Calligraphy in the Western World : Calligraphy in Crop Circle Designs

Calligraphy in the Western World : Calligraphy in Crop Circle Designs

I was always trying to sort of radiate, one,
two, monstrous that’s the term I couldn’t come up just a second ago. Alright so you
know what a triad is going to come into play here is the one that is repetition, variation
and change. You’re not going to change from the idea of the radiance of this mandala.
But if you want some very, very marvelous inspiration for mandala designs and also an
inspiration for the meanings of numbers, check out Michael Glickman’s Crop Circles. On the
back of which you will see reference to the many crop circles designs that have appeared
over the last dozen years or so. Which are clearly mandalas. Mandalas. Ok some simple
some very, very complex, some very, very large. And then let’s go back to something that comes
straight out of my studio, and that is this little guy. This I painted in January when
I need to fill myself with rich, sense of richness and color. And it really did the
trick. This is another, this kind of painting is quite a process because the decision making
is what takes a long time. But once I’ve decided that I’m going to do something, I don’t know
if you can see or not, but these are all, this little tone in here is actually all little
painted diamonds ok so once I’ve decided to paint those diamonds in then I was good to
go and I went ahead and put on the music and just played with that. It took me a few hours,
but anyway so whoosh circular designs.

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  1. Your face radiates as you look at your painting. It is awesome to see how this type of art effects our energy.

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