Casanova Conman | How Hamish McLaren swindled over $70 million from across the world | Sunday Night

Casanova Conman | How Hamish McLaren swindled over $70 million from across the world | Sunday Night

(soft gentle music) – [Host] Hamish McLaren viewed the world as a giant board game. – Hello wife. In the harbour, 10th of January, 2012. – [Host] And people, especially
women, as mere trinkets to pick up and cast aside. – [Bec] I think he can cunning. I think he was conniving. He’d do anything. – Yes? – To destroy lives to get what he wanted. – How do you spend 16 months of your life in a relationship with someone and you don’t even know their real name? – He’s never done a day’s work in his life and lived the life of Riley and luxury on other people’s money. – I lost about $800,000
of my family’s money. Damn near bankrupted me and I hope Hamish goes to
prison for a long time. – Hamish was charming,
manipulative, and cunning, the ultimate conman. (dramatic music) Over three decades and four continents, he stole $70 million from
the vulnerable and the naive. (laughing) Using romance, lies,
and multiply identities to tear lives apart. (waves crashing) Blueys Beach, a few hours north of Sydney, and into this quaint, sleepy
little holiday village comes Hamish, ole flashy
car, mysterious history, and talk, lots of talk. It was 2008. Bec Rosen’s marriage has broken down and she escaped to Blueys
with her three boys to rebuild her life. Hamish was a familiar
face around the traps. – You’d see him just kind of out surfing or walking his dogs. And the rumours were
he is a futures trader. He ran into some trouble
in the early 2000s, but everyone was pretty
fascinated with him. – [Host] Hamish soon picked
Bec as an easy target. – So he’d come and say, “Hey, listen, I know you’re working. “Do you reckon the boys
would like to come down “and I’ll take them surfing?” And the boys were like,
“Please Mom, please Mom.” – He was a really nice
person when I met him and he’d take me on runs and we’d box together
and things like that. Which was really nice for me because I hadn’t had kind of
a father role model like that. – It sounds like it was really
a calculated infiltration. – He takes his time. It’s all a slow game. I think he thought with me that I was gonna get a
good divorce settlement. – [Host] Hamish launched
a charm offensive. He wrote love letters choosing the words he knew Bec needed to hear. – And then I found you and
the boys, I found love. – You were willing to give me a chance, not judge on past history. – [Host] It wasn’t long before
Bec was head over heels. – You know he’s got those… Those eyes that are just… Yeah, when he’s looking
at you talking to you, he’s so focused on you. He’s all about you. – [Host] He was slick and he was smart. He knew not to pretend he was perfect, even admitting to his shady business past. – He said to me, “I want you to Google me “’cause you’re gonna see a lot of stuff. “That was the old me. “That was what happened in 2000. “I don’t want that now. “What I want is a family “and I see that with you and
I see that with the boys.” I felt amazing, I was so happy. – In love? – I was in love. – [Host] It was a whirlwind romance. In October 2010, Bec
and Hamish were married in a simple backyard wedding. – She was, yeah, really really happy. He didn’t portray that life so much that he, you know, he
really did make us believe that we were gonna, this was
gonna be the best thing for us. – Especially for Jack who at the time was, I think he was 13 when
Hamish came into our lives. And then, getting boys and getting them kind of into sports
and surfing and running and doing all this stuff. So yeah, it was a good time. – [Host] But Hamish wanted
more than a laid-back life at Blueys Beach. He told Bec he was
returning to his old job as an investment trader in Sydney and rented a waterside apartment at prestigious Woolloomooloo Bay. – Hello wife. In the harbour, 10th of January, 2012. – [Host] And Bec and the
boys went along for the ride. Every weekend in the big
city was an adventure. – I just thought how could my life, how could this have happened? How could it have pulled
together to be right here on the beautiful harbour
with this gorgeous man that loves me and who worships the boys? Life’s pretty good. – I like paleo food. (laughs) (mumbles) – I guess let us live
