Can you even draw?

Can you even draw?

“Hmm, does Solar Sands animate or draw anything?” “In my opinion, you can’t judge how lazy or bland something is if you don’t do it or know how to do it.” “I always watch his videos and wonder this.” “Does this guy even draw?” “Maybe you should stop ranting on everyone and sounding like a thirteen year old female artist- -on their period, and post more of YOUR OWN ART!” “I know. Crazy idea, right?” *careless toss* “You always ‘critique’ other people’s art, but I’ve never seen you draw or animate. Just saying.” “How dare you. It’s not like you can draw any better.” “So all your videos are based around talking shit about people’s art, yet you don’t make anything yourself?” “A lot of these mistakes are just made by inexperienced people who are in the pr- “Then you ranted at people stating that animation is hard?” “It’s low of me to say this but you’re terrible. Animation is frame-by-frame of drawing the same thing- -over again with slight movement. Then you have to color everything in.” “Call me a cruel person for saying this but you’re nothing. You’re a person who hides behind the screen- -talking away about how someone doesn’t have talent, then you have nothing to prove you can do it better.” “Unless you consider that hourglass ‘art’, you miserable trembling fool. “Just because you can’t draw doesn’t mean you can make fun of other people’s art.” “Why are you judging people’s drawings- w ng en -you can’t even draw, 𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞.” “If you can’t draw, then you can’t criticize art.” That is pretty much the summary of all those comments. Obviously this is a comment I get quite a lot on my channel. And by “a lot”, I mean at least five times a week. In fact, I have heard this statement so often, that I actually feel like I need to make an entire video about it. This argument is stupid. And not just your average stupid. This is… 𝐚 𝐝 𝐯 𝐚 𝐧 𝐜 𝐞 𝐝 𝐫 𝐞 𝐭 𝐚 𝐫 𝐝 𝐚 𝐭 𝐢 𝐨 𝐧. This argument is actually one of the most moronic arguments I’ve ever heard in my life. This argument is so monumentally dumb, that I could argue against it until this camera’s battery ran out- -and I would still have plenty more to say. But in the interest of time, I’ve decided to debunk this argument with only three points. Number One: If you take this statement, and replace its subject matter of art with anything else, how ridiculous does it sound? “If you can’t make a movie, you can’t review movies.” “If you aren’t a chef, then you can’t say that your meal tastes bad.” “If you’re not a politician, then you can’t criticize other politicians’ views or actions.” It doesn’t matter if you have done that thing or not. You know what you like and what you don’t like- -and you don’t have to be an expert in that field to criticize it. Number Two: What if someone who isn’t an artist gave you positive feedback on your art? Would you say to them: “You are not an artist, so you can’t compliment my art.”? I’m guessing you wouldn’t. So why isn’t it the same for negative feedback? Just like someone can compliment and recognize a piece of art that they like- -they can also criticize and recognize a piece of art that they don’t like. Sure if they’re not an artist their feedback may not be as detailed and informed- -but their feedback is still something you should consider. Number Three: I 𝐂𝐀𝐍 DRAW… …somewhat. You see, this is the stupidest part of this argument. Because if these idiots managed to do the tiniest bit of research, they could’ve easily found out I could draw. So what you have to do is go online and type in my name. And then the SECOND RESULT is my DeviantArt account. Now if you click on my account and go to my gallery then you will find some of my art. It’s that simple. Bu- but no, no. You people just don’t want to bother with actually researching something, right? Anyway, as you will see, you will find some landscape pieces that are mostly pixel art. Of course, none of these are amazing, and I still consider myself a beginner in art. I mostly just do these for fun and for learning. Okay! So there. I can draw somewhat. Now are we done here? Can you people finally stop commenting this? *wild angry commenter appears* Tsh. Can you even draw, bro? 😄 Like srsly, can you even draw? 😄 Oh my god, it’s my angry comments section represented in physical form! Hold on, I gotta go get my mask. *goes to get mask* That mask is soooo cringey. 😂👌 What do you want, comment demon? I’m here to prove that you’re ssstupid! 👉 That’s it, I’ve had enough! If I can’t destroy you with my arguments, I’ll have to destroy you… …in a duel. Ha HA… That’s pretty 𝐠𝐚𝐚𝐲! 😂 [𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 awkward duel] eh eh eh [oh shit] HNNGGGUAH Ugh… [twitches violently] Okay, that’s uhh… [twitching intensifies] Well are y- Are you done uh…? [twitch overload] *dies* Okay then… [Sad Music]

100 thoughts on “Can you even draw?

