Captain Disillusion: World’s Greatest Blenderer – Live at the Blender Conference 2018

Captain Disillusion: World’s Greatest Blenderer – Live at the Blender Conference 2018

Bladies and Blendermen the following presentation features brief high-intensity strobe lighting effects, which may be hazardous to some humans. Viewer discretion is advised. and now, direct from Disillusion Industries HQ via interstellar live stream It’s the daring debunker of digital dubiousness, the valiant vanquisher of VFX virality Recently ranked among YouTube’s most underrated under 80 Captain Disillusion! Greetings 3D professionals. Wow, what an impressive crowd for such a tiny theater. You all look absolutely smashing. But I can’t say the same about my image quality I’m sorry, we’re gonna have to fix this. Alan? Alan! Where is he? [Okay, okay, I’m here] Everyone. This is my unpaid intern assistant Alan. Say hello. [Hello] Alan is going to make the screen look presentable as he should have done before the presentation started. Isn’t that right? Yes, sir. I’m on it Now don’t worry friends this isn’t gonna be one of those lame remote talks like the poor souls next door in the salon are having to settle for [Laughs] Whoa, much better. Thank you It’s just I like to make an entrance and what better way to make it then with blender 2.8’s new experimental feature, biomesh export I believe the keyboard shortcut is ctrl alt shift caps lock tab – Wait Captain, you have to enable the add-on first. What? I thought I already did whatever that is. Yeah, but you didn’t save the user settings Just just just- I don’t understand the words you’re saying. It’s okay. I got it – here. You’re all set now Okay everyone, please put on the commemorative Elephant’s Dream safety goggles provided under your seats As I activate the X-portal Alan, do we have link-up? Yes sir, both ends appear to be stable. I will now travel through the gate instantaneously to join you in the theater Stand back folks. !nter-space travel through in 3 2 1 Owww… Standby. Alright eeugh Status report? uhhh, looks like there was insufficient power for a stable export, Captain. But I routed everything we’ve got into the system, what else can I- unless… do you think… Yes! Of course! What? Why don’t we just use the blender default cube as a power source? It’s made from a mysterious substance that radiates a powerful form of energy science hasn’t been able to identify. I don’t know Captain that sounds like an insanely dangerous thing to do in a room full of innocent people. Let me find another solution. Okay? Nonsense I’ll simply reconfigure the interface for the Python library Port the EBU port engine into the power matrix, and, as long as you’re not touching any kind of highly conductive aluminum surface I can safely plug in the power What happened? I feel so… weak and… flabby Captain? Alan! What did you do? Nothing! I don’t know. I think we switched bodies! This jacket’s really warm. Don’t touch anything! Just- just run the machine again so we can switch back Everything’s shorted out. It’s gonna take me a while to fix. Fine, just- just get it working. At least I’m here now Can’t get good help these days. I’m gonna make the best of it, because the show must go on alright, proper attire Okay, that’s good you guys do that thing, okay, but not until I say. Just gonna get ready, okay big clap applause Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Captain Disillusion. It’s so great to be here in the beautiful, vibrant, adventurous, liberal city of Amsterdam Standing in a dark room talking about software Of course we’re all here because of one very special individual. You heard him speak earlier his name is of course Ton Roosendaal What a man software developer entrepreneur voice actor a true modern day renaissance, man A man who once looked at the landscape of 3D animation and modeling tools and saw real scarcity I mean what have been our professional choices. There’s always just been Maya and Softimage right? and 3DS Max, Houdini, Lightwave, ZBrush, Motto, Cinema 4D. There’s not that many, okay Okay, so he decided to create one more. He gave it a very attractive, very marketable name Blender and of course a logo, which, in accordance with the international treaty for 3D software logos, always has to be some sort of Embryonic proto life-form abomination. It’s just- that’s just a rule. There’s nothing we can do about that and we all know the rest of the story of course the domain,, was taken by, you know, blenders, so he had to settle for a .org, which, as we know, cannot be for a commercial product. Did Ton give up at that point? No He made blender free and open source and to make sure that it remains free that artists all over the world have access to this amazing versatile tool. That something like this would never ever happen he started the blender foundation You guys know this blender foundation is not just one simple organization It’s kind of a conglomeration of different, you know entities interconnected Ton has explained it to us in detail in the past I think I understand it just to go over it again. There’s the blender foundation, right? The blender first floor the blacement the prestigious Roosendaal Center for the Advancement of Blueshirts That’s on the nonprofit side on the commercial side of things. We’ve got blast-off 3d printed vibrators limited I think they they sponsor code Quest. I’m not sure for the youngsters There’s a blender daycare very important work being done by the blender crash induced depression support hotline those people save lives But I think maybe for me the