like the high life almost. You know, he had that apartment that was on the Finger Wharf and he’d take us out to nice dinners and we’d go and do cool things in Sydney. – [Host] Life felt like
a constant holiday. But all the time Hamish was hard at work setting up his next con. The clueless Bec even travelled with him on a business trip to New York. – I really wanna take you to New York. I’ve gotta do some business in New York and I can show you where I lived. And it was great. I’m all excited, we’re in New York. – [Host] One day, Hamish
asked Bec to occupy him to a business meeting in
the heart of Manhattan. – For security reasons,
they write your name on a sticker and I look at his and it says Hamish McLachlan. And I started laughing. I went, look at that,
they’ve written McLachlan. We both were giggling,
going that’s so funny. And he goes, take a photo. And he ripped it off
and stuck it on his head and I took a photo. – [Host] In time, Bec would discover that Hamish had many many different names, but that’s not what made Bec
doubt the man she had married. Instinct finally kicked in when Hamish started acting
strangly around her son, Jack’s 16 year old girlfriend, Jane. – I’d see them having a
coffee at the cafe together. And I’d go, why is
Jack’s girlfriend sitting with my husband? – There been talk about it, but it was just rumours. Every small town has them. And I just kinda disregarded him. – We have had dinner
and she’d be washing up and he’d get the tea towel and flick her on the
bum and stuff like that that just kind of– – But it sounds like it was almost, dare I use the word, but flirty. – It was flirty. It was definitely flirty, but when I approached him about it, he just went, what are you talking about? For God’s sake, she’s like my daughter. We’re just mucking around. Like seriously, Bec, come on. – [Jane] I was deeply infatuated with him. I was living a duplicitous life. – [Hamish] Looking great. – Thank you. Just a complete and utter facade I think. – [Host] This is the voice of Jane. She is so deeply scarred
by her affair with Hamish that she doesn’t want to be identified. – [Jane] There was a kiss and that’s how it sort of started. And I thought at the time that that was, that meant that he really cared for me. Yeah, he knew what he was doing. – And what were their ages? – He would’ve been 45, 46 and she was 16. – Hamish was sleeping
with a 16 year old girl? – Yep, he was. – [Host] Hamish introduced
Jane to a lifestyle way beyond her teenage imagining. Bec was the only one who was suspicious. Her son, Jack, had no idea his stepfather was betraying him. – Hamish’d rock up in some
midlife crisis type of car and she’d be there, this
beautiful 16 year old. And then they’d burn off down the street. And I were going, bye. Like, have fun, thinking what? This is just… But every time I’d say
anything, I was just a lunatic. – And that car, Bec didn’t
know it at the time, but she was paying for it. Hamish indulges a nasty
habit of buying flash cars with other people’s money. Many of them from this
Sydney Porsche dealership. Bec discovered she is
lumbered with the repayments even though she never had
the luxury of driving ’em. – Cars, deals, dinners, bills. It’s all a mystery and I’m
just in a place to say nothing. – [Host] Then came the final indignity. – I remember opening the dryer and there was a purple g-string in there. And I remember saying to him, what’s this? And he’d say, how would I know? – Was it happening at that point? – Yes, it was. So in August 2013, Hamish writes to me. – Bec, this is not good. We are move forward together
united like we were last week or we have no hope. If you still want us, it’s
time to start showing it. I’m a lot of things,
but disloyal is not me. – [Host] Bec eventually walked away from her marriage to Hamish. But vindication only came
when Jane finally admitted to the affair. – Mom, she was right. And everyone else was
saying that she’s just crazy and all these things. She was spot on. I just would want to ask him if he actually felt anything that we did. You know, the love and the connection. I need to know if he felt anything or if it was all just
part of his big plan. – [Host] But Hamish was
never the reflective type. He’d already moved on to his next target. – None of it was real. None of it was real. It was all an act. It was all, nothing he
ever said meant anything. He wouldn’t even give it a second thought. (energetic music) – It’s May 2014 and among the runners here at the Sydney half