  1. Sorry for the awkward hand movements. I've never really talked in front of a camera before. Just…try to ignore it.

    Also yes I know my shirt is dirty and no that is not a cum stain. Go away.

  2. Why are those hate comments sooo stupid? They’re all trying to sound smart and passive aggressive, but they all sound stupid..

  3. Ok you don't have to be an artist to hate on art. You don't have to be in the job, hobby to dislike something. But when you hate on something that someone else made you should consider feelings and not talk about how much you hate everything someone does 24/7 and this goes to everyone.

  4. Can you watch the olympics and see that some at athletes did better than others? Yes. Can you also not know the first thing about that sport and still say that, not being a pro athlete yourself?Also yes. In my opinion you are just saying things without bias, never saying that animation isn’t hard or you don’t know that. These mediocre “animators” aren’t willing to accept the fact they have a lot of room for improvement. He doesn’t even have to be good at art to compare the difference of a good animation to a bad one, or point things that could’ve made it better. Why are they willing to go that far to protect their shitty art? I can’t understand…

  5. To the retarded people, you don't need to do something to critique something, you can critique anything the fact people say 'Asshole, you don't draw so you can't comment' is fucking bullshit.

  6. Wow this blanket is very uncomfortable. Too bad I don't make blankets so I can't leave a bad review on amazon.

  7. Since you don’t make movies you can’t critique movies

    If you don’t make YouTube videos you can’t dislike a YouTube video

  8. So those comments are saying you can’t do something is you aren’t one yourself right? If we plug in other words instead of artist then

    You can’t say murders are bad if you aren’t one yourself…

  9. It really depends on the person if they are gonna take it positively or negatively no matter I still love your channel😂😂👍👍👌👌

  10. You can critique a movie without knowing film. You can criticize footballers without knowing how formations work. You can also criticize and give feedback to game makers without knowing how a fucking game works.

    If that is clear to all of you, then it should mean that you dont need to have experience in art, show your art everywhere or be fucking Da Vinci to criticize a piece of art.

  11. Does he even comment those type of comments? No. So he can’t talk about why they’re wrong when he’s never done it.

  12. I swear, these "If you can't do it, don't criticize it" thing pisses me off to the max. If you use that reason, you should be detained in a insane asylum. Just because people cannot do something does not mean they cannot criticize art/animations that deserve the criticism. Just, don't use it. It makes you look like an idiot.

  13. Don't worry boi I critiqued on someones art and she said I couldn't draw any better (pfffft she sucks at drawing hair and clothes)

  14. This isn't your average stupid, this is A D V A N C E D R E TE A R D A T I O N

    I really would have to agree because solar sands put frocking disclaimers in those videos. And here's something for those people

    I'm sure more than half of you don't even make YouTube videos so that means you have no right to criticize Solar. Ah how the tables have turned, going against your own word really is advanced retardation. (And sorry but I got to.) Assholes like you need to reconsider what you do, think twice, because if that's really how you think and act than I'm sure (or at least hope) you don't have many to support you through troubling times.

    Sorry I went on a rant. Stuff like this triggers me and I've had a lot of pent up anger.
    Lol I'd rather dislikes for what I side.

    Ya know what, 100 dislike goal k? And if you don't like my comment then I dunno, just don't dislike?

  15. If you aren't a singer, you can't dislike a song.
    If you aren't a teacher, you can't criticize the education system.
    If you aren't an actor, you can't criticize a movie.
    That's all just so dumb. Sure, I can't draw, but I can still think a drawing looks weird or lazy.
    I'm not a singer, but I can still say a song is annoying.
    I'm not a teacher, but I can still say my school sucks.
    I'm not an actress, but I can still say a movie was bad..
    Thanks for coming to my TED talk!

  16. If you can't design a parachute, you can't say what a bad one is, even if it fails miserably…
    (Substitute: seat-belt, car-airbag, airplane, chair etc. etc. Ad infinitum…)

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