Cardmaking with Dies: Double Pivot Panels Card

Cardmaking with Dies: Double Pivot Panels Card

hello it’s Karen Burniston here with my
monthly designer challenge video the theme this month is autumn and I’ve
decided to combine our tree die with our house pivot panels and then double those
pivot panels to get this really long row of houses and you can check out all of
our die designs at okay first up if you hear construction noises
that’s because next door a new roof is going on so I apologize for that that’s
what those nail sounds are and then the other thing is that you can actually
do this technique with any of our pivot panels die sets so definitely take this
technique and try it with some of the others
okay to make a double pivot panels card you really need a five by seven
landscape card so that means you need 14 inches long by 5 inches tall I don’t
have cardstock that big so instead I cut two panels one of them is five by seven
and a half and then scored at that 1/2 inch mark and then the other one is five
by seven and by using some adhesive on that little flap then I can actually
create a five by seven landscape card I’ll start by decorating the inside of
the card and I’m going to use the tree from our tree pop-up die set now a nice
feature of this die set is that there is a leaf set that is just a single piece
and you glue that up behind the branches and it’ll fill in that tree very quickly
but then you also have a die included in the set that will cut six individual
little leaves that can be used to kind of further embellish the tree and I went
ahead and did all of that out of fall colors to create the stitched Hills
across the bottom I used our nature edges die set
now I’ll switch to using our house pivot panels die set to make the pop-up that
goes on the inside okay I’ve die-cut the pivot panels twice
out of a pretty plaid patterned paper and then I’m going to find the little
tabs on the left side so that’s going to be the two tabs above and below the
final house and then right next to the final house and then what I want to do
is actually cut away most of the house I’m going to leave a little bit to act
as a tab to join the two pieces together okay switching to my other pivot panels
for this one I’m going to work on the right side and I’m actually going to
remove everything that’s past the little panels themselves so that means
both the tabs and the final house and I’m just going to cut straight across
and then what I’ll do is actually connect those to each other using those
tabs on the first one so that would be some adhesive on top of the small tab
all along that little partial tab that I created by cutting one of the houses and
then the other tab now I’m going to turn and put these facedown on top of each
other so I make sure they line up nicely then fold those tabs over and onto the
back of that other piece and I’m realizing that on the house one I can
probably take away the portion that’s the roof so I don’t have to try and line
it up along the back of the roof and also on this bottom tab I notice that
it’s a little bit wider than the area that it’s supposed to fit so I can trim
that to fit as well but the idea is that those three tabs are going to join the
two halves together so that I have one nice long pivot panels set okay just
like if I was doing a single pivot panels I want to find all the folds now
so the first fold I’m going to find is in between the two panels and I like to
work that fold in both directions and I’ll do that on both sets so in between
the two panels work that fold in both directions out on the ends you’ll fold
the in between the final house and the panel plus the two little tabs and the
tab out on the end so that’s just the normal folding as if you were doing a
pivot panels die set and do that on both ends and then bring everything back out
to flat again that was just about finding the folds
adding these long pivot panels to the card is exactly the same as if you were
doing a single which just means get the center fold directly over the fold of the
card it can go anywhere along there I’ve decided to come down closer to the
bottom so that I have room for extra trees and things behind my houses then I
just want to make sure that I leave everything in the center lined up while
I add adhesive to my side tabs so that means the little small tabs above and
below the house as well as the little rectangular tab attached out on the end
of the house then all three of those are going to kick under and glue to the card
and just another quick check to make sure that my center fold didn’t slide I
want to make sure that is right in the center fold of the card and then I kick
those tabs under making sure everything’s straight and attach them to
the card and then just a quick check that I can
lift up the house right there and that I didn’t pin anything down so that’s
perfect then I want everything flat while I do
the exact same thing on the other side so the adhesive goes on top of the two
small tabs as well as in the rectangular tab out on the end then all three of
those tabs get kicked under and attached to the card okay that is all there is to it as far
as attaching it to the card so now I get to start working to get the back and
forth folds that are going to create the accordion look to this piece so the
first little fold there between those houses will be a mountain then Valley