marathon is Hamish, a fit late 40s business guy. He presents himself as this sporty successful
man of the world. But behind those designer sunglasses is a viciously manipulative conman. Betraying broken lives in his wait. – It was a bit of a desperate situation, so he came to the house and he said, yep, I can help you. I can get you a loan. – Hamish McLaren was single and on the hunt for his next victim. Karen Lowe was alone, trusting,
and emotionally fragile after a marriage breakup. She also owned a
multimillion dollar mansion. Just his type. And what was that this man? – That was that man, yes. Yeah, yep, I can’t look at him, sorry. – When Hamish stepped inside, he found a property rich
cash strapped single mother. And he was quick to pounce. – I’ll never forget his face when he walked into my
kitchen for the first time. It was like a child in a sweet shop. He was like, oh wow. – This is just beautiful. How old? – Quite special. 1890. – Gosh. Karen’s Harbourside mansion
was worth around $11 million, but after her recent divorce, she didn’t have the cash
to fix the leaking roof. – He said you don’t have to worry. I’m here to take care of you. Showed him the whole house and almost rubbing his hands together. He said I can help you and he said I’ll get a million dollars. I said, no, I don’t
need a million dollars. I just need to borrow
$200,000 to fix the house so I can go to the market. – [Host] But Hamish
quickly convinced Karen to borrow that million dollars. The plan was she’d get the roof fixed and then Hamish would invest
the money that was left over. – He did instil confidence. He made me feel that things would be okay. – [Host] Karen trusted
Hamish so completely that she didn’t properly look at any of the loan documents
he put in front of her. – And he’d say all you
need to do is sign here and I’ll take care of the rest. So he had his hand over that. – [Host] So he’s blocking bits of the page so you don’t read it. – I didn’t actually see the
attached piece of paper. Just the back, sign here,
sign here, sign there. Which makes me sound incredibly stupid, but he, you know, at the time, I thought he was acting for the bank. – [Host] And that was the only lie. Hamish also invented a
grim fictional childhood. – And the story I got about, that was his father was
not his real father. That his mother had an affair. Hamish was the result of the affair. That’s why I’m no longer Watson. That’s why I’m Hamish McLaren because of the horrible
relationship with my father. – It was a compelling rags to riches tale. From unwanted child to
high flying businessman. And everything Hamish
said, everything he did, reinforced that version of himself. Hamish was all smoke and mirrors. He paid an agent $7,000 for inspections of an apartment James Packer was selling. This multimillion dollar
bachelor penthouse overlooking glamorous Bondi Beach. – He called me one day and said, I’d like you to come and look
at James Packer’s apartment with me because as a stylish, I like the way you got your house. I’d love your thoughts on it. He sold it to me that he
was looking to buy it. – [Host] Of course Hamish was never going to buy that $23 million property. It was just part of the charade. – That was all to impress because that’s the way
he portrayed himself. And he talked the talk. He was all about cars. He was mad about cars and Tom Ford suits. – [Host] Hamish amped
up his flashy rich man about town persona when
Karen’s English friend, Henry Hannon, came to
Sydney for a holiday. – He came roaring down
the esplanade at Belmore where you don’t do that in
a brand new Aston Martin. And Henry was quite taken by that. – He came screeching around
the corner in this car, big loud thing and he
had this muscle top on. And Karen said, oh look, here’s Hamish. I just thought, really? – Henry Hannon was exactly the kind of guy Hamish lived to impress. Henry was a prestige property broker and had solid connections
in the British racing world. Here was Hamish’s entree into a dazzling new world of wealth. Do you think when Hamish
realised the industry that you were in, he saw
it as a whole new network to attempt to infiltrate? – Yeah, it’s a totally
new audience for him. There’s people with a lot of money and he would’ve thought that’d be rich pickings, I’d thought. – [Host] So it wasn’t long before Hamish was on a plane to England
with Karen in tow. And with an invitation to Royal Ascot. – This is my friend
