Bullet-proof origami: folding Kevlar shield designed by BYU mechanical engineers

Bullet-proof origami: folding Kevlar shield designed by BYU mechanical engineers

We’re working on an origami based deployable ballistic barrier that will keep emergency personnel safe during a hostile situation. We met with federal agent that often use current shields and asked what could help them to better do their job current products out there are about 90 pounds so that’s pretty heavy for one person to carry, and it only protects one person. Our goal was to go for 50 pounds and protect 2-3 people. This pattern is Yoshimura crease pattern, and when it deploys it provides these nice angles which we hope to be even more effective shape for a barrier. So going from paper to other materials can be really challenging. It has 12 layers of Kevlar with an aluminum core in the middle. The students did a lot of calculations, and 12 layers is really what you need to be able to withstand a bullet from a handgun. One of the great things about this particular fold pattern is that it opens and closes really easily and in an emergency situation you’ve got to be able to just get that thing open and get in the way. Today’s objective was to see if it worked. If it actually stops bullets. My first thought was did he miss? So I went back to high-speed camera that had been filming and the bullet sunk right in The range is hot. It’s exciting to see that it did stop the bullets, and we were able to successfully demonstrate with 9 millimeter and 357 magnum 44 magnum pistols. The federal agents that saw our initial prototype were really excited about it. Their response was this is a revolutionary product My dad is actually a police officer himself. This could be something that could be used by him or other officers that could prevent injury, even save their lives.

100 thoughts on “Bullet-proof origami: folding Kevlar shield designed by BYU mechanical engineers

  1. Stops only handguns? I understand most deaths are from handguns but what about rifles? I remember in salt lake area a trooper got killed by a man with a hunting rifle. Great job byu but try harder….

  2. I mean decent but I feel like it’s not really worth it. Especially considering the time it takes to pull out of the trunk. Just stand behind the engine bay. Cheaper, faster, plus you won’t get rocked if they have a rifle

  3. Can the public use this in case of a gunfire on innocents in schools or clubs. That would be an amazing idea.

  4. Great idea but its not practical. Most police get shot on "routine" traffic stops, and it happens very quickly. Even if there was a lengthy gun battle on the side of the road the officer doesn't have time to grab this thing, deploy it…and what? Sit behind it? Its just not practical. Sorry.

  5. So….. You can take the little guys but what about the bigger boys. I mean I dont know the 1st thing about guns but compared to a lot of the guns used in shootings these seem like pea shooters.

  6. this is so american, when you turn your cities into urban combat zones you need high powered rifles, and than also need militairy equipment, next step bulletproof shields…

  7. Came here from the youtube channel "Daily Dose of Internet" because when he showed this, i HAD to know more. This is an insane product. I hope this become mass produced. Our police officers are our first line of defence from things like a terrorist attack, for them to have this could make the difference between life and death, and in a critical moment can save lives.

  8. So is it just me or did it look like the shots went through and even if it did catch it why did they film the shooting so we did not see it from behind.
    Am i the only one who kinda sees them sorta lying through there teeth? Ill back off if they show me an example of the pistol round going through but tbh all i saw was a hole in the shield….

  9. The biggest issue with this is that usually when someone shoot at you they won't stop at one bullet. i'm not sure this thing can resist receiving a full magazine. This thing is the complete opposite of mobility. it's basically a bullet magnet the moment you deploy it.

  10. It need more tougher materials ect lol maybe a made up name titanium alloy ore with mixed with gold an silver 25+oz each 🤗🤩😎

  11. Its good but not 100%, may 93% only. A bullet that hits anywhere on one of the many fold lines would pass right through Ouch!

  12. I read a lot of the comments. Not all of them there were too many, but many were doubting the effectiveness of the product. Some were saying that one test with a few handguns was not enough of a test. That may be, but most of the time in police work 9mm is what the criminals are carrying, and like body armor this shield is not designed to stop rifle bullets. To stop rifle bullets the shield would need to weigh at least twice as much as it weighs as of the time the video was made. Maybe someday there will be a light weight shield that can stop rifle bullets but that day is probably not in the near future.

  13. I mean…. I clicked on it because it looked like Prince William in the thumbnail, but stayed because it was interesting! 🙂 Lol

  14. Would adding plates to the angles make it not able to fold? I get that you could still shoot through the folding points even if it was possible but that would be a tough shot without some sort of scope wouldn't it?

  15. oh wow that's really smart, the shield looks like it displaces a lot of the power from the bullet due to the fabrics. Not only do you have the 12 layers but the force is spread out within the surrounding area, making the bullet do less damage/penetration. Well Done

  16. I'm pretty sure the everyday 55 Grain .223 ammo that you can buy from the local Walmart will go right through the shield. Well. There goes tax payer's money. Lol

  17. In a situation where they need and have time to put that barrier up, the officers may be facing a suspect with a rifle. And the thing isnt tested with rifles.

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