and mountain see I’m just sort of trying to get the houses going back and forth
and then the outer parts are going to do the opposite so I’ll have a mountain
here Valley then Mountain Mountain Valley Mountain so kind of getting it
started if you look from the side if you’ve got all everything kind of going
back and forth and back and forth then the card will do the rest of the work
for you you can just carefully close it and it will find all the folds and train
them so it really is quite a simple technique you get that sort of double
accordion going through the card all of the decorator pieces will fit it that
come included in the set you just have ten houses to decorate instead of six okay so one thing about how far out into
the card this pop-up comes is that you actually have room to put in another
layer of popups so I’ve got the leftover piece of stitched Hill here from when I
cut the ones for inside and what I’m gonna do is from below the card I’m
actually going to attach that stitched Hill
kind of attached to the outer section of houses on either side so you can see it
in there once I get that attached by just adding some glue to either end and
then just going in there I’m not I haven’t put a fold in it I’m going to
let the card choose the location for the fold so I’m just kind of putting it in
there at an arc and then as I close the card it will actually put the fold in
that piece for me so that now up behind the pop-up I basically have another
little floating bit of ground and to that little floating bit of ground I can
actually add a row of trees so that’s going to give me even more pop-up layers
in this card by just adding those trees to that little floating bit of ground
inside the card for this row of extra trees I’m not adding the big leaf set
behind the trees I’m actually just going to add a few individual leaves here and
there and one thing I am going to need to do is just check for any limbs that
are sticking up out of the card if they do stick up it’s just easy to go in
there with a pair of scissors and just prune the tree a little bit trim some of
those branches down until everything fits nicely inside the card and then
with just individual leaves here and there I can really get that full forest
kind of look behind my village okay the house pivot panels die set comes with a
little decorator houses you get two of them I’ve cut those multiple times to
decorate each little section and then to each of the windows I added one of the
small leaves for a greeting I went with welcome autumn from our word set seven
autumn die set and then to finish out the interior of my car just one more
tree and this one attached actually to the pivot panels in the front there
behind that Center houses and then to that I just added a few more
individual leaves this is definitely the kind of card that’s going to be
displayed open so for a card front I just took my leftover materials and kind
of made a simple lead in that I can just attach to the front of the card another
one of the trees little piece of ribbon so despite all the layers it actually
folds down pretty flat and it will fit in a regular A7 envelope for
mailing so that’s just a envelope for a 5×7 card because it is thicker you
probably will have to add the extra 15 cent stamp but card like this I think is
worth it I definitely encourage you to experiment with this technique so I
added my own row in the back so that I could put those bigger trees but you
also have room behind the pop-up to instead put a single pivot panels so for
instance you could have the house pivot panels across the front and the
evergreen trees in the back or maybe a long train in the front that would be
really cute so experiment with this technique maybe the left side and the
right side are going to be two different pivot panels die sets you will find
everything that you need to know about supplies in the description box below
this video as well as a link to the blog post where you will find all the autumn
inspiration by our team thanks for watching if you click on the website link you’ll
go to where you can find out information about purchasing
these dies as well as links to all my other social media accounts you can
subscribe to this YouTube channel and check out some of my other videos thanks
so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

10 thoughts on “Cardmaking with Dies: Double Pivot Panels Card

  1. Beyond beautiful,Karen . What a treat to receive one of these cards . I know I would be beside myself! Love it 😊 Thanks for sharing! Blessings,Carmen

  2. I have tried 3 times to make this..mine does not come out as crisp as yours…i will keep at it until i get it right..thank you for the vids showing extra ways of using what we have

  3. You are just soooo clever. I love watching your videos over and over (usually because I forgot what the next step is). LOL I have the perfect people to make this card for. Thanks for sharing.

  4. As others have said…this is impressive to the utmost! Reminds me of those Pop Love cards that we can actually make ourselves! Appreciate your showing us how to get more mileage out of our investments in your die sets! Happy Autumn to you…

  5. This is amazing! You do the coolest things with your dies! Thanks for helping us understand how you made this through this video! Hugs!

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