CAPTAIN MARVEL with Terry and Rachel Dodson! | Marvel Quickdraw

CAPTAIN MARVEL with Terry and Rachel Dodson! | Marvel Quickdraw

the lines on paper, that is what we are doing. We’re making something
that people can feel, [CHUCKLES] and that’s
easier said than done. Hi, I’m Terry Dodson. And today Rachel and I are
going to be creating a piece of Captain Marvel artwork. In college I’d gone to
school to study engineering. Basically I wanted
to be create– create stuff. But actually the very
first term of college I signed up for a
drawing class, so that just kind of lit a match. And my art skills just
grew while I was at school. It was that senior
year of school I got a job that came up, and
not only was it a comic job, but it was a full time job. A run on a book, and I
was like, OK I can do this and finish my college degree. And my first Marvel Comic
was “Excalibur” number 83. It was actually one of the
best stories I’ve– still to this day– have drawn. Halfway through drawing that
issue, they signed me up for a fill in of the “X-Men”. I was in the X-Men office
off and on for those next two or three years. With Carol Danvers, I’ve done
two of the versions together. But the new version of
her is so iconic now. For the 80th anniversary
to be able to show all the versions of her
together, that’s pretty cool. The very first thing I do
is to go to my sketchbook and draw my initial ideas. I turn my approved
sketch to a blue line, and enlarge it to print
size, print it on paper. And that’s not so
much for the drawing, it’s for the composition. If the whole piece doesn’t
work, I can’t do the face. It’s a fairly
simple composition, but once I was happy
with that then I started working on Carol first. Once the space was established
and that expression was right, the other ones just flow. And then I hand
it over to Rachel, who then will inks
her initial inks directly over my pencil page. When I first met Rachel, she
was painting these giant nature paintings of animals. And I was like,
who is this person? She had gotten her
degree, but she wasn’t that happy
with what jobs she had been on as an interior design. And it was long
after that I thought, you know, why am I
sending my artwork out in the mail for someone to
ink when there’s someone right here who can do it? So when Rachel and I
started working together, all of a sudden my work
improved almost overnight. Because I’d put something
down, and she would do exactly what I was hoping she would do. So she inks over everything I
do, probably 95% with a brush. What I try to do
is schedule it so that Rachel is ahead
of the deadline, so she can take her time. Because less stress is
good for the relationship and the marriage,
and also she produces better artwork that way. So I always try to make
the colorist have to eat that deadline, which is me. Having digital art come
along, that’s been huge. I can make what’s in my
head come out on the paper. I’ve colored Carol
now enough times that I know how to roll with her
no matter what I end up doing. What I do is, I call
it Hollywood Lighting, where they’re actually
kind of in shadow. But there are still highlights
on the front of them, because as an artist you are
manipulating light to make things look three dimensional. So I just do that same
thing with my coloring. They’re going to be backlit
with a warm room light on them, because they’re going to be
kind of in front of a sunset. This is the cherry on
top right here, boom. I avoided the helmet
though, that scared me. I could probably draw it
now, but that intimidated me, and I kept her out of the helmet
I think in the issues I drew.

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  1. Terry and Rachel are two of my favorite Marvel Comics Artists! I Iove their work on the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Comics, The X-Men Comics, and The Life of Captain Marvel Comics

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