Cara membuat perahu remot sederhana untuk anak

Cara membuat perahu remot sederhana untuk anak

What are we making this time? a boat this boat with RC we’ll make an RC boat We will use these material what is it Kyan? Styrofoam meal box we need to cut it first we need a ruler slowly and be careful slowly my pen is ran out ink use this just use this easy you can continue cut this with scissors if you have difficulty with using knife you can use scissors it’s hard using a knife we need 4 of this we can make a sailor hat a sailor hat using that foam yes? we have a boat so you need a sailor hat sailor hat from foam can you? look at it what hat is that? you can pretend to be a sailor like grandpa what’s grand dad’s wish going to be as a kid? who? grand dad I don’t know but he was a sailor [singing] we need adult help or supervision when handling a knife we combine them together [un audible] [singing] glue them together with hot glue now we’re going to cut the plans this is the plans one sheet for each of you this plans can be downloaded at it’s free let’s start cut it Bintang, cut those pieces cut on the outlines, leave the inner lines OK start, now! it’s like a race let’s pretend it’s a competition take it slow, don’t rush it you have one don’t mix it (with your friend’s) now it’s time to build our boat first, we use metal rod or pipe to bend the front of the hull like in the video sand front side to fit each other and then combine them together attach wall of the hull to the base attach back wall of the hull make the hull leak-proof by applying glue on the base joint float it on the drain don’t put it on the drain check if there’s any leak by floating it on water close it with top part we are now glueing its body.. not body head its house (cabin) assembly the boat cabin like on this video you can see clear build instructions with images in this website you have that part cut by my dad the windows we use for the pillars/ poles cotton bud measure it cut it apply plans on mica plastic for glass window on mica plastic fold it fold that mica like this paint it with black on the inside watch out, move from there this one is cut after this we will install electronics inside we’ll play RC Ok, now is the step for installing RC electronics double hull base with 2 plies of foam attach 2 small plastic straw on each corners on rear base of the hull like in the video fill the gap in inserted holes with hot glue so it become water tight In this project we’re not going to use motor and ESC for model boats. we’re going to utilize all the electronics inside these 2 servos which are, PCB board, potensio and micro brushed motor we’re not going to use its gears salvage all gears for future projects or for replacement parts for damaged servos salvage all the screws we’re going to need those for propeller shafts take extra care when dismantle the electronics, especially its potention some servos have detachable potentio but some don’t. if you found the one that have its potentio stuck on the casing, just leave it there. beside 2 servos we also need 5v UBEC for RX power input use 1.5 mm cable we only need its insulator use it for propeller shaft drop CA glue before attaching to motor shaft add 2 plies of foam on the wall near the straw as support and then insert cable insulator inside the straw and glue the motor on its support cut the excess cable also attach the other side motor wrap both exposed PCB for water splat protection use mica plastic for making propellers I already coated it with paper masking tape on both sides use the servo screw as propeller shaft drop it with CA glue and coil it with sewing thread and apply CA glue too on it. make sure the pitch angle for propeller are set on the correct rotation both propellers will rotate with inward rotation to the boat attach each propellers according to each rotation screw the propeller shaft until it is all the way inside the cable so the propeller can turn straight (not too woble) all motor and propellers are already installed the next step we will install RX and 5V UBEC make sure your RX already waterproofed you can wrap with plastic, balloon or coated with clear varnish, with spray paint can. I use Graupner MX-12 Pro for TX/RX you can use other TX/RX brand as long it is hobby class 2.4 ghz insert each 3 cables on channel 1 and 2 and then activate ELEVON mode on your TX I am not going to explain all this here almost forgot I use 2S 500mah Lipo battery for motor idle you can adjust it with potentio both motor already matched TX sticks movement, just need some trim when on the water. Hey Bin! I just nearly hit your boat go far, don’t just around here I’m afraid crashing to the plants on the water that’s okay you can turn around them hey, hey now that’s exciting Hey Bin! Bin! [laughing] that’s it, sail it far go, go there Dad says it’s okay crashing to the plants it’s okay it just crashed and it’s okay maybe its shaft was disjointed if it’s disjointed (shaft) the boat will turn around in circle? all props are rotating come on Kyan, Captain Kyan it turns by itself you can counter it, just steer it pick up your boats How is it, Kyan, Bintang? are you happy? happy how about the boat, good or not or hard to control? hard to control I see huh? it’s difficult turning around okay want to build bigger boat? we want it turning around in circle like this why is that? is it difficult to steer? No It couldn’t sail straight, always turning like this in circle I see one time it can sail straight but then it turning again okay, I see like a tornado okay next time we will build.. (cut) the shaft was loosen and the boat turning around in circle again it’s not fail, but it stuck so it’s not fail? not fail, but but when it broke it failed turning again in circle can not go straight but the start is okay Okay, this time for review Unfortunately by using differential thrust for boat thrust and steer was not as easy as I thought it was Many occasions the shaft was loose and the boat just turning is circle and it was difficult to steer and also drained the battery I want to finish, I’m tired Actually on the begining I didn’t use differential thrust, instead I use more common way. just with single motor and prop with rudder as steering with other servo for rudder movement only 1 servo that needs to be dismantled like you see in this scene the control is more stable and steerable the downside with this setup, the boat can only turning when it moving forward but with differential thrust you can turn and steer the boat even when it’s on stationary there are plus and minus for each setup this video beside for content also for my experiment for using just servo electronics for RC setup, without ordinary ESC and brushed motor you can choose from these 2 setup to suit you best for the next episode I am going to build again… ATR-72 600 and off course its video tutorial but this time I am going to make the video part by part maybe 3 or 4 part I really hope it can finish in just 3 part see you in the next episode [laughing]

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  1. ive only just found you on youtube but your tutorials are great – cant wait to see your next plane. It would great if you did a little tutorial on how you model the plane before you turn it into plans – keep up the great work

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