most interesting part of the organization has to be the blender Animation studio also known as the blender Institute or school for gifted youngsters. I They’re settling in on the name. Just give them time. You know, this is where all the cool stuff happens Of course where blender is put to the test by a group of creative professionals from all over it’s a real melting pot You know we got people from Patagonia from Italy from Iceland from Germany from friend Russia from from all sorts of Overwhelmingly Caucasian places and at one point as I understand it briefly even a girl So so the diversity is inspiring And And so together, they create blender open movies These are short animated films designed to showcase what blender is capable of and help pushes development forward you know turn it into a real industry standard tool these guys create Pixar level stuff in my opinion, but because they’re not Beholden to corporate, you know big studio. They can be as experimental and inventive as they as they want you know, they’ll do the cute animal antics stuff, but they’ll also tackle more dramatic subjects like dysfunctional relationships or tragic loss or you know the nature of existence philosophy or All right, to be honest I still don’t know what that one’s about but it’s like it’s real trippy I just love it I put it on my friends and I just whoa And this year of course congratulations are in order blender animation studio won the People’s Voice webby award for Agent 327: Operation Barbershop I think that deserves a round of applause Who would have thought that after years of doing all this artistic inventive original creative stuff All they had to do to win a webby was take an old successful comic book property and reboot that as a film You know a film composed entirely of a series of action sequences, right? With a very wishy-washy lazy Unsatisfying cliffhanger ending. Yeah, you know what I think blender is more than ready to become an industry standard. So We’ve arrived folks But seriously Of course, I know that operation barbershop was just a proof of concept for what’s gonna be the first feature-length film produced by the blender foundation the first Commercial feature film I think almost entirely produced in blender Is currently already playing on Netflix The next blender open movie Spring is looking amazing unlike this very tiny JPEG blown up I’m sorry. I couldn’t find any other picture, but I can’t wait to see it I love following the progress on the blender cloud blender has become just an amazing tool It has grown it is so impressive and with over 6 million downloads in the past 12 months I think the world is starting to agree so just I genuinely want to say thank you so much for having me here and letting me celebrate this with you and I just I just love being here and I really appreciate it. And Ton, personally, thank you so much. So Thanks, you guys deserve a round of applause. Thank you. That’s enough sucking up right? I think I think we’re good It’s too formal, let’s get a little more casual I’m sorry if I… if this is inappropriate. Because I mean, I’m not a big a list celebrity here, I’m a youtuber, you know, I’m from YouTube so maybe uh, We should spend a little bit of time talking about my favorite subject myself Let me tell you a little bit about my blender journey. When I was a young space cadet Computer-based video editing non-linear editing was just barely becoming a thing at least available to like not big studios But our school did have this system called the Video Toaster It was this Amiga computer with a special card That could control tape decks and it had this digital switcher and maybe that switcher had a few too many like sexy lady silhouette transitions, you know, but it also had a button labeled 3d Okay And pressing that button led you to an application called Lightwave 3d which was kind of mind-blowing to me at the time because at that very time on television there were pioneering shows like Babylon 5 and Star Trek Voyager, which no longer used Miniatures and models for their space sequences. They were doing full CGI and this was done in the same software that I had access to and I could play with and That was like unheard of before then So when I graduated from school I actually got a copy of lightwave for myself and when I got on YouTube and started making Captain Disillusion That was my platform for doing 3d So the very first shot the very first image of the very first episode the wall that I always use at the beginning that was done in like wave and I still use That same render. I’ve done other things like recreating my set and once did this weird spaceship that accidentally ended up looking like Pikachu I don’t really know what happened You know how you just start modeling something and you don’t know where you end up So that’s what I was using but you all know how it goes computers get faster Software needs to be updated and you know, you have to stay on the upgrade train You gotta you got to do it in time To get the discount price or you’re gonna basically if you wait too long You have to buy your software all over again So because in my case Captain Disillusion wasn’t really profitable for approximately the first two to ten years I just had to kind of give up at a certain point I just didn’t use 3d anymore I got by with After Effects but then this Icelandic kid and my Facebook feed kept like talking about this blender saying blender this blender that and and and I looked into it and I what I discovered was this very very massive and active and Loyal community because it wasn’t an