By the way, Can You Survive The PURGE? (Ft. TheOdd1sOut)

By the way, Can You Survive The PURGE? (Ft. TheOdd1sOut)

[D:] So today we’re gonna be playing can you survive the purge? [J:] Oooo!~ [H:] We’re finally doing this.. [laughter] [D:] All crimes, including murder, will be legal for 12 hours. Your government thanks you for your participation. [D:] So you all know what the purge is, I don’t need to really get into it. [J:] Basically, we can do whatever we want with no consequences, right? [D:] Yeah, basically- [S:] Well, I mean, like, if they have a gun there’s obviously gonna be consequences Hey, I’m just gonna hit this random person! 😀 Hahaha! [beautifully done gun sound from Stephen] [laughter] [J:] If-If the purge was real, do you think everyone would immediately resort to murder? Or do you think we would all be like doing smaller crimes, like robbing banks and stealing dogs or something? bork bork [H:] I-I’m assuming there would beeeee… quite a large number of people who would not know what to do when it first gets introduced, and then there would be like the 10%; That just goes crazy ‘cuz they have no..morals. [J:] Well in this situation I will have no morals, so… [H:] The heck? [laughter] [D:] So the purge night comes- there’s a couple options that you can choose from: number one – you can stay home and hide and wait it out; number two – you can go out and then try to do something; number three – you can really enjoy the purge: rob a bank, kill a couple kids, help out with the whole overpopulation thing… And number four – volunteer. Like try to go out and rescue some people, make sure they don’t die. [H:] Oh, yeah, that was Purge 2 – okay. [S:] WHAT!? rescuing people..? [D:] Well, what do you pick, Hosuh? [H:] Me? I’m staying home, what the heck,, gfnhmgfmh i don’t want to die yet [D:] Stephen? [S:] Obviously murder, there’s no other option. If you- [D:] What do you me-ean?! [H:] Wait, what do you mean? [D:] There’s FoUr OpTiOnS!! [laughter] [S:] There’s NO other option. [S:] If you’re given an entire day just to murder things, Stephen is gonna take advantage of this! [J:] I want to commit crimes but,,, I also want to have a sense of justice. So I want to volunteer and help people. [D?:] You shoot someone in the face – “Oh, let me help you!” [chuckes] [J:] It was a bad guy. He was a bad guy, the person I shot. [D?:] Oh, okay. Alright, alright. So, Hosuh, you would hide in your own house, right? Psst, hey, Stephen, Hosuh’s been talking some smack about you. [laughter] [H:] Da-an!! [D:] Hey, James… [J:] Huh? [D:] Uh, Hosuh thought your name was Theo – short for TheOdd1sOut. If you were to hide Hosuh where would like hiding in your house? Especially when there’s two people that want to kill you is the worst thing ever. Where would you want to hide? [H:] Wait… Are they gonna come and get me even though odd is the only one who hasn’t met Hosuh? We’re still gonna hunt him down regardless of this fact. I’m gonna hunt you down Okay. Well, no if I hunt you first Oh So, where are you gonna hide house I’m gonna find you first. [H:] Wait, is it only America that has the law? Can I just leave the country? [D:] No leaving the country. That’s too easy Think I’d go to school. [S:] Well, I mean like I can shoot up schools – Okay, it’s on the purge James What would be the best way to track someone down and kill them if you’ve been wanting to kill them for a week? Maybe like do some some like like real-life stalking, you know with like binoculars How about you Steven how would you try to kill Hosuh? [S:]I would just run at him Hosuh doesn’t seem like the person who can run a lot and I feel like with James on my tail the faster I kill Hosuh of the better it is for me or do you have a weapon or you’re just Gonna bear fist it to slap him to death. [S:] I don’t know Dan d’we have weapons I feel like we do right? [D:] You guys should have weapons [S:] Exactly. My weapon is my sharp wit. [H:] I thought it was something like higher than class. Something weapon are not permitted, right? Yes. Yeah No explosives or something. Yeah guns are fine though. You want guns, but then again, it’s so impersonal I think knives Yeah, I’ll go with knife. [D:] Oh my gosh. [J:] and I want a sword. I want to sword. Sword it’s just a long knife. I think Jaden made a video about that. She made about Forks or something That knives are just one prong Forks. I don’t it’s yeah. [H:] I watched that one. It was great. Oh my gosh Hosuh is such a Jaden animation fan. [H:] I’m sorry James What the who what bo Theodore As if it’s actually happening to you not hold theoretical quiz thing If someone in the purge during the night, you’re home someone’s screaming outdoors Your next-door neighbor girl is in trouble and you hear it, but it’s the purge night Do you: A) go help them out or B) No, we’re on our own. [S:] I would probably just join the guy murdering. Obviously. [D:] Nooo but it’s a little girl [S:] Wait a sec. How old is this girl? Cuz if she’s over 18, I will murder but if she’s like 12 then obviously not, the heck. Even I won’t do that, Jesus Christ. That’s one line I won’t cross. [J:] 13 to 18 is a gray area She’s 17 and a half James. What do you do? Well going by my code of conduct of of rescuing people. I would have to scope out the situation Kind of like lurk in the shadows be like, huh? Who’s chasing her? Someone shame, you know get a good read on the whole situation And then if I decide that it’s safe I go rescue wait But what what if she’s also a murder and they were trying to murder her before she murdered them, okay Just murder everyone and you won’t have this problem C’s problem solved boom If this actually did happen though Would you spend the day alone or would you try to gather some of your friends together? Would you trust your friends or not? [H:] This is this is tricky area. Especially having Stephen as a friend [S:] It’s fine Hosuh I wouldn’t run with you guys. anyway larger packs mean larger targets. [J:] In actuality, would you like just barge yourself in your room not go out anywhere? [H:] I think that’s what I would do. [S:] Barricade yourself? That’s so boring. [J:] Yeah this for the video [D:] Yeah, be more entertaining Hosuh, what are you doing? [S:] Get into the spirit of the holiday [J:] Would anyone get sleep that night? I doubt it. [S:] That’s why you got to prepare for this. This is why it’s an annual thing I guess Hosuh is not prepared cause he’s barricading himself in his room. Would you wonder who’s home kicked down the door? Hey Hosuh what’s happening? [H:]
Nothing. Nothing just–just drop the knife Drop it drop it If the day is over and say, you survived would you be traumatized or would you like you would you be excited for the next year’s purge? [J:] Obviously. Do you know that would that would be some trauma? Like I said, you wouldn’t get like any sleep. [H:] After like 20th year into it. It would just become a culture I mean wouldn’t you–you’d have to like be on your toes you would hate to– for like just one year, like, not worry about it and then a crazy lunatic comes in and tries to murder your whole family So I feel like it’s kind of like Christmas where you always have to you know be prepared for it. I don’t know if that was a good example. It’s not a good example [S:] Christmas for Stephen. Yeah! Okay. So what happens if I try to murder Hosuh, but I didn’t get a chance to because he ran too fast and the 12 hours is up, and now all of a sudden I have to meet him at work? I’m sure in the purge universe there were people who like tried to kill their boss, but then failed. I just thought of a funny like situation. Okay, what if they had the purge but for fast-food employees? Is this because you worked at Subway for six months or something? You just get a chance to see people’s true colors. You’re like, “Uh can I have a milkshake?” and be like, “I don’t know, can you??” Anyone other than teachers say that ever. [D:] I mean– I don’t know. That’s why you need this purge thing to see if they would