Henry and I at the races. Hamish really sort of
went in for the big sale with Henry and first of all, became all blokey around him. – I would say Royal Ascot
probably petrified him ’cause there’s a lot of people there that have known people
for years and years. And proper money and
when I say proper money, I mean qualified money, rather than made up things like that. – [Host] Hamish worked
hard to ingratiate himself with the upper class racing crowd. Even pretending to buy a horse. – He said that he wanted
to buy this horse. It was I think about 100,000 pounds. And kept showing us photo
copies of the transfer that he sent through. But there was always a
problem with his transfers. But the good thing is
that with race horses, you don’t just pay for it and then take him home. It stays with the trainer
so you still got the horse. – [Host] The signs were there, but Henry was having too much fun. So when Hamish invited him to
New York on a business trip, Henry jumped at the chance. So did Karen. Did he buy you a first
class ticket to New York? – He did. Except I think I did. He bought it with my money. All the bank’s money, yeah, he did. – [Host] Hamish claimed he was in New York as part of his job with
investment firm, Goldman Sachs. He booked Karen and Henry
into this swanky hotel in New York SoHo, but something wasn’t quite right. – We said to the doorman, have
you seen our friend, Hamish? And he turned right in, his
American accent obviously, and say, I don’t know Hamish, but I’ve just seen Mr. James go out. What, Mr. James? – And then he told me
that he had to check in under a covert name ’cause Goldman Sachs had done the booking. And I believed it. – How stupid were we? I mean, he called himself Mr. James and it was The James Hotel. I mean, really? I deserved to be laughed at for that. – [Host] Henry was
finally starting to twig. He decided to find out if Hamish really was the high flying
banker he claimed to be. – I had two friends that
worked at Goldman Sachs and they looked him up
on the staff registry and he wasn’t there. – He told me he was
going to Goldman Sachs. He had an office at Goldman Sachs. I now know that he was
going to cafe on Broadway with his computer everyday. – He’s just a dick. Do you not think? – Karen only realised she’s been conned when she was back in Sydney . The bank was demanding loan repayments, but her investment money had disappeared. Do you remember the feeling you had when the penny dropped? That very first time when you realised that you’d been done over. – Yeah, I do. I still feel it sometimes. I still can, that pit of the stomach, sick feeling that… Yeah, I can remember and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. – How much did he take from you? – He took 1.150. Yes, that’s what he took. – $1.1 million? – Yeah. – That’s the worst thing about Hamish is not he’s not like your common burglar that comes into a house,
ruffles everything about, and then runs out anonymously. He gets into your social
fabric, your emotions, absolutely everything in your life. Nicks off you and then runs away. So it’s much much worse
than a common thief. (sombre music) – [Host] Karen was a whisker
away from losing her home when a wealthy neighbour swooped in and bought out her mortgage. Karen will pay him back
as she soon as she sells. It’s very humiliating actually. I feel humiliated and I’m
very silly now that it’s over. How I could’ve fell for it all, you know? Just, hmm. – [Host] 2016 and Hamish was
on the Sydney singles scene. He cobbled together a
fresh identity for himself and he was going by a brand new name. – We met on an online dating application and it was around March 2016. And you know, flicking through photos and we both connected. He didn’t have a
description on his profile. It was just Max, 41. – [Host] Tracey Hall was
a marketing executive and single mom. Hamish was now the younger and
very swipe worthy Max Tavita. – From the photos, he looked okay. – [Host] Tracey and Max
began talking regularly on the phone. That had always been Hamish’s pet strategy for reeling in his victims. He was the consummate listener. – And we started chatting and I guess it was the conversation that drew me in. – Did you find him attractive? – Yeah, we had great conversations. And for me, when I get to know somebody, it’s the person inside that’s
makes them attractive to me. – [Host] The relationship