exclusive club. It was it was available to everyone so this this community of people was so enthusiastic so vocal so just like I’m not gonna stand here and call the blender community a cult. Okay, but just I mean you do have like a cute sort of, you know official title for your leader and the the the new the new headquarters Looks like this so, I mean you tell me like what’s a cult and what’s not I’m not saying it as a negative thing. I’m just I’m saying if blender is a cult I’m in the cult now, like I’ve been assimilated and I’m happy about it. Okay, I’ve gone through all the stages I uh, you know, I retweet all the hashtag b3d things almost automatically now I’m not at the stage where I incorporated the blender logo into my Twitter avatar Sebastian König style But I mean I’m thinking about it, you know, maybe something like this not the most original thing, but that’s how it starts You know and of course I’ve spent many many nights trying to like figure out how to do something simple in blender and just like I kept at it and I probably Drank as many cups of coffee as Gleb Alexandrov trying to get through all of it I have relearned all my terminology from Lightwave days. I know it’s not polygons. It’s faces. It’s not lines. It’s edges It’s not points its vertices I’ve even gone through that intermediate stage where you get a little too Comfortable with the term vertices you get a little too trigger-happy and you start saying it as a singular verticie right verticie, and then you learned that The singular of vertices is not verticie its vertex, right? And you sound like an idiot in all your old tutorials so many tutorials and of course I have recorded my own tutorials I mean that’s something we do for the community You know I’ve done tutorials on how to do things in blender that I myself have learned the day before from much shorter or better tutorials It’s a rite of passage. You know, it’s something you do and personally, I don’t really worry about my blender tutorials being too long because I know that just as in physics there is like a there’s A physical constant no matter how fast you accelerate you’ll never reach or exceed the speed of light With blender tutorials no matter how long you make yours. You’ll never exceed the duration of Kent Trammell Just got like 19 hour courses. It’s insane. It’s sick, but I learned a lot from this guy I learned a lot from from so many instructors in the community. I love learning about new features I love learning about classic tutorials or rewatch things Even if it’s a little outdated all the stuff on the blender cloud is like so current Especially this cool character modeling tutorial by Angela Guenette, you know, I’ve gone through that thing. It’s it’s so involved. Yes, it’s difficult. Yes, it’s complicated. Yes, the model in the photo references is in fact an adult film star from the Czech Republic But we have you have to know these you have to know these things you have to do your research and that’s what I did I worked at it I started incorporating blender shots into my web series, and it wasn’t too long before I didn’t just get good at blender I became the world’s greatest blenderer. Alright Yeah, well thank you I’m glad you agree Some people might think that’s hyperbole but I don’t I don’t think so. I mean, look, let’s look at the numbers I I hate to brag I apologize in advance but might just this month my channel did surpass a million subscribers and Thank you. That’s very kind That is very kind. And you know, obviously I’m pretty open about championing blender and that I use blender So like my channel is associated with blender in a way and I have a million subscribers There are other channels on YouTube that are all about blender. I don’t think any of them have a million subscribers Not that I mean, you know you’re close Blender Guru. You’re pretty close. But don’t– You’re not there yet Alright, don’t get cocky. Don’t get cocky. So All I know is I’m standing up here. You guys are down there. There must be a reason I was invited by the blender foundation. I didn’t ask to be here. Okay, I love it But see, you know, I think I think you’re here to learn so like let’s get technical Let’s let’s, look, this is a technical conference after all So let’s look at the production of Captain Disillusion and how blender is utilized in my production workflow? I use it in a few different ways. First of all in a narrative way. Okay, sometimes it’s about advancing the world of Captain Disillusion doing some kind of joke or making a point in like a sketch so To take a specific example. I did this video a while back about this invention called the secret bracelet, right? I don’t know if you’ve seen this thing. It’s a silly invention. It was a crowdfunded project I didn’t think I was very good and what better way to make fun of it, then to maybe like introduce my own invention That’s equally silly called the genie, right? So I made up this little ball that you stuff yourself into to mail yourself in the mail instead of like having to pay for A plane ticket to make a point, you know at the beginning of my video so to do that Story to do that sketch. I had to create this asset. So let’s just take a closer look at how this was accomplished now I know we have different skill levels here and I’m gonna try to like keep it, you know, generally understood So so what we’re looking at here essentially believe it or not this started out as nothing more than a simple UV sphere And, you know, it’s about starting a general concept from a general sort of place and then you use various hard surface