Hello, how creative are you? In today’s tutorial we learn to do these simple boxes ideal for storage any detail or use as a candy, the craft is very fast and very beautiful, we go with the tutorial! To start we need a template like this I leave the link in the description box to be able to download, and what we do is cut out the silhouette Once the template is cut, it is time to choose the paper we want our box to be you can use a cardboard At the end of the video I will show you a box made with cardboard and you will see how beautiful it is in my case it’s scrap paper, double-sided so the face that I want to be visible, I put it face down place the template on top and with a pencil I proceed to do the outline, Once the entire silhouette is marked we will cut it, we put the template back on the paper for the part that we do not want it to be visible, and with a punch or something that does not cut, in my case is a tool to decorate nails we will mark with force all the stripes and points that the template has. I already have all the lines transferred from the template to the paper now it’s time to start bending by all brands in my case I start with the tabs the visible area the double towards the area that I do not want to see. Once I have all the tabs bent I fold the figure in half I flip the paper that is the one I want to be visible and I double all the marks except those that correspond to the points of the template while I keep folding brands today I mention a channel called Protocolo King it’s a couple who call themselves Tutti and Frutti and they do and they make some very funny monologues apart from other things, thanks Tutti and Frutti for your support always, for your comments for your mentions I invite you to subscribe to your channel I leave you in the description box the link and a label together we help each other grow. Once I have the bent marks I make some small folds to the marks that belong to the points, but to the opposite side of which we have just doubled. Now it’s time to stick the tabs with stick glue or white glue we put on each tab and bend our figure and we hit doing pressure we will do the same with all the tabs except the one with the bite to open it, we should have something like that we shape the box with one finger, let’s press the brands that we have doubled it’s the ones that belong to the points of the template. We would have the star formed and this would be the opening of the box, so it closes to open is the same. As an exception we can take a piece of ribbon make a loop we cut the leftover we burn the tips so that it does not fall apart and with some hot silicone we stick it to our box. This would be the star-shaped box and as I told you at the beginning of the video So it is with cardboard, the measures are different This is made with a template bigger, it’s a question that when printing it is reduced or enlarged the impression it looks very pretty also on cardboard and it is much more resistant the way to open is the same and to your liking you can enter a detail use as a candy bar or as you like. Well here’s the tutorial today, thank you very much for the support, to the new ones I invite you to subscribe Many kisses, I hope you liked it the craft and says Silvia de Irradia Color.


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