progressed quickly and Tracey was soon spending a lot of time at Max’s flash Bondi apartment. There’s nothing there to suggest Max was anyone other who he claimed to be. – There was mail in his mailbox
addressed to Max Tavita. And so, again, why would you? I didn’t even think about it at the time. ‘Cause I’m like, oh, that’s his name. – [Host] They were living the dream. Running together, surfing,
going on beach picnics, and in this rare recorded voice message, clearly enjoying one another’s company. – [Tracey] Max has something to say. – [Hamish] I refuse to say anything that may incriminate me
at a further or period, point in time. – [Tracey] He’s officially off sugar. We’ll see how long this lasts. (laughs) – [Hamish] Started yesterday. – Starting yesterday, all right. I think it was the simple things that sort of brought us together. – Did you fall in love? – Yeah, I was head over
heels in love with him. – [Host] Max shared intimate
details of his life, even taking Tracey to
Barrenjoey Lighthouse on the northern beaches, a place he claimed held
special significance. – We’re sitting out on a rock and said, you know, this is
where I’ll get married one day. This is where I feel closest to my parents ’cause this is where we
scattered their ashes. And I was just like,
wow, that’s really heavy. And you know, he was deep in thought, looking out over the ocean. Probably intentionally
dramatic, I guess in retrospect. – [Host] Max told her his parents had died in a plane crash when he was young. In fact, they’re still alive. And that was just one of his lies. – So, he had told me that he
been in New York for 16 years. I said, oh, where you there when the Twin Towers came down? And he said, yeah, I was
actually underneath them. And he said, a friend and I were going to meet someone we worked with, a lady, and we were standing
underneath the building waiting for her when the first plane hit. And he went into incredible
detail about that experience. – [Host] To elaborate that
much, in that much detail about something fake and remember it all. – Yeah.
– Did he ever slip? – Never, he had a knack
of I guess reeling you in and telling a story and
making it sound believable. – [Host] But Max’s biggest
and most elaborate lie was the one he lived every day as bogus market trader. – Those are in my apartment. He would come over and
I may not have seen him for a week or 10 days, and then he’d come over
and just sleep on my couch because he’d been up trading all night or some crazy story. – Hi babe, just home and heading to bed quickly before the US opens. Hope you’re having a great night. Love you the most. Heart heart, kiss kiss. – Like any regular working couple, Max and Tracey would often drive from Bondi to the city
together every morning. For many months, Tracey simply believed her hardworking boyfriend
was heading into the office as a market trader here in one of the swankiest financial
buildings in Sydney. But again, it was all an
elaborate and bitterly cruel lie. (soft dramatic music) – He would get dressed in the morning in his full suit and looked very finance, I guess you could say. And we drive into the city and we’d drive to his street. He would let me off and I
think he just drove home and put his boy shorts back on. I mean, he didn’t have a office. He didn’t have this job. He fabricated the whole thing. – [Host] Do you think he moulded his image to be what you wanted him to be? – Absolutely. I think in my case he
listened very carefully and constructed his identity, knowing that if he did that,
I would fall in love with him. – [Host] By now, Tracey was so in love, he had entrusted her life savings to one of Max’s investment schemes. Her last carefree days
were during a mini break on a New South Wales North Coast. – We went and looked
at a house in Bryon Bay that we both really liked. We were talking about our
future in 10 years time. The conversations were
pretty deep at that point. We’d been together for
nearly a year and a half. And yeah, that’s what we were discussing. And sort of walking along the beach. (intense music) – [Host] They returned home, but suddenly the next day Max stopped
answering his phone. Tracey was frantic. – I was just calling constantly. Like texting him, WhatsApping him, emailing him, calling him. So it was just very unusual. – [Host] Then Tracey caught
an online news report. – And it was the footage of him being arrested
