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Camelia de Origami | Origami Flower | [email protected]

Hi all!! Wellcome to MundoaParty. In this
chance I’ll teach you to make a origami camellia, it is very easy to do so now I’ll show you the step by step and here’s an example for what I’ve used. Let us begin! Let’s begin with a square of paper, no matter the size The first thing we will perform are diagonals. We mark them well because they will be important for our following steps After making the diagonals we will bring this edge towards the center, this way. will remain so. Now let’s do is take this tip here toward the center we this way. Now what we will do is this, let’s take this tip here and go to guided by this line and we will do this. Let’s make that match both sides of the paper this way. You see how it looks, now simply pressed guided by this fold is here, simply we pressed here and crush the rest. It will be this way. Now we take this part of the paper and do the same, we have this edge we follow this line and simply bend the paper to this little beak of here We mark here and now we’re all for the center that was marked before It will remain so and we repeat it before. This edge here it together in this way, we bring this up here and press. Would this. And now we repeat and we bring this tips of up to this angle here and press. It is important mark the paper well. And now we have this edge here, here. and once in place we push And we would come this far, here we no longer have more paper therefore there is to do is turn this part and do as follows Get up here a little bit, we do this back and what we will do is pressed again and this part here is that we will turn around This was before above and is now below. And simply return to press and here we make the last step that would bring this edge from here to here and we push. And so we would be the last part, now simply we have to put this little beak inward and here we would flower. For we have no center in white we can get a piece of yellow cardstock. I cut it in circular shape, but a square also works. And now what we do is just put this around the edges. this way we will have our camellia with yellow center Here I show you one I made it bigger and with this we can decorate any kind of craft you have.. So, I hope you enjoyed and you found it simple. We will see in the next tutorial. ¡Bye, bye!

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