge, some loss embroidery floss
I had saved from a tassel that had unraveled, I glued them onto all the lines I had painted
white… making sure to smooth out the glue so it wouldn’t dry bumpy. Small details like that are the key to how
professional your work will look at the end. Once all that was dry I painted over all the
lines with the black paint and let that dry. This is where everything starts going wrong. I decided I wanted gimp on the corset instead
of the string, to show the boning. It was perfect… except I wasn’t sure how
to glue it on without making a mess. Gimp is funny to work with if you have to
bend it a little and that’s just what I had to do. I started thinking of what glue to use. I new hot glue was a bad idea because it would
squeeze out of the sides and that wasn’t going to look right. I needed something that dried fast enough
to hold the gimp in the right position. So I started to try glues, scared, as I had
just spent over 5hrs sanding and painting the bottle. I tried E6000 but it was too messy and it
didn’t have an instant tackiness to hold the gimp in place while it dried. Luckily, I didn’t use too much and was able
to clean it up fast. I then tried Mod Podge and although that one
was not messy and I could easily clean the excess glue off, just like the E600, it wasn’t
tacky enough to hold the gimp in place while it dried. At this point, I went through my stash and
found some Mod Podge spray glue. I’ve never used this stuff. I bought it a while back and shoved it in
my craft supply drawer because I never used it for what I was going to use it for. I really wasn’t thinking when I used this. I should have walked away and thought it through
some more before attempting this or I should have tested it out on something else first. I always tell people to test things out before
trying them on their projects but for some reason, I went ahead and did it right on my
hard work and this is what you see me doing here. After I shut the camera off I realized it
wasn’t drying. It was staying tacky everywhere I had sprayed. Without thinking, I grabbed a damp cloth and
started to wipe the bottle off and let’s just say I made a huge mess out it and ruined
the piece. Now I know I tell you guy’s that there’s
no need to cry and I was thinking of that as this was happening but let me tell you
lol! I almost lost it. I pulled myself together and decided to do
it again. I wasn’t going to give up. I cut off the corset part and did it all over
again. Yes it wasn’t easy and I wasn’t too happy
about it, to say the least, but I didn’t give up. Me once I realized I had fixed it lol While I was sanding it, the second time, I
had plenty of time to think about how I was going to glue on that dog gone gimp without
making a mess. I went ahead and used my Mod Podge and it
worked. The reason it worked this time is because
I used the tacky layer that’s on top of the glue, the one that forms over it because I
don’t have it stored in an airtight container lol, yeah that actually worked. As you see here, I was able to clean up the
sides and held it down while it fully dried. So if you do this, place the Mod Podge and
let it get tacky before placing the gimp. I did each one this way and let them fully
dry. I then painted over them with the black acrylic
paint and let that dry before sealing it. I ended up using the glitter sealer because
it was the only one that gave it that same shine that her suit has. I also dropped it the first time and let’s
just say I used some not so Christian words when it happened but somehow I managed to
save it again. At this point, after all, that had happened,
I was so happy because It was exactly as I had pictured it to look like but the struggle
wasn’t over. Using Liquid pearls in the color diamond,
I made all the stitching. This is another detail that I wish I had done
differently. I should have used something else that didn’t
make the stitching look so thick. What this did was take away from the sleekness
of the bottle. It made it look chunky and cartoony. Next time I will use something thinner. Once that dried I took laser printout of Michelle
Pfeiffer as Catwoman and decoupaged it onto the back. Only use laser printouts, anywhere they print
stuff out most likely uses laser printers but ask if you want to make sure. I printed a few different ones, to see which
one would look the best. I cut it out but before decoupaging it onto
the bottle I wet the image to make it more manageable. I learned that neat trick from Mark Montana
here on YouTube. I’m a huge fan. I’m pretty sure you’ll know who he is
but if for some reason you don’t, I’ll leave the link to his channel in the description
box below. He’s a crafting genius. If you do go and check him out, please let
him know who sent you. Using a brush and Mod Podge I spread it all
on the back of the cutout. I didn’t want to make a mess on the bottle. I then placed it on the bottle and covered
it with more glue and let that dry. Using black glitter glue I filled in her suit,
let that dry and added the liquid pearls to the stitching as well. The last part was adding the whip but this
is where in my opinion, I dropped the ball on this bottle. It was way too bulky and not sleek enough. This is a prime example of a great idea but
a very bad execution of it. No need to show you that because I hate every
part of it. I wouldn’t recommend doing it the way I
did but just in case you were wondering, I made it out of rope. Well, this is the bottle all done and I’m
not saying it’s the worst thing in the world but it’s not what I had envisioned. I know my skill level and I did not reach
it this time. As I explained throughout this video, attention
to detail is everything when creating a piece. It will be the difference between a piece
that looks professional to a piece that looks like it would have been great if only. I wanted a more sleek, feminine looking bottle. This to me looks chunky and cartoonish. However, it’s not all a loss. This is how we learn and I’m still very proud
of this bottle as my sculpting was on point with this one and using the gimp as the boning
for the corset was a great idea, if I say so myself lol I really hope this video was
educational and showed you another side of creating. I’m not going to give up on this bottle. I may try and fix it or go right ahead and
do it all over again. Whichever I do, you’ll know about it when
it’s done. Take your time when creating and don’t rush
your ideas. If you reach a point where you get stuck. Stop, walk away and come back to it. If you mess up, don’t give up. Keep trying until you get it right and get
to know your crafting supplies well. This bottle clearly had 9 lives just like
Catwomen… I ruined the corset, dropped it when I sealed
it and while attaching the whip I failed three times before getting it to stay. That’s 5 lives down, 4 left. Will I be able to get it right? Stay tuned to find out if Catwoman lives. LOL Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please don’t
forget to thumbs it up as it helps my channel grow. If you’re new to my channel I hope you consider
subscribing to get updates on future videos and remember, do it yourself there’s no need
to cry!

