Building the Perfect Notebook by Paper-Oh

We started with Klaus, who is the curator
of the Gutenberg Museum in Germany. He referred Nadine to us as somebody
who is a superb bookbinder. And he sent us a book of hers in the mail saying,
“You must take a look and meet her.” And then Vic, the president,
met her at the Frankfurt Book Fair and loved the book she was carrying, and we figured that
with his love for bookbinding, with my love for texture
and with her excellent skills, it seemed like something
would come together in a very inspired way. For me it was important to share
what’s important for notebooks. So, starting with one subject,
saying okay, what is for us the perfect notebook and
how can we get to that point? They always said that we
shouldn’t think of mass production and just go crazy first
and see what’s possible and just go beyond the boundaries
of what’s a book, how you can bind it. And so it was a teamwork
of pushing ideas sitting together. I would clip out magazine articles and
images that struck me on some level, whether it’s a beautiful door or a lamp that was created in a certain way
that reflected light …or a toy. For every book it’s different where the first idea
was, whether it was a picture, or where, mostly a lot of times, nature is just
the teacher, you see something outside or… this is why Supriti was collecting
all the magazines, you have a picture, architecture,
all the different things where it starts from. Something that was exciting for us is to
retain the organic look of paper, feel of paper and also the textures that are possible when
you do not have to protect from wear and tear. I love perforated card and
I like the combination. It really started with the Circulo: Having this look-through, but
not seeing the magnets, having holes, having the
round magnet and combining this, this is still what I really like. The very first book that Vic saw of Nadine’s… he fell in love with the possibility
of textured paper on a book collection, the play of the magnets and the scoring and that’s definitely her signature, is this beauty
of the scored look against the spine. And so that inspired the first of the collection. Taking the design to something exquisite
and clean is where she comes in. When there’s a visual, tactile, peak experience
of the senses, the mind rests. That’s the experience of beautiful design.

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