modeling techniques, you know, you iteratively Gradually arrive at something ultimately totally unrecognizable but something that serves the purpose, you know And it doesn’t end there in this case it had to be a little more complicated it needed to animate and a certain point it had to open up so I can like Fall out of it, right? So here we’re like on another level Okay So I had to figure out the flow of the topology and decide on like the place where this would elegantly open up How do you like get it in there? you know and then I’ve obviously turned it into not one but separate objects up to three objects and Rig it up in that specific way that needed to animate through keyframes. This is something we anyway, I’ll go over it later. So And ultimately I think it paid off You know, I think the sketch worked I think it’s one of the most popular episodes on my whole channel So, you know, that’s an example of narrative use But primarily I use blender in like the explanatory graphics the stuff I’m known for, you know Visualizing how effects are done how something is faked and so here’s an example of that I did this episode recently on the Escherian stairwell It was this viral video about supposedly this endless stairwell at some college and of course, it was not a real thing It was kind of an experimental short film by this filmmaker and they didn’t use any complicated Graphics or animation or visual effects to accomplish this they just used old-school clever camera tricks, but to explain how it was done I thought it would be very effective to do it by recreating the entire Stairwell in 3d use it as a schematic of how things went down and this is obviously a whole other level of complexity I don’t remember how we approached some of these things I’ll kind of go through it with you as I remember it I think for the walls What did we I think yeah, it was just it was planes a couple of planes Yeah, but walls are really not the star of the in a stairwell the star is the stair right the individual stair? So let’s focus in on this What we’re looking at here is for practical purposes essentially is what we’re talking about is a cube, okay? Now I know, “What? Captain Disillusion that looks nothing like a cube. I know what a cube looks like a cube looks like this” and you’re right You’re right, but in blender it turns out we have the capability of Changing the size of things and it’s called scaling I believe the shortcut is s you press s you can sort of scale things down and it’s but not it’s you know It goes equal Dimensionally, but not only that you can do it one dimension at a time If you go S X right it goes only on the axis– you guys I don’t see you writing it down. I’m just It’s up for your benefit But so, you know You can do this iteratively and eventually you arrive at something that is basically kind of like the shape of a step and that is how I Achieved the creation of not just that step but all the steps and and I’ll tell you something else I didn’t even have to do it one by one. There’s a thing called the array modifier It’s over there in the the modifiers tab, and it just just copies everything just it’s done So I apologize if I went too fast through these things. I know there’s different levels I know Aidy Burrows wanted some explanation and just come up to me after the show I’m happy to talk to professionals to amateurs alike. Actually speaking of amateurs. I hope you you’ll indulge me It’s a little off topic But I need to get something off my chest that you guys in this room. You all were already here. We love blender We don’t need convincing but I want to talk to the people at home. Maybe watching the live stream who might have like downloaded blender ones might have tried it and and and they Didn’t stick with it because they felt that blender is like not very user friendly not intuitive Okay Where do I begin? You are wrong. Okay And I’m happy to prove it to you any day of the week okay, take any aspect of the workload anything like something as complex as Materials okay handling materials shading this can sometimes be convoluted and other software not in blender. It couldn’t be easier So let’s just go through it real quick Say you have your model you’re happy with it But you don’t want it to look like it’s made out of dental clay or whatever You want to give it a nice material? All you have to do is go over to the materials tab? Click this little plus button and it will add a new material as well as a material slot above which lists the material which is listed below. Okay So now stay organized to rename your material into something that makes sense and you’ll see that the material slot got renamed as well That’s because materials have names material slots. Don’t really have names They just reflect the names of the material that are listed within them, but don’t worry about that Just set some basic settings and the control panel below if you need a little bit more control You can go to a different control panel called the node editor spend a few days in there Get to get it exactly the way you want and then you’re done. It’s simple Yeah, if if you want your your object to just have the one solid material you’re done if you want more than one material Don’t worry, you can do that too. Okay, just go into edit mode on the object selected geometry. Click this little plus button It’ll add another material slot. It won’t be automatically populated by new material So you got to go down and press that little plus button again It’ll create the new material now If you try to rename this material the same thing as an experiment