56 thoughts on “Catwoman Wine Bottle Art Fail | A learning Experience

  1. Awwwww sukie sukie now!!!! I really enjoyed this video because now you know how I was pulling my hair out on your recreated bottles. I stripped them a few more times than I care to admit. But practice does yield desired results even after eating and swallowing feathers and glitter. lol
    You are awesomeness personified. I loved that victory dance!!!! The bottle looks great. #ContinuedBlessings

  2. Hi Iveliese. Even though you say you it is a fail, I still enjoy your watching you create amazing things. It is still a beautiful bottle. I cannot say any of your work is a fail. Awesome work!!!!
    Hope you have a nice weekend dear. ๐Ÿค—

  3. Your idea is Brilliant. Wow I love it anyway. I'm learning this pretty bottle thing because of you. I'm experimenting all the time. When I design something awesome, I will share. Thanx Ivelisse

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  13. Locktite epoxy. Its a Glue you mix 2 parts it's not instant but while drying use painters tape to hold in place and it'll hold strong. I use it on everything. Leather you name it. Nothing wrong with a mistake sometimes they end up being a favorite.

  14. I think it looks awesome, Hun, but I see where you're coming from. I do the same when I record a song. I've been unhappy with songs and started again from scratch because, although it sounds okay, it just isn't what I have in my head.

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  17. I think it turned out gorgeous. But we are our own worse critics. I made a Bat Girl themed bottle a few months back for my 7y/o daughter. She loves it, but for me, i feel i could have done better. It was a "first time doing" bottle. So i was ok with the flaws. Definitely a Learning Experience.

  18. Not bad at all. First of all you are more beautiful than I thought. As a suggestion you can use contact cement (Weldwood or Barge). Apply a thin layer on the bottle (area you want to attach object) let it dry to tacky feel (more or less 5 minutes) Do the same to the laso/rope. Once dried/tacky stick one object to the other. Beats spraying unnecessary areas. Good luck I know you're awesome and will succeed. Another suggestion use only the eye's part of the photo/face and not the whole body. Hope my suggestion and instruction come in handy. Love your work always.

  19. I did not see a fail in what you finally produced, the Cat Woman bottle was awesome Ivelisse. You had shall we say a slight hiccup with the process of the bottle which all DIYers and Crafters do, but that is just a learning process and we of course learn from our mistakes so you did a great job look forward to seeing more hugs G x

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    Well, that is all what I wanted to share.
    PS: I am not a native speaker, sorry for any mistakes.

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