outside his apartment. And his face was blurred out but he’s very distinctive looking so obviously I knew it was him. – You must’ve just felt sick. – Yeah, I did. – [Host] Tracey couldn’t
comprehend what had happened. There had to have been
some terrible mix up. Then she received a strange text message. – Hi Tracey, please call me back on this number urgently, Chris. And then in brackets, he
wrote Hamish’s brother-in-law. And that’s when I called him straight away and I said, who the is Hamish? Because that’s the first time and I’m seeing it on a text
message and I’m like, what? And he said, Hamish
Watson, Hamish McLaren. I said, well, who’s Max Tavita? He said, what do you even mean? And that’s when the world
came crumbling down around me. It was very surreal. – After decades playing cat and mouse with the law around the world, his luck finally runs out
here in Bondi, Sydney in 2017. (dramatic music) Police charged Hamish
with a series of frauds that had cost his victims nearly
$8 million in life savings. – And then only then I
remembered that he had my money. And I was, oh shit. Yep. – How much did he take from you? – I lost nearly $320,000. – [Host] Then after days of silence, Tracey received a call
from Silverwater jail where Hamish was awaiting trial. – [Operator] Receive a
phone call from an inmate at the Silverwater corrections centre. – And you get six minutes. I was just so desperate for
information and the truth ’cause everything had been such a lie. Why did you lie about your name? What’s your real name? What’s your identity? – Come on, babe, don’t
get hung up on a name. – Ah, it’s just a name. He was so offhandish with everything. It’s just a name. – [Host] Hamish followed up the phone call with a barrage of letters
trying to convince Tracey that their love was real. – I was thinking just now that time we grabbed the paddle boards and your little hands and arms could hardly get any power down. They were trying so hard. I’m smiling whilst I write this. – You faked your identity for 16 months. You pretended to love me. You took all of my life savings. And now you’re sending
me a letter telling me how much you love me. You must think I’m so stupid. My mental health took a real
battering during that period. That’s probably the lost I’ve ever been. – [Host] The law had finally caught up with Hamish McLaren. And Tracey was there in
court when he pleaded guilty. – He looked old. He was in dull clothes. In that moment, when I saw him, that memory of the past
was gone in an instance and I knew him for exactly who he was. – [Host] She also knew she was never going to see the $320,000 he’d scammed from her. – That was my career superannuation. So 22 years of working and some savings and shares that I sold. He was my future and it was
my life savings, I guess, everything I worked for. – [Host] Hamish stole $8 million
from his Australian victims and as much as $70 million from investors around the world. He conned hundreds of people. But here in the tiny
English village of Midhurst, we finally found someone
who got the better of Hamish McLaren. So how did he sell himself? – He went to MIT, studied mathematics. That he’d designed trading systems that he was currently
working with Goldman Sachs, kinda top secret. That he travelled the globe, that he travelled in private jets. Without wishing to sound stupid, he was the golden goose. – [Host] Simon Shone’s career was stalled and his special needs son, Sebastian, needed major heart surgery. So when the man now calling
himself Hamish Maxwell offered him a lucrative investment deal, he jumped at it. – What he had to offer
was gonna change my life for the better. – [Host] Simon handed
over his life savings. He also promised to find other investors for Hamish’s scheme. What was he offering? – [Simon] Doubling money. – But was it too good to be true? – Yeah, it makes you feel rather stupid, but the people I introduced him to were not stupid people and had been in business
and been successful. They were not suspicious. They were taken in. – [Host] But when Simon bragged
about the investment scheme to his best mate, Steve, Steve smelled a rat. – There’s just tiny alarm bell rang, which made me think this
is too good to be true. And that’s what I suppose
prompted me to start looking into Hamish Maxwell, at
the time his name was. – [Host] Knowing that
Hamish was keen runner, Simon and Steve started