You can’t because every material in a blender scene has to have a unique name But multiple material slots can list the same material within them in which case they will all be called the same thing But that’s not confusing Alright, don’t don’t don’t don’t say that and anyway, in our case, we do want a different material So we’ve got to create a new material but don’t click that plus button that plus button is not like this plus button Over here that plus button does not create a new thing it duplicates The thing that is currently listed, but sometimes you do want to do that. You don’t want to start from scratch Just go ahead and click that and modify the material that’s there in the node editor for a few more days and then you know When you’re happy with it You’ll see that nothing has happened and that’s because you weren’t paying attention and you didn’t click assign. All right We’re almost there we’re almost there So go ahead reselect the geometry click assign if nothing has happened, of course because you weren’t paying attention again Because when you re-select the geometry, it selected its old material So nothing happened you assign the old material so select the new material and then click assign and then you’re done. Ok it worked now It’s okay. It’s you know I understand there is a learning curve and if by the end of this process through trial and error you accidentally created a few extra Materials that you didn’t mean to create and you don’t want them around you might want to know how to get rid of them Well, you can’t! Okay? Don’t be such a baby. In software development Deleting, it’s just a concept. Ok, it doesn’t Some software might have a delete button and when you click it a thing disappears, but it’s not really gone Okay, it’s not gone from the memory. All right. All right. Am I right, Ton? So in Blender, we just would choose not to go through that charade Okay, you can’t delete unused materials If you really want your unused materials gone be a grown-up and restart blender Shut it down restart it again, and then the materials will be gone Of course any other unused materials that you might have wanted to keep around will be gone as well But is that really the fault of blender or is it the fault of the user who didn’t think didn’t plan ahead and Didn’t flag each unused material that they wanted to keep around by simply clicking a button next to it intuitively labeled F. I can just I could just hear them at home, you know, what’s what’s the F stand for? Say it with me everybody, “Fake user”, duh? What does that mean? None of your business, okay, just stop stop telling people that blender is difficult to use I’m sorry guys I just I just had to get it off my chest and I sometimes people can be so annoying with– Captain? Sorry to interrupt, but I think I’ve got everything working so we can try again. Great. Not a moment too soon I miss my beautiful body and these people have strange reactions to things What do I do? Just touch the laptop again. Are you sure? That’s okay that’s supposed to happen. Here we go, three two one Did it work? well… Partially. What the – What went wrong now? You’re supposed to fix this Alan I’m starting to develop body image issues in a roomful of computer nerds I’m sorry captain, but I think the only way I can recreate the anomaly is if both subjects are in line of sight Wait, wait a minute. Are you telling me that in order for us to switch bodies back, we have to be in the same room? Yeah. And the only way to do that is to fix the portal so I can go back through it. Is that it? Yep And at that point by being back in our own bodies We’ll finally regain the ability to play the instruments we both play in our to boy pop boyband Fluid Sim! uh-huh And nothing would then of course prevent me from coming back out to the stage of my proper self the way I was supposed to in the first place. Well, I don’t know if we want to make it that complicated- Fix the portal Alan. We can’t let our audience down. I can come up with a few more minutes of crap to say All right Let’s take it down guys Look I hate to do this, but I have a Patreon. Okay, it’s it’s It’s the primary way that I support myself. YouTube income for someone like me could be unreliable But it’s nice to be able to know that I’m being directly supported by people who who really like my stuff who really believe in what I do and we’ve built like a nice little community of our own there with fans sort of giving me feedback and Seeing things ahead of time of the general public I enjoy having that interaction with them, but I do have to say I do attract a certain kind of fan I think we could look at a specific case study to figure out what I mean. I did this video about this Marble sorting machine you might have seen this sometimes it like floats around as a gif and it’s this is this device called the Galton Board and they’re usually just like mixing balls, but this one magically is able to sort them by different colors, right? This was this thing going around. How do they do that? And there’s not a huge mystery about it because the artist the creator who did this who made this he was open about it He posted like a work-in-progress thing showing how he did. It was just a background plate and that entire thing was a CG recreation I’m not sure. He used blender. He might have used Maya I don’t know but he did this and so the question becomes how was the making the balls separate handled and I think all of you instinctively know this because you understand how this stuff works right a Simulation makes the balls fall down But once the