#CACColorHop – Where do you get your Color Inspiration?

#CACColorHop – Where do you get your Color Inspiration?

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I am part of a video hop that’s all about color… where
do you get color inspiration from… how do you pick your colors… how do you know
what colors to use in your art… and there’s several videos in this hop I
suggest you go and watch them all the links are below the video and as you’re
watching them give them some love you know thumbs up comments those type of
things so I haven’t yet seen any of those other’s videos but I think what
you’re probably going to be hearing about is primary colors and secondary
colors and triads and tetrads and complementary and split complementary
and all those things and I have a basic knowledge of all that stuff I have a
color wheel I can check myself if I think that I’m doing something wrong but
really what I want to tell you about color is that it’s not that complicated
it’s really not you don’t have to get into your head and make it about math
you know those things are nice to know about but really it’s about your art and
what’s in your heart and what you think looks good even if it’s quote wrong and
so I want to tell you how I get get inspiration and how I pick colors and
and my process because I think that that might be more helpful than all that
other stuff I don’t know maybe I’m wrong but that’s okay I’m I am passionate
about collage I love collage and that’s that’s the type of art that I like to do
it doesn’t mean that’s all I do I do a lot of stuff but I really love to glue
paper to stuff and so I decided to make a collage today an abstract collage and
I want to show you where my inspiration came from on this and this this process
is what happens to me a lot I find something in my studio and I think I
want to make something that that is inspired by that that happens to me all
the time maybe it’s a little piece of paper that
has some different stuff on it maybe it’s a postage stamp maybe it’s this
postcard which I have no idea where it came from but I saw it in my stack and I
said you know what I really like that today today I like that today those
color combinations make sense to me and I want to do my collage with those
colors and sure I can look on my color wheel and I can see that the predominant
colors on this are our orange in a shade violet in a shade and well yeah pretty
much and green in a shade so those that’s a
triad those are those complement each other they they look nice but you know
what I don’t need a color wheel to say that because this is a picture of nature
and if nature does it who am I to argue she’s certainly more tough than me so
that is what happens to me a lot and that’s how I pick my colors a lot I do
notice that for me personally my color choices are very seasonal if it’s if
it’s fall I know it’s fall there’s things around that that remind
me of fall even though where I live it’s not really very fall-like then I tend
towards those those warmer colors of reds and oranges if it’s winter I tend
towards blues and purples if it’s summer I tend to like the super bright colors
it’s just I don’t know why that is I don’t know if it’s that I’ve been
programmed to be like that by you know being by seeing those colors all the
time on everything every media during those seasons I don’t know why that is I
also have favorites and I notice as I’m going around to other people’s videos
and watching other stuff on YouTube that there are some people who use the same
colors over and over and over and they like that color combination a popular
one is is like a bright pink a teal and a purple or a bright pink and an orange
and a teal those type of color combinations our favorites
and people will use them and use them and use them because that’s their style
somebody that I can that I can really point out as having a particular color
palette that she uses extensively as Carolyn Dubey I’ve been watching her for
years she loves those bright rainbow colors and that’s what she uses I’m not
sure she even has any other colors of paint I don’t know but that you know
personal preference certainly is a way to pick color if that’s the way that
you’d like to use color and that is is what makes you happy than you should do
it I guess that’s really what I’m trying to say here in this video is that really
please don’t make it so complicated don’t don’t make it about a lesson in
right and wrong because there isn’t one the only thing that might be useful in
color theory is to know that if you mix two colors that are across each other on
the color wheel like red and green or orange and blue that you will get a
shade of neutral which is what they call mud maybe it’s brown maybe it’s great
but you’re gonna get a color that might not be so pretty and maybe it’s not your
favorite that’s about the only useful thing maybe another useful thing might
be to know what a tent in a shade is if you take a base pigment in you and you
mix it with white you get a tint a lighter shade a pastel if you take a
basic color and you mix it with black you get a shade and I mean that’s
helpful information the only problem with that when mixing paint is that you
really don’t know what the original paint got mixed with so you have to make
sure that it’s the most pure pigment before you start trying to mix colors
and are you will not get a predictable result so what am i doing on the screen
this is an abstract collage this is with papers that are around my desk and that
little inspiration postcard I kind of wished I knew where this
postcard was from it does not say it just says it’s called terra firma 2013
it’s a photograph by Tim Allen photo salt says it doesn’t say oh wait I’m
wrong I found it in very small small print it says Australia
it says Australia on it so yeah this must be a place in
Australia but when I looked at it first of all I the colors caught my eye it’s
not everyday I would use these colors yeah I think all even orange together
look pretty nice or all even rust colors look nice together but I’m not sure that
I would ever put blue or violet with it I liked it in the postcard this day I
also was inspired by the shape in the middle of it it has this kind of paths
in fact I named this piece all paths lead to home because to me those things
in the middle looked like paths I don’t know what they
really are probably a runoff or something there’s some definite definite