looking through photographs from large Australian events. – [Simon] I think that’s the one. – So these are the photos
were you spotted him? Hamish had registered for
the Sydney half marathon under his old name. – I just came across this Hamish McLaren and said, is this your man? – That’s him. – [Host] They had a name. A quick Google search
revealed Hamish’s long history of dodgy deals. – I went pretty cold. You know where you just think, right. I didn’t want it to be true. But it is true. I think a lot of people
would’ve felt like punch him in the face for instance. So Simon needed calming down. So it needed to be methodical,
thought through process. – [Host] They were desperate
to get Simon’s money back. So they set up a sting of their own. They offered to introduce Hamish to an extremely wealthy investor. But Simon said he needed
his life savings back first. That way his bank records would show a substantial windfall
from Hamish’s scheme. – You make him an offer
of a much bigger carrot. And luckily, he took it. – Yeah, we scammed a scammer. (laughs) – Satisfying? – Oh, it was great to get my money back. – What we did was conning. What we did was do what
he was doing to Simon. The tables have been turned. – [Host] But most of Hamish’s
victims lost all their money. And no one knows where
those 10s of millions of dollars have gone. – I don’t know what he spend it on, but for somebody as shallow as him, just having the money is enough. You don’t have to enjoy it. Just acknowledge that he has it and that you don’t is enough. – [Host] Do you think he’s
got it stashed away somewhere? – I do think there’s
money somewhere, yeah. Many many more millions. But he use to say to me, go to the police. Go to the police and I’ll
just sit on the beach for the rest of my life with the money. – About five minutes. – [Bec] Hello, hello. – Hi. (muffled chattering) Good, how are you? There’s something about surviving trauma that brings women together. – Normally Friday nights we
have very long conversations that last for about two or three hours. – Yeah. – [Host] And Tracey Hall and Bec Rosen have been through the wars
with conman, Hamish McLaren. It’s the Hamish survivors club. – Yes. – [Host] Bec was married to Hamish. He crushed her heart when he had an affair with her son’s 16 year old girlfriend. – You’re with this guy who
you’re madly in love with and you have no idea. – [Host] Tracey was Hamish’s final partner and the last person he scammed. She only found out his name wasn’t Max after he was arrested. – I think what I focus on is just the fact that I’ve met Bec and she
has not only filled in the pieces of the puzzle for me, but also being an incredible
sounding board and support. – [Host] Today, Bec and Tracey
are the closest of friends. Forever bonded by a cruel
and manipulative chameleon. – Cheers. – Yay. I guess it’s good to be
able to share stories and have a laugh in a way because you know, somebody
else who was in a relationship with him and went through
what she went through, I felt like I wasn’t on my own anymore. – Are you girls victims? – No, not at all. What do we call ourselves? – Survivors. – Survivors.
– Yeah. – Can I ask an intimate
question as girls do sitting around a table
over a cheese board? Was he passionate? (laughing) – Absolutely no way. And that’s probably one of the
first things we talked about. I was like, so, was it as bad for you as it was for me sort of conversation. And the answer was pretty clear, yes. – So you’re saying, he’ll
get you to fall madly in love with him and then
the sex doesn’t matter. – He was so happy to listen to you and provide just a listening ear and that was the intimacy I suppose. – What a good listener. Such a caring guy, you know? – Such a great guy. – [Host] Tracey and Bec
have spent hours dissecting their relationships with Hamish and still they’re no closer
to understanding the man who took a wrecking ball to their lives. – He’s dead. (laughs) He was somebody who was
completely fabricated and made up. He actually doesn’t exist. – [Host] A fantasy man. – Maybe. A constructed identity. – [Host] Was any of it real? – None of it was real. None of it was real. – [Host] Given everything
we know about Hamish, it seems extraordinary
that he’s not wanting for female companionship, even in prison. What would you say if you were encounter the woman that is visiting him a couple of times a week in jail? – Run. Just run.