simulation is done, it’s baked, you know where they’re gonna land at the end You can recolor them. And then once you’re rendering it from the start, it looks like they’re mixed. They come out It’s it’s obvious and because this was very well done I didn’t feel I need to like recreate this thing to show it can be done in CG It’s done what I focused on in my video Was to just explain the principles because you guys understand this but people out there they don’t understand these principles sometimes So I did like simple mock-ups of things just partial models and like simple simple explanations. This is how simulation works this is What baking is this is how you resurface materials the way we learned earlier and so it was received very well And again, I don’t think any of us in this room have doubts, but my patrons do my patrons have doubts They’re very hyper skeptical people a few of them had a few notes and questions. So one guy, I think his name was Król I’m gonna paraphrase all these notes so he had this to say great debunk captain But you missed something during the falling of the balls. There’s a part where one little ball this stray teal ball It goes off in a different direction Not where all the teal balls actually end up landing. Therefore. I think your whole explanation is wrong, and there wasn’t just a simulation There’s something more to it maybe the balls were made procedurally to change color depending on where they’re gonna end up and I thought about this and I and I Answered him I said, yeah that ball is a strange anomaly, but I don’t think it’s enough to just negate my whole explanation I think if the balls were changing color midstream, we would notice some of it and I don’t see any balls changing So I think I’m still correct And that’s all there is to it and to that Król said no I guess I don’t know but I don’t think you’re right still I don’t know why I thought jeez if I had the luxury of time if I could just sit there and recreate a perfect replica of that thing put the Same amount of balls in it. I’d run the whole simulation. I show you how it’s done I wouldn’t have to say anything and you’d believe me, but I’m not gonna do that. The video is done I have to move on I have other videos to create I have to hit make a video every month So whatever, you know, I just let it go I just ignored it and then another nice patron had something to say his name is Marcell He said but captain you missed something. How come if this is a simulation of real physics? Why didn’t the balls end up in a what’s called a normal distribution because in a real-world Galton board? They fall like this. There’s a big hump in the middle That’s what Galton boards are designed to show you that happens. Right but in this guy’s video it was like almost completely straight There’s a little hump but it’s not really big. So I thought about it. I said, yeah Well, there’s a little hump, you know I think it’s less pronounced because Artistically he needed the different colors to be sorted and it would be weird if there was very few of a certain color it needed To be even so what he did Was just tweak a few different settings in the physics to kind of cheat the system and make them distribute more evenly you can change weight of certain balls you can change like air resistance or something the friction the bounciness of things and that’s how he did it and Then he didn’t seem convinced and then another guy this educator who’s helped me on a few videos called Dan chimed in Less pronounced? Either it’s falling in a normal distribution or not. Physics is physics. You can’t just change things around I think this first guy has a point and the first guy is like, you know, yes, I I don’t believe you I don’t think you can tweak physics in the way that you can tweak physics and I don’t think it works like that and I was like I’m not gonna engage with this. I don’t have time. I’m not gonna be goaded He said, you know if you want to do this simulation redo it do it. I’m not gonna do it but secretly to myself Without telling them I freakin redid that whole stupid thing, okay I sat down and I built a Photogrammetricly as perfect a replica of the thing based off the footage as I could I rigged it up It was as close as you can get and I filled it with the same amount of balls after that that I could see in the video I did the whole simulation. I think I got all the scale right and I discovered something interesting first of all because of that big spike Which is not usually part of it bouncing the balls all the way like reflecting them. They actually land in this weird bizarre inverse distribution so this is a Crappy Galton board design if it was to be made in the real world but that never mind that even with that huge handicap I put my theory to the test Okay, I ran the simulation a few times and I tweaked a few parameters and I when I was happy with it I baked the simulation and I recolored the balls at the end. And how about we look at the result, huh? Look at those balls go Król Check them out Look at they’re all landing magically in the right place are the last few stragglers gonna gonna go in the wrong place by accident No, they’re all oh they all made it in the right place. I didn’t seem to need to change any of the colors of the ball secretly. It seems to have worked and um um Marcell and and Dan Check out how nice and straight this whole distribution is it’s almost like a straight line I guess it is possible to tweak the physics to make the thing do whatever you want because it’s just a simulation It’s not a real thing. That’s what it’s for. So, you