100 thoughts on “Can We DIY This Kid’s Dream Halloween Costume?

  1. Omg I want a costume of my oc since I dont have a costume 😭 Is there an actual sight for it?
    I'm also 9 btw

  2. It’s kind of sad that they didn’t actually get someone to make the costume who knows how to sew! That poor girl had an amazing idea and the costume didn’t even turn out that great 😪

  3. I hate it when people hotglue stuff together. Like I want to enjoy it but know how stuff easily can break apart, glue sticks not for along part to fabric and needles can fell out. I feel a little anxious about the costumes break apart at the Halloween night. I love to build costumes but really hot glue alone don't do it! Just learn how to sew and your on the good side!


  5. Me: eh kinda to much work for a day
    Also me: Contacts them ‘hello yes, I would like a homemade costume

    Who thinks they should make a costume store for Halloween?
    No one just me ok

  6. I make my 3 kids their Halloween costumes every year. I liked the way this one turned out. But to me it seemed like a lot of extra work that she did. I really thought the pipes and wheels were a good idea though 😊

  7. Next year for Halloween I wanna be a satyr :>

    Also I like how she’s nine and likes Cats the Musical
    I’m ten and love it as well

  8. Started off hella strong but that second half was super rushed. I doubt the costume would make it through an evening of trick or treating, much less multiple uses. Would love to see this done again but with more time.

  9. *me crafts, a theater geek, cosplays…..is this child is me? I mean when Oona said “it should be easy to make” in theory yes, if you know what you are doing and sis that hot glue ain’t gonna last (she did say time was limited) but otherwise the creator did great at completing this girls dream with the time she had and maybe this spunky girl someday, can make her own costumes

  10. I wish I could afford to get my kiddos neat costumes this year 🙁 we're all trying to figure out what to make with cardboard,hot glue gun, and markers. This little girl is very very lucky

  11. “Faux fur was hard to find”
    Meanwhile, I’m in fabric land and I find every single shade of green and brown fur I need.

  12. Yes it isnt the best but having a time limit and never have done something like this its good for what she had done. Also woah that child has had some nice costumes like i just bought something at the store and went with it XD

  13. You know, for her being rushed in the typical buzzfeed fast video fashion. She sure did some magic with hot glue. If she had the time she could've sewn it and made it more perfected. Wish buzzfeed would plan out videos to where the people they hire for this kind of stuff got a fair chance to show off their skills. This costume is still so good.

  14. Cringed to the fact that she fucking glued the fabric together. It's so lazy and low quality. If you are doing such projects give the person more time

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