100 thoughts on “Casanova Conman | How Hamish McLaren swindled over $70 million from across the world | Sunday Night

  1. Beware of Narcissists.!!! They are EVERYWHERE men & women. They are out there looking for Prey. He has the classic psychopathic/narcissist look. I am a widow and have been approached by this type of psychopathic creature on several occasions. I'm not rich lol but tu they don't know that. They choose their targets carefully. I have stringed them on to get a better picture of how they operate and what their psychology is. I can now detect them from a mile away. And there are women out there like that too. Be careful These creatures are becoming very very common in our society.

  2. It always amazes me how gullible people really are
    The sad part of all of this is there are so many more narcissistic assholes like him out there

  3. Jesus, this what a shitstorm.
    He was a master manipulator and was good at it. Now we are watching a movie about this incredible individual. Why? Because he was that good.

  4. I feel very sorry for the women who go through what these two women went through. Thank G-d both of these women have be in touch with each other and restoring their self-esteem.

  5. Why women fall in love with assholes because assholes learn how to lie better and love is hard to find that's why we are naive because we have hope to find someone better

  6. I will never understand women giving men their money , why do they do it? I am an independent woman who has always supported myself even within my past 23 yr relationship, and my current 10 yr long term relationship.
    I will share finances and always pay my way , but I would be immediately suspicious if my partner ever asked me for my money.
    I believe in keeping finances separate and nobody feeling used or foolish if and when the relationship is over, you cant buy love or trust and if women want to invest they should go to an official broker not their new flash lover!

  7. That Tracy and Beg easily became friends is no coincidence but it's because they are sisters in arms and surely have quite similar character traits. After all they both fell for the fraudster and had probably been carefully chosen by him for being who they were.

  8. What on earth has Karen done to her face (plastic surgery done by a vetenary surgeon ) she looks like she's been kicked by a horse !.

  9. If a man (claims to be) successful, knowledgeable, looks charming etc. v/s looking for relationships == this should ring a bell, as it does not seem logic. It surely means that he could not find a relationship in his "high living" life == so what he is claiming to be, is not correct !! A real relationship is like a bridge, with both pillars real, strong and true !

  10. Am I the only one thinking this would have been a non-thing if, as in many times daily around the world, Woman Conn man using their weaknesses against them?

  11. I think part of the problem is the women too. They look for bells and whistles all the time. That being said, the men know how to manipulate the greed of women. You don't know this person well, and why you want to give him money. I totally blame the women. They make the way to scammers. I also don't feel sorry for them 100%, as they are at fault too. It's not like someone comes into your home to steal stuff. Don't have any sympathy for these women.

  12. I see men like him as sociopaths. A healthy thinking person doesn't do this to others. It happened to me. Most of us have no idea how smooth they talk, incl. bad upbringing. One day I decided to enjoy what's left. I believe in karma.

  13. Tracy is such a beautiful woman inside and out, people like her are too trusting. The other sad thing is that a decent guy has missed out on such a catch because of the actions of this man.

  14. Give me Hamish's address and I a shall go and get your Money back for you and fold hamish up like origami lol. These scum what they do to Human Being's need to be sat on the naughty step don't they. I love Tracey she is beautiful how that nasty scum bag got her I will never ever know. Well done you English lad's the dirty scum bag got what he deserved

  15. I get falling for fake men. We women tend to do that, we don't want to believe that anyone would want to hurt us. But to hand over life savings is a very stupid thing to do, doesn't matter who it is. This is where greed comes in to play. No one deserves this but don't ever trust a man that makes you feel like you're the most important thing in his life. These ones always have something to hide.

  16. lol lets not kid our selves life isnt always about money but definitly isnt about whats inside a person its definitlly about looks lol

  17. The woman hosting this show is disgusting in her instigating ways. I knew Hamish as a stand-up guy. He was framed! Free R. Kelly!

  18. Awesome👏✊👍
    Loved your channel content so much
    Big like❤ and subscribed
    Pressed bell🔔
    Hope to support my channel content😊 back
    Greetings from Egypt🇪🇬

  19. Girls, If the man you meet just seems to be toooo CHARMING and say's you are the Only one in my life and promises you riches and happiness beyond your wildest dreams before you even seen anything yet. BEWARE GIRLS !

  20. Yes, he was a cad. However, if every woman who had manipulated a series of men to end up with riches so vast they will never work a day in their life were charged for their actions, we would be doubling the number of prisons in every first world country.

  21. My heart broke when the first woman’s son said he wanted to know if Hamish ( the fugly casanova) faked his love for him. 💔💔💔💔

  22. Yes Henry is a great, but STEVE is the best! He actually got the money back for his friend! Steve= Best, best friend one could have. And it's amazing Beck and Tracy have such strong friendship now!

  23. Gag a maggot. Really? Dumb and dumber women. Is it a thing of people request a lie and get one? He must be charming because he looks like a reptile. You have to run a background check on people you bring in close to you. It's nice they can flutter about and stroke themselves (yawn/snore) but at the end of the day, that's nice "and so who are you really?" I have to go watch "Idiocracy" again. Great documentary on us!

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