know, I love you. I love you. Thank you for your support but like maybe Sometimes just trust uncle Captain Disillusion that maybe he knows what he’s talking about. Okay Thank you [clapping] So those are the three ways I use blender to tell stories, To demonstrate the principles of visual effects, and to pown people when they step out of line sometimes But mostly I use blender because I think it just makes me feel good I love that feeling of like sitting down in front of a fresh blender scene and just feeling the possibilities Feeling like I could create anything It kind of puts me into that feeling back in the day when I when I would watch Babylon 5 and stuff and feel like I could I could touch that I could I could accomplish that if I really tried I had the capability. In fact I have in a way on that stairwell video one segment involved creating a parody of Babylon 5 so I kind of did a shot-for-shot remake of this thing and it’s like it made me realize You know looking at it side-by-side if I put my mind to it if I do my best if I put my best effort forward I can make something that sort of kind of almost nearly looks as good as something made 25 years ago on an Amiga computer and that’s it’s ok, because When I say I’m the greatest world’s greatest blenderer, I didn’t mean generally, okay I meant in my own category in the weird way that I use it as I showed you and That’s because blender is such a versatile tool like we don’t have to be animators. That’s you guys There was only like three animators when Ton asked, right? It’s you can you can use it for so many things you could be, you know A sculptor creating 3d prints out of it. You could be plan architectural design you could do I don’t know painting. You just use a blender scene as a basis for your digital painting We can all be the world’s greatest blenderer in our own You know unique category and that’s if you take away anything from it, it should be that. Now, I’m really sorry if I’ve been cranky throughout this whole thing. I’m not really that upset about being stuck in Alan’s body I mean now that I’ve been in it for a while. I think it’s actually kind of hot. I don’t know But it’s just it kind of ruins things. I had this thing planned We were gonna do this big ending, right Cuz because I wanted to show you all the shots I ever did in blender in Captain Disillusion. It’s a bunch It’s actually too much I wouldn’t have time And my entire time slot – to string them all together But I thought I would like use every shot but quickly make like a quick montage That would be like a cool music video and for the music of that video Alan and I we have this band right and so we thought we’d create this rocking song about blender for you And sing it to this montage but then the portal broken and and then we switch bodies and it’s all just kind of been ruined but I you know I don’t like to give up I’m gonna have to do this one way or another and it’s just gonna I’m just gonna have to improvise using the ancient Japanese art of karaoke, so if you just if you just Bear with me guys. This is gonna get emotional because I want to share my feelings with you And I want to say people might call me primitive. But primitives are how it starts good old cubes spheres and flat planes together or apart Watching you build a universe. While I’m getting stuck in views All I wanted to do was blend with you All I wanted to do was blend wi– Captain! I did it! The portal is ready. Finally! Get me out of here. Yes, sir. Ah, home sweet home It was getting real cringy out there, those people were giving me nothing. They can still hear us. Oh – Come on, we better switch bodies back. I’m starting to say things I don’t mean. Here we go. And… That’s the stuff Captain I’ve had to pee for like an hour! No time. Fire up the playback and suit up Alan cuz Fluid Sim has got a gig to perform. Yeah! One, Two I’ve been dreading the flatness of you and me. X and Y, never evolving into XYZ. Jen’s a forger now and you won’t do what I expect Would it kill you to let me right-click select? So let’s just end it and not pretend we’re cool Because I’ve been flirting with a more aggressive tool. It’s Blender! Got its own foundation built on the people’s code around the world. It’s easy to see why blender needs no activation It just gets you closer or further or different from reality You’re rushing. What? You’re rushing. No, I’m from Latvia. CG experts are never in short supply Teaching nodes or sharing tips on how to rig an eye Knowing how is key but doing is another world And it also pays better or so I’m told so learn the basics and dive right in And start creating assets for an epic work of art with blender There’s no limitations only the time it takes to animate and Render the scene With blender and some imagination you might just get closer or further or different from reality Isn’t it over yet? No, what are we gonna do? What any pop song does to fill time. Improvise a lazy solo. Go! Me? It’s still going, Captain! No matter, activate the portal, Alan, I’m going out there Are you sure? We got to give the people what they want. With blender there is an extension that lets you fill the sky with apple pie real accurately With blender your determination can get you much closer or further or different from reality In blender’s alternate dimension we’re gonna plot the course for open source With blender And all the right intentions we’re getting much faster and better and different in reality In reality Thank you. Yeah! Thanks guys Appreciate it Love you guys

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