lines in here the stuff at the bottom is blue but I don’t know if it’s water I
can’t really tell I just thought it was cool so those two things the colors and
the line things in the middle inspired me to make this piece so I started by
gluing down layers of different colors of papers most of these are gel prints
they’re different thicknesses of paper some of it is deli paper some of it is
old book text or dictionary text that I have some more age than others I also
have some pattern tissue which is kind of that craft color tissue paper which
lays really nicely over the other colors so that you can see stuff coming up
Beach in from behind it but also makes kind of a shadow or a
path and then what else I think there’s some packaging paper I’m passionate
about reusing stuff so if I get a pass on paper and a packaging that has
interesting color and pattern on it I will save it I have these these boxes
plastic boxes boxes and in bins of different papers some of it sorted some
of it’s not I’m not that organized about it I just like to go through and pick
colors that I find interesting at that particular time out of the bin or maybe
I get an inspiration piece out of the bin and then I start picking things that
I think will go with it that’s that’s the process that I love and I’ve always
loved that about doing collage art that’s the reason that I do collage so
much is because you just love to pick the stuff that I think goes together and
yeah I don’t know what else to say about it so what I’m using is a 5 by 7 wood
canvas that I bought at Walmart you know collage works really well on on wood you
can also join our regular canvases stretch canvases but you do have that
give factor which you know when you push on it it gives a little bit whereas the
wood will stay very firm and I I started to really like these wooden canvases for
doing my abstract collages on although that’s not all use I like them because I
can collage around the sides and then just put a pin in the wall and hang it
up I don’t have to worry about getting it framed and enough to worry about any
of that it’s got color all the way around the sides and I can just hang it
up right now as soon as it gets done being varnished so once I glued
everything down with my mop medium then I I like to add shadow and highlight to
my collage so I like to use these fabric estelle pit pins which are India ink
pins India Inc when dry is permanent so if I
put India ink on my piece and then I go over it with something wet because I
like mixed-media and I like to put other stuff over the other stuff it won’t run
or store move or change it’s permanent but it does give a little bit of time in
which to blend and so what I like to blend with is a water tank brush and
that’s a brush that has a synthetic synthetic bristle and it has a water
reservoir inside of it so when I squeeze it water comes out the tip and I like
those because I don’t have to keep dipping the brush into water to blend
and since my open time for blending this this type of ink is short I want to I
want to do it quickly so I write a little bit of color on and then I blend
it right away and then I write a little bit more and I blend it some more I
can’t write everything on the whole thing and then blend it doesn’t work
that way it’s it’s a quick a quickie you gotta get it blended quickly so that’s
why I like the water tank brush and I’m adding the shadows and highlights to
this this pattern in the middle of paths because this is when I was thinking
about how all paths on this particular piece lead to one place and I thought
that was interesting and and that’s how I kind of got the idea this this piece
also reminds me of some photos that I’ve seen of a place where a lot of my
extended family aunts and uncles cousins those type of people live and it’s in in
the Palouse the Palouse they call it in Idaho and when it’s harvest season which
it is coming up very soon if not already the Palouse from the air looks a lot
like this you get a lot of different crops that are overlapping and they kind
of go in that same type of a pattern and so I’ve done a piece before for my aunts
which had those layers of color with collage and that that’s home to me Idaho
where I grew up with well I didn’t grow up there but I went there a lot to visit
my aunts and uncles and cousins at holidays and things and the big extended
family loud crazy people that’s that’s kind of my concept of home
so I thought about the Palouse and this type of the look being home and it’s
harvest time and its fall so these are kind of fall colors and I liked the
postcard and I I was inspired by that and that’s how I got my color ideas
that’s how I got my colorways it’s really as simple as that I decided that
I need to learn a few more paths though because I’ve been to a lot of different
places and it looked – there was five things and it was too contrived looking
it almost looked like a person with arms and a head and legs so I needed to add a
few more of these torn paper paths to it to make it look a little bit more random
although it’s very difficult for we as humans to make anything random we just
don’t do it we don’t like it I also tore a piece of the red paper
into a heart shape and put it in the conjunction of the paths there to just
make my idea a little bit more literal have I added some more shadows colors
whatever and then to finish this piece off I varnished it with some gloss
varnish I kind of wished I would have used satin because when you do collage
it’s bumpy and if you put something shiny over the top it sometimes really
shows the bumps a lot from the side you know because because light can reflect
off of it and it changes the look of it so
I’ll probably put another coat of more matte or satin over it when it gets all
completely dry in a couple days I hope you’ve enjoyed this video I hope you’ve
enjoyed my ran rambling discussion about color and where I think inspiration
comes from in color and if you have please remember to give it a thumbs up
leave me a comment or question below subscribe and share and of course please
go and watch the other people’s videos and find out what their opinions are and
how they think about color is it a lot more clinical than me or is it even more
organic than I am it’ll be interesting to find out and be sure to give all
those people some love to subscribe and leave comments and all those things so
that is it for me for this color hop bye bye

42 thoughts on “#CACColorHop – Where do you get your Color Inspiration?