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  1. When he said I could shoot up school to I died laughing. I guess my older sister herd it because she said “Damn, I would join him to shoot up a school”.

  2. Me: sees an ad for sprite
    Me again: W A N T A S P R I T E C R A N B E R R Y ?
    Ad: why you do this ;—;
    Me: cause I am inevitable >:3
    Ad: NANI
    Me: le epicly snaps fingers
    Ad: mr,COKE I don’t feel so good ;-;

  3. whoa this video was uploaded at my birthday………. UHHHHHHHHHHHHH……. well anywayss Stephen I luv u <3 lmaoo

  4. Ok so you use the purge to get free stuff so scope the place where you wanna steal from a week before the purge find a roof nearby and get food, water, weapons and other things ( and if you want have some friends but as Stephen said larger packs = larger targets ) and wait until the place is empty and then RAID and get back to the roof and if you want go back for more so maybe full proof plan ( almost )…

  5. Tbh killing people when it’s legal isn’t as fun but it still works and I would probably do it now knowing myself I’d probably just barricade myself into my room ( like always ) with my phone charger a gun with a ton of amo and maybe a few kitchen knives and set in a corner we’re I’d be alone and if someone tried to break in or kill me I’d just shoot or stab them and continue with what I was doing before hand

  6. Living in Sweden, meaning guns are illegal, would grab an axe, then get in a cat and go rob a store for a lifetime supply of candy and feta cheese. Then grab some friends and do some underage drinking and possibly sex.

  7. Just leave the flipping country
    Three weeks prior and to the purge and get a four week vaca to japan oh they won’t allow it
    Just stay in a dumpster

  8. alright its purge… SELL DRUGS YOU STOLE, GET YOUR MONEY THEN KILL THE GUY AND STEAL THE REST OF HIS MONEY! Im a business professional at purge. Its better than carpets half off on Tuesdays XD

  9. Top 5 ways to survive
    1 food
    2 protection
    3 weapons
    4: meds
    5 let’s be honest this shit don’t work just get a car with ppl you like grabs the guns and kill everyone that hates you and kill them

    Lol Donald trump when Mexicans go 24 hours to kill THE PRESIDENT LOL

  10. If the purge was real I would ask someone if they had a gun or a knife I would ask them to shoot me or stab me I say this because I'm depressed and I want to die

  11. How to not die in thr purge:
    Murderer comes inside*

    Just play minecraft. Then you will never die!

  12. All crimes are legal for 12 hours.
    If purge were real, and my friends took part, not all crimes are equal. If someone killed a rival or enemy, I'd likely still be their friend the next day. If they raped someone for any reason, I'd never talk to them again, except to tell them to frick off.

  13. 5:38 I played a game with my classmates and the last one who survives is the winner, it was a murder game.. I trusted my friend but she killed me😖

  14. How do you beat the purge is you do you taxes and you select all the things that would make your taxes lower and because all crime is legal would be legal and then you send me your taxes so then you don’t pay much for taxes and if everyone does this enough time the government will stop because they can’t afford it and also the purchase supposed to kill the lower class so if they’re losing money instead of gaining money then they have to stop it

  15. The purge starts
    Steven : daaaaaaaaaaniel 😈
    EDIT: wait I don’t think Steven has to wait to kill Daniel and I’ll kill with my mouth I’ll FRICKING SCREAM FORTNIGHT SUCKS bam they ded

  16. If the purge is real, I'm gonna fly over there and steal the valuable things and needs.. And get a new house, I don't really know. Lmao

  17. The only problem, is people will go
    “Oh shit! If I do something I could get shot immediately.” And then proceed to do nothing.

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