  1. I love this collage. I can see why you were attracted to this design. It's sort of an organized random set of colors! It's always fun watching you create! WELL DONE! (This is terrible, but I just couldn't sit through the color wheel lessons over and over and over.) Your presentation is more intuitive and makes complete sense!

  2. Thank you. Thank you for your artistic path and passion! I appreciate your time and commitment with your YouTube channel.
    You inspire sooooo many of us!!! I enjoy you're sharing and the knowledge you pass along. In our busy lives you take valuable time to give of yourself. Thank you again.

  3. Loved seeing all those papers, Shel, they're so yummy and I love collage too. Wonderful interpretation of the postcard. Thanks for joining in the Color Hop. 💚

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on colors and your color inspirations Shel. I loved hearing what you had to say. I love autumn colors and they figure prominently in my fabric pieces. I'll definitely check out the other videos. Hugs!

  5. Shel C, I love this project. Color wheels are tools….and I am happy you addressed it. Palouse highway through Idaho and Spokane…..miles I had spent on my bike as a kid. I have relatives there too. Palouse winds….Yikes. Love your collage and oddly, I am working on one using similar colors you used today….As always, thank you for sharing inspiration and a passion for what you do. It shows

  6. Shell – you inspire me with every video. I'm a beginner in every way – but – when I listen o you and watch your process – I feel encouraged to experiment. I love to experiment with collage. May I ask – what is the tool you are using to spread your gel medium? Thanks so much for so generously sharing your creative talents. You're a wonderful teacher!

  7. You are always tops in your collage work Shel. It's inspirational to watch you work and I love the organic ,free form of your piece and the colors are of course spot on. : )

  8. LOVE this collage! I also find collage very creative and satisfying, few rules and no precision required. Your papers are gorgeous!

  9. Awesome video, Shel, taking the subject of colour and explaining how you use it and from where your inspiration can originate rather than just the theory of colours on a wheel. I would love to help by knowing where in Australia the photo was taken, but I don’t know. Thank you for your great teaching and sharing some of your history with us. 😍

  10. Thank you for discussing your process. I got my ideas about color combinations from an old series What Not to Wear. It was about fashion, but it was an important lesson about which colors go together. One of my favorite color combinations was black, red and brown – preferably a light brown which toned down the darkness of the other colors. Recently, I experimented with yellow, red and blue. And of course, there is always the good old color wheel. And, I don't know about you but I try not to use black when I can.

  11. This is a beautiful piece and it was lots of fun to watch you. I agree with you about colors. I choose what I think will look good. When I first started, I worried about the color wheel; soon, I let it go. As Ina told me, it a combination doesn't work, just paint over it. Thanks, Shel.

  12. Hello Shel, I love this piece of art you created. Always enjoy your stories that go with what you are creating. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day!

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  14. This is so gorgeous. When I first saw your postcard I immediately thought of outback Australian colours! I love what you’ve done. I think I might give it a go too!

  15. Shel beautifully created collage. Thank you for sharing your time and creativity. I enjoyed your "color " thoughts. They make perfect sense.

  16. I loved your discussion on color. Funny story. After I moved to Arizona and joined in our class where we were painting the desert, I actually had to go out and buy brown paint. Not a favorite, although recently I have been enjoying the challenge of making something I like with colors I don’t like.

  17. Love your collage. It’s one medium I haven’t really tried and I think I will now! I like that you said color is about what looks good to you.

  18. Thanks Shel, I really enjoyed watching your creative process. The story behind it made it heartwarming and special. The colors are my favorites too. I can picture the fields in my mind.

  19. Words of wisdom , AND a stunning collage – what more could a girl need ! lol Thank you so much Shel – you are truly appreciated . Kind regards – Judi – Australia

  20. I love this video and your collage. I am just learning about color and your thoughts and explanations make so much sense to me. Do what makes you happy. Thank you for your art.

  21. I use the technique of pitt pen and water brush for creating shadows too. I like the delicate control I can get opposed to using a Stabilo All pencil, which I find too blotchy. But then I'm a control freak, lol. I love your piece and the explanation of color use